Download Pelco Mobile For PC CMS on Widows 8/10/11 & Mac

Pelco Mobile For PC CMS is a security surveillance software. Here you will get the complete installation to monitoring procedure of this Pelco App.

The Pelco Mobile For PC App is given here in the form of a download button. If you want to get this application, press the button and get the executable setup file.

The file is available in a compressed format. Decompress it to get the link for installation.
The complete configuration is illustrated in this post. It is defined in three distinct steps. The first step comprises the installation part.

The second part is about the Pelco login. The third step guides you about the device addition.
This Pelco Mobile For PC CMS has superb features and functions. They are defined in the next section of the article.

How is a Security Surveillance CMS Useful?  

A security surveillance CMS like Pelco Mobile For PC App is highly useful for remote monitoring.

CCTV cameras are installed for security features. The monitoring is done to ensure security. But it is not possible to be on the site all the time.

If you have multiple sites to monitor, then it becomes extremely difficult to remain connected with all the locations. For these reasons, we require a security surveillance app.

CMS Software gives owner the power to monitor their locations from any remote locations. It keeps them connected to their work and people. It saves their time. They can pass instructions and guard their property and people. 

Information Regarding Pelco Mobile For PC CMS

The Pelco CMS is a powerful monitoring application. It keeps you glued to your people and work.

This App is designed and offered by Pelco Incorporation. It is a very trusted CMS app. It was first introduced in 2012 and since then it has more than one lakh users. 

The Pelco company is a leading CCTV device manufacturer. This App has all the security features added to it. It gives users remote access to their sites. They can check the work and instruct people. 

They can also monitor their babies, pets, nannies, elders and other family members along with offices, shops, garages, etc.

This CMS guards security and sends alert signals through messages and alarm bells. 

Features & Functions of Pelco Mobile CMS

There are so many features and functions of this security software. We are giving here some of the main characteristics of this product.

When we know them, we are better positioned to use them. 

  • It gives you live images and footage. There is no time lag between events and access. 
  • The advanced technology keeps the flow of the data continuous. It smoothly flows the data even in low network areas. 
  • It gives you access to the devices from remote locations. You can add devices through QR Codes, IP Addresses, Serial Numbers, etc.
  • The app gives you the authority to operate the devices from anywhere. 
  • You can zoom in or zoom out, pan or tilt the camera. You can even adjust settings as per requirement. You can even handle your PTZ Cameras.
  • This app sends alert signals. It has features to sense dubious activities. You can set alert zones for monitoring. If any intruder transgresses the area, it sends alert messages and signals. 
  • The two-way audio feature is a special function. You can communicate two-way. You can send a message or instructions and listen to them. 
  • This feature also helps you in alerting people about dangers.
  • You can check playbacks and take snaps from remote areas. 

These are some of the main features of the Pelco CMS.

Download Pelco Mobile For Windows CMS on a Windows PC 

The Pelco Mobile For Windows CMS is given here. The download button is given below. Press the button and receive the executable files.

These are given in a compressed format. Decompress the files and then go for the installation. The complete installation to monitoring processes are defined in the next section.

It guides you through the installation part of the first step. In the second step, you get the sign-in to the app process. In the last step, we illustrate the device addition procedure.

Get the download button here.

Download Pelco Mobile For Mac CMS on Macintosh PC  

This app doesn’t give the Pelco Mobile for Mac CMS. However, if we want to monitor locations on Macintosh PCs, we can do it. 

For that, we have to install the BlueStacks App. It is a cross-platform app. It makes the installation and monitoring possible. The complete setup process is the same as for Windows. You can get assistance from them.

How to Install, Login & Add Devices Through Pelco Mobile CMS 

The full installation up to monitoring on Windows OS is given in the below three steps. The step-by-step guidance with crisp images and narrations is illustrated.

Step 1- Installation of Pelco CMS on Windows OS

First and foremost we decompress the executable file. Then we double-click and get the following image.

Begin Installation of Pelco

It is the terms and conditions page of the software. We have to agree to the policies, before going for the installation of the CMS. Read the license agreement carefully.

If you are satisfied with all the conditions, tick the box and then press the ‘Begin Installation’ button.

This page will show up.

This page has installation options.

Choose Version of Pelco

There are standard and advanced installation options given. Select as per the requirement. Generally, for surveillance monitoring, we require ‘Standard Installation.’

The moment we select and press the ‘Install’ button, the files begin to transfer to the Windows PC selected folder. It takes 3-4 minutes to install the entire content.

Installation Progress of Pelco

When the installation process is over, we get a new window declaring the completion of the installation step.

Finish Installation of Pelco

This window declares that all the files are transferred and installed successfully.

This way step one is over. Now we move to the next step. It is for the login to the CMS.

Step 2- Log in to the Pelco App

When the app is successfully installed, it has a shortcut on our desktops. Double-click the icon to open it.

This page surfaces. It is the sign-in page of the application.

Login to Pelco CMS

You have to login to the app for further steps.

The company gave a by-default Username and Password for login, then immediately asked us to change the password.

The by-default ID and password are

Username- Pelco

Password- Pelco

Username and password of Pelco CMS

After login into this application, our next step is to add the devices for remote monitoring.

The third step is about the ‘Add CCTV Option.’

Step 3- Camera Addition & Monitoring

After the login, we get this page. This is the homepage of the application.

The option is given to add the devices. Press the button.

Add CCTV Camera into pelco

We can add devices, in three different ways. The first way is to add the device with the help of the QR code.

The second option is to add the camera with the IP address. The third option is to connect the device with the serial number of the device.

Add cameras one by one. After that, you will find all of them on the Windows screen.

Live View of CCTV cameras on pelco CMS

You can access these devices from anywhere. Remote access makes monitoring a lot easier.

This way, we will install the app, log in to it and then add devices for remote monitoring. Our process is complete.


The Pelco CMS is defined in this post. The complete installation to monitoring steps are illustrated distinctly. The download button is shared to load this app on your Windows PC. The process is defined for Mac as well.

The features of this Pelco App are explained. You can easily get the idea to use this product optimally with these characteristics.

Kindly mention your remarks and comments in the comment section. Your opinions do matter to us. We will respond to your queries.

Thank You.

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