Install Free Video Surveillance TRASSIR for Windows 7/8/10 OS

The developing market of surveillance cameras has brought significant changes in the global security market. Therefore we present the latest application known as Video Surveillance TRASSIR for Windows OS user clients.

The application is rendered by us for free to install and run to operate the live streaming from the video surveillance system for a PC or a smartphone user.

Apart from the download of the software the article also elaborated information about the app’s functions and other vital details required to run this application without any technical knowledge.

This Trassir is a leading brand for manufacturing and dealing with surveillance cameras with multiple clients in the global market.

What is the TRASSIR Application?

Video Surveillance TRASSIR App Logo

TRASSIR Company has developed an application to help their clients to integrate and operate the surveillance cameras installed along with the live video surveillance on their PC or smartphones without requiring any technical knowledge. This application has many unique features and functions for controlling CCTV cameras through a PC or a smartphone.

More Information About The Trassir Application Here 

We have ensured to impart knowledge and information for the CMS software along with other vital details about the installation as well as functions present in it. We have also provided a free download for Windows, Android, and iOS operating system user clients.

Read the whole article carefully to learn more about the software’s functions as well as the installation steps to set up the app and connect the CCTV cameras on it for live video surveillance. Therefore, go through the process to install and run the application carefully below in the article.

Information Related To The Functions Of the TRASSIR App

The information related to the functions remains important as it enlightens us with the information about the usage of the application for controlling and operating CCTV cameras. This detail is vital for our readers and user clients to more about the application’s different aspects. Below we have listed the features of the CMS software as follows:

  • Render real-time monitoring video of any resolution.
  • Get archive for playback from any device as well as cloud storage.
  • Dual-streaming of video playback is also provided.
  • Displays system health indicators for servers and cameras
  • Digital zoom facility along with image snapshots and manual video recording.
  • PTZ Control.
  • Supports management of Alarm inputs for IP cameras.
  • Connect Via Сloud, QR code, or WiFi
  • Provide duplex audio communication.

Minimum System Requirements of the Software

The article has dealt with the information about minimum system requirements of the application for the Windows, Android, and iOS operating system user clients in this section. These details are essential before installing the application on any respective operating system of the PC or smartphone. Without meeting the requirements the software will not function on any PC or smartphone.

Supported OSRAM RequirementMemory Requirement
Windows 8/10/11 OS4 GB633 MB
Android 5.0 or above2 GB36 MB
iOS 12.03 GB88 MB

From the above table, it is easier to understand the system requirements of the PC and smartphone devices to run the app without any technical issues. Therefore we advise the user clients to employ appropriate devices and operating systems while running the application.

Download TRASSIR Software For PC

Get the application to download and install here for the Windows OS user clients to link the TRASSIR CCTV cameras on the PC to access and operate their remote devices. We have rendered the download file of the application in compressed format. There use decompression software like WinRAR before installing. Also, we advise the readers to go through the procedure of setup below in the article.

Install The Video Surveillance TRASSIR App for Android

The company has provided the application for Android smartphone user clients as well. This application allows users to operate and control their CCTV cameras the same as PC users. Therefore, we have rendered below the link to download the TRASSIR CMS for Android. Click the provided link to proceed to install the software on the mobile phone.

Download Application For The iPhone & iPad

The organization has also taken care of the iOS operating system users as well by providing an app. IPhone and iPad users can get access to their CCTV camera set up for live video surveillance through this application. The link to download the software is rendered below, click the link to download it on the iPhone as well as iPad.

Is TRASSIR CMS Software Available For Mac OS?

Yes. The CMS software is available for macOS users and the company has provided updates about the development of any software for macOS user clients for providing access to the security camera setup on Mac PC. The macOS user can either install Windows on their PC if it supports it or install Android emulators like Bluestacks for accomplishing this purpose.

How To Install Video Surveillance TRASSIR For Windows OS?

Here follow the steps mentioned below for installing the application on the PC. As mentioned earlier, extract the downloaded file of the software. Then open the extracted folder and double-click on the installation file extension to begin the setup process and follow the method rendered below:

1st Step – Installation of the CMS Software

The setup wizard of the application will begin on the PC, click on the “Next” button.

Start the installing wizard on PC
Start the installing wizard on the PC

Here the license agreement window of the application will appear. Select the option “I Accept” and then on the “Next” button.

License Agreement's terms and conditions
License Agreement’s terms and conditions

Then select the time server for the time syncing on the software. Click on the “Next” button.

Configure time sync
Configure time sync

The sync is ready to be launched or leave it by clicking on the “Next” button.

Ready to sync
Ready to sync

Then select the folder and local drive to store the files as well as folders of the software on the PC and click on the “Next” button.

Select folder and drive to install
Select folder and drive to install

Here create the start menu folder for the software and click the “Next” button to proceed.

Create a start menu of the software
Create a start menu of the software

Now select the additional tasks to perform by the software. Then click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Assign the function of the TRASSIR app
Assign the function of the TRASSIR app

The software is ready to begin installing on the PC. Therefore, click on the “Install” button.

Ready to install the CMS on PC
Ready to install the CMS on the PC

The installation progress of the software will be displayed on the screen.

Progress of the installation of TRASSIR Application
Progress of the installation of the TRASSIR Application

Then after completing the installation on the PC, click on the “Finish” button.

Completed the installation successfully
Completed the installation successfully

2nd Step – Log ON To The Application

Then start the app on the PC, enter the default username, and just click on the “Login” button.

Default Username – “Admin”

Sign in on the TRASSIR app
Sign in on the TRASSIR app

Then proceed to the settings section to add devices to the network.

Proceed to setting for adding devices
Proceed to the settings for adding devices

3rd Step – Add & Connect Devices

The home page of the settings will appear on the screen. Click on the Network and then on the “Add” option to add the devices to the network.

Home screen of the settings page
The home screen of the settings page

Now enter the device’s IP address, port, and username and log in to connect successfully.

Add devices to the Network manager
Add devices to the Network manager

To get the live view on the CMS go back to the logged-in windows and click on the monitors.

Go The Monitor
Go The Monitor

Live Video Surveillance on CMS Software

Here we have provided a sample screenshot of the Live video streaming from the PC on the app.

Video Surveillance TRASSIR for PC
Sample screenshot of Video Surveillance TRASSIR for PC user clients.


The subject Install Free Video Surveillance TRASSIR for Windows 7/8/10 OS presents in an elaborate form information about every aspect of the CMS software for our readers and user clients to enhance their knowledge about the process to connect and link video surveillance systems on the PC or a smartphone. The article has provided vital information about the app’s function.

We ensure to provide every vital information about the installation process of the CMS client along with the system requirement information. The article has cleared every detail necessary for installing the software on the Windows PC along with images for better understanding and guidance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide any other solution for the macOS as the company has not provided the application for the macOS operating system. In addition, there are no updates on whether the CMS software will be available for macOS user clients in the future. But the user clients can try the alternatives discussed above in the article for the Mac OS.

We expect the article has rendered essential details for the installation as well as operation of the software. If any of our readers or user clients encounter technical issues feel free to contact us via the comment section below in the article.

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