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AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows is CMS-based software that makes the viewing of cameras possible on Windows-based PC. This software is designed by AVer. AVer is a leading developer and manufacturer of education technology and visual collaboration solutions.

With a large portfolio of products ranging from visualizers and mobile device charge carts to HD video conferencing systems and conference cameras. Here, we will allow you to free download the App for your PC, and Android Smartphones.

Here, you will get the download file. The file is in a squeezed format. You have to uncompress the file to load and then double click the setup file to install the App on your Computers. It is an easy and ensuring tool to monitor cameras on your Computers.

What is A CMS Wizard?

A CMS is software that makes a security system run on PCs. The CMS is functional in such a way that it can add more than one device simultaneously. It is so systematic that you can watch all the cameras from multiple devices on a single screen. It can show you 128 to 256 cameras, or even more at a time. Suppose there is a site where 4 different units are working and you have to connect all the places. So, you installed cams on those departments. The owner has an office at another location and they want to monitor their factory from their office.

It can be only made possible with the help of the CMS. It has made it possible to view multiple devices working in far-flung areas from a remote location. Here, you have to download the link and install the software to connect the devices. You will add all the devices to your software, and watch the security surveillance system on your PC.

What Is AVer AndroidViewer HD CMS?

It is software that helps you connect multiple devices from it. You will get here detailed information regarding the CMS. How it functions, and what are the special features of this AVer AndroidViewer HD software? The answer to these questions is hidden in this article.

It will give you free access to download files, to make them run on your PC and Smartphones. We will also give you a complete illustration of step-by-step installation, logging in, and adding the device to the App. It is a very smooth process. You can easily understand and operate them.

The downloads will be given in the download button format. You will have to click the button to load it on your PC. It has multiple features. when you know them, you can easily operate them. Knowing of them is also important because after that you will be able to use them to their maximum potential.

Features Of The AVer AndroidViewer HD CMS

The App has many marvelous functions. We are going to discuss them. These features make you eligible to operate the device from any remote location.

  • You can operate your PTZ devices with the app by remaining at your location. If you want to get a view, or track any activity then you can pan across or tilt the cam by just giving the cam the instructions. You can swivel the cam from your location. 
  • You can check recordings, play them and store them on any other device. It supports the transfer of data to other drives, like Hard disks, Pen drives, or SD Cards. 
  • You can preserve any activity by clicking the image or clipping and storing the video. This function is supported by the CMS.
  • You can preserve any activity by clicking the image or clipping and storing the video. This function is supported by the CMS.
  • The software allows multiple users to use the cam. The benefit of multiple users is that no activities or threats pass unnoticed, as many people have access to the system. 
  • You always get the real-time relay of the videos
  • It supports two-way audio. It means that the device is communicable. You can say something to the fellow on the camera end side with the help of the microphone. 
  • The person on the camera side will receive your message. This function is very useful to save you from threats or convey a message to your family members. It also helps you when someone knocks at the door, you can easily watch him and speak your message to him.
  •  The software supports motion and audio sensors. With their help, you can receive alarms when something untoward happens. It sends you notifications and alarms when finding suspicious activities.
  • You get push notifications and emails to get you alert.
  • It supports all video formats. So there is no issue, you can use H.264, or H.265 versions.

Free Download The AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows OS

Here, you will get the download button. You have to click the button. the file will load in a compressed file format. The first thing you have to do is to decompress the file. Now, pick the setup file and open it to install the App on your PC. It will load instantaneously. After that, you install the software on your PC. You will get here every step to run the file. It is given here in an illustrative form so that anybody can easily do the function.

Free Download The AVer AndroidViewer HD App For Android OS

You will get the download button to install the app on your Android Smartphone. You will find the app in a squeezed file format. The uncompressing of the file will pave you to the google play store platform. From there you will easily install the App. To add the device to the app, you have to scan the QR Code. Follow the instructions and you will be able to connect the cam with your app. Enjoy the monitoring on your mobile display.

Free Download The AVer AndroidViewer HD App For Mac OS

If you think that it is given for Mac OS then it is not there. If you are a Mac OS user and still want to watch the surveillance system on your device then you have to follow a different process. You have to download Windows OS on your Mac OS. Users must either install the Windows on their Macintosh or download and set up the Bluestacks android emulator to run the Android app of the client.

Free Download The AVer AndroidViewer HD App For iPhone/iPad

If you want to view cams on your iPhone then you have to take the services of Bluestacks Android Emulator. As there is no direct app is available from the company. After going through this process, you have to install the App the same way as you have done for your Android Smartphone.

How To Install The AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows OS

To install the CMS on the Windows OS we have to uncompress the file. Then we have to double click the setup file to make it run on our PC.

Step 1- Installation Of The App

The moment we click the file, the software welcomes the user client.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 1

Press Next for the next stage.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 2

In the next step, the Wizard will ask you to accept the terms and conditions of the license agreement. Press Yes to move to the next point.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 3

Here you have to set a Username and a password for the CMS. After that reconfirm the password.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 4

Choose the destination location to store the file. After that press the next button. The moment you push the button, the installation will begin.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 5

Once the installation is complete, it will show the finish message.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 6

The installation is complete.

Step 2- Logging In The Device

Now the Wizard will ask you for the authorization, before allowing you to enter. Put in the username and the password.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 7

By default, it takes admin as username and admin as password.

Now, you are allowed to the homepage of the device.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 8

Step 3- Adding The Device & Monitoring The Camera

Here you have to add the device. An IP address is important for that along with the user id, and the password.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 9

Now cameras will appear on the screen.

AVer AndroidViewer HD For Windows 10


The AVer AndroidViewer HD Wizard is downloaded and starts functioning this way. It will now link all your devices to your PC. You are empowered for monitoring. From your remote location, you can instruct, pass messages, get motion and sensor alerts, push notifications at the time of threat, and operate the PTZ cam are just to name a few features.

Here, it has been given in detail. Please share your responses regarding the article. Your opinion does matter to us.

Thank You.

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