Outdoor Security Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera For Home

Cameras are everywhere. You can find them at your will. Some cameras are better than others, and some are at par. But there is only a handful that attracts you because of their quality and usefulness.

Outdoor Security Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera with Model Number HX-HD50M28AS, is one of them. It is a 5MP pan, tilt, zoom, HD outdoor IP camera. 

It gives you freedom for two-way audio and 5x optical zoom. It can also rotate up to 355 degrees. You can online the camera through a wifi network and monitor it from anywhere. 

A price value of $149.99 is worth the quality. Apart from it, Biovision has a very good support system. It covers up to 2 years warranty and lifetime maintenance support.


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 Buying Guide For Purchasing Any PTZ Camera

There are a few checkpoints to judge.

Resolution- The resolution of a camera tells about the picture quality. The higher the resolution, the better is the picture quality. High-resolution cameras are the best cameras for indoors and outdoors. Facial recognition depends on the resolution of the camera. When the amount of megapixels captured is higher, the details of the image are better and vice versa.

Infrared- Cameras have an inbuilt IR system. You have to check the quality of the night-vision. If night-vision is weak then it will capture dull images, face recognition would be difficult. The security purpose would be in peril.  

On-board Storage- Most cameras have an SD-Card slot that supports capacities up to 128GB. When you have this facility in your camera, then your camera is complete in its totality. It doesn’t require any external source like NVR to record the activities.

Weatherproofing- Your cameras must be IP66 compatible. It will keep it safe from inclement weather. They must also be vandal-free so they can’t be destroyed easily. 

Wireless- Any PTZ camera must also be wireless so that you can use it as a standalone camera. When it is wireless, then there is no web of wire around it, and easy to operate.

Power-over-Ethernet- Instead of running a separate power cable and ethernet cable to each camera, the Power-over-Ethernet feature allows you to transmit power over the data cable itself. It is a better and long-lasting technology.

Company Support- Company support means warranty and after-sales service. It also means when you find any problem in installing and functioning then, the system is there behind you to support you in removing those issues.

Advantages Of Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera 

Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera 8

Boavision PTZ camera has distinct advantages-

  • BOAVISION is a professional PTZ video surveillance equipment manufacturer, with an excellent R & D team, professional manufacturing, and quality management.
  • Support P2P, View, Anywhere & Anytime, Provide Android & Ios App (Camhipro) And Professional Cmos Pc Client Software.
  • 2.7-13.5Mm 5X Optical Zoom Auto Focus Lens Or Zoom Out To Get A Wider And Larger View, Optical Zoom Auto Focus Lens Makes It Easier To Capture More.
  • Smart Floodlight and CCTV Camera
  • Clear two-way audio talk
  • Multiple motion detection alarming notifications


  • It doesn’t support to 5Ghz wifi
  • You have to purchase an SD card separately. 
  • It doesn’t track the object

Design Of Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera

It is an oval-shaped white color camera. The design is very attractive. On the front side, there are 6 pieces of array infrared LEDs and 2 pieces of white supplement light. It has an M12 type lens interface with 2.7 – 13.5 mm 5x Optical Zoom Auto Focus Lens. 

On the backside of it, there is a slot for SD Card. An antenna is given for better wifi connectivity. It has a 6.89 x 4.53 x 4.33 cubic inches dimension. It is 2.72 pounds solid camera that can withstand adverse weather conditions.

Features Of Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera

The features are top quality. Boavision PTZ camera is super.

  • Resolution- PTZ Camera outdoor wifi 5MP camera resolution is 2560×1920. That is why it offers you super HD image quality live by phone& pc.  
  • Night-vision– 196ft Night Vision lights provide you clear colorful night vision video, the same color video as daytime.
  • Angel & View- Horizontal 355 degrees and vertical angle 90 degrees along with 328 feet wide view allows the camera to view more details of more objects without affecting image quality. Because of it, the camera doesn’t leave dead zones and allows pan tilting rotation levels to easily control your mobile app.
  • Platform Support– It supports 2.4Ghz Wifi (NOT 5Ghz Wifi), Supports smartphones (iOS, Android), tablets (iPad, Android), PC(Mac OS, Windows). It is the most convenient way to watch from anywhere, anytime.
  • Optical Zoom & Auto Focus lens- 2.7 -13.5 mm, 5x optical zoom enables you to zoom in to see more details of far-away objects without impairing image quality. You can easily zoom out to get a wider and larger view, optical zoom autofocus lens makes it easier to capture more details and get more stable & smooth videos
  • Smart Flood Light- Motion Detection- Smart led will trigger when you enter the monitoring area, the camera will provide bright lighting. The light will automatically turn off after 20 seconds when you leave. Then it switches to ordinary black/white Night Vision. 
  • Two Way Audio Talk- Designed With Built-In Microphone and speaker this home security camera allows you to listen and talk with others. With the help of the app, you are free to converse, and the responder is at the device end. You can scare away any intruder.
  • Alarming Notification- The alarm sends pictures to the specified mailbox. The alarm signals and the processes to upload pictures and with a full-color image with clear recognition.
  • Operating System-  It has an embedded Linux OS operating system.
  • Illumination- It has an illumination range of 0-0.5lux.
  • IR-Cut-  6pcs Array Infrared LEDs and 2pcs White Supplement Light. It covers a distance of 60m Night Vision.
  • Viewership-  It supports a maximum of 12 users to simultaneously browse (each stream supports 4 users).
  • Network Protocol- It supports TCP/IP, HTTP, TCP, ICMP, UDP, ARP, IGMP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DNS, DDNS, NTP, UPNP, RTSP, etc.
  • Connection protocol- It supports ONVIF 2.1 (backward compatible also).
  • Ethernet- 1*RJ45 & Antenna 10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface SD Card.
  • Power Supply- It has a DC power supply of 12v 2Amp.
  • Weatherproof- IP66-rock Mounting
  • Warranty- Boavision usually offers a 1-year warranty from the order delivered date. if the product is defective in the warranty period, please contact the support team via Email: [email protected] and it will be replaced with a new one. And if you want to get an extra 1 Year Warranty Free, please visit the company website(www.boavision.com). Here you can upload your information then the organization upgrades your order warranty to by 2 years. The company also gives you lifetime support for their products. 

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How To Install The Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera

The company gives you the following items with their pack. 

  • 1*WIFI PTZ IP Camera Built-in Mic, Loud Speaker (Without TF Card)
  • 1*Power Supply
  • 1*CD & Manual
  • 1*Screws Bag
  • 1*Network Cable
  • 1*Antenna

Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera 3

You fix the camera with the help of a screw to your specified location. Give it power through a power socket and make it functional.

After that, you download CamHipro App from the play store on your pc or mobile. You add the camera, generate an Id & Password for that, and navigate through as directed by the application. 

By following the instructions you can connect the device online with the help of the wifi available.

This way you can install the camera on your device.


Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera 6

How Users Rate this Camera?

The user satisfaction level is ‘quite’ high with rare doubts.

Kindle Customer says that– Overall, a very good camera with nice features.

  • Pros: The WiFi connection range was exceptional compared to other cameras I tried. I tried 2 other cameras that would not connect at half the distance that this one connected. Autofocus works well. “Humanoid” detection works well and it will track/follow even though that camera movement seems to be a bit jerky. (Only tried once). The recorded video is very good with excellent audio. Good control using a phone app. You can set the sensitivity of alerts. Using a micro sd card will record them write over as needed oldest file as space is needed.
  • Cons: Directions (not surprising). I inadvertently turned on the siren and bright LED, which I didn’t know until watching the recorded video. Zoom works well and does focus well, however not sure the claim of zooming in a license plate is accurate.

PQB says that-

  • There is a discrepancy between the Typed Setup instructions and the BOAVISION Quick Start Manual. The BOAVISION Quick Start Manual should be Used for Initial Setup using the Ethernet Cable that is supplied.
  • The Typed Setup Version suggests NOT using the Ethernet Cable, which was problematic during the Setup.
  • Connecting the Ethernet Cable I was able to set up WiFi and Lan at the same time and was able to see Video on my iPhone and Computer at the same time.
  • I received the Camera on 06.29.2021 and was able to Setup the Camera on 06.30.2021
  • The Camera appears to be functioning still after Rain on 07.01.2021.
  • Only time shall manifest results of the Camera’s Performance during the rest of the Summer, Autumn, and Winter Months.

Michael & Tulay C opines that-

  • This Camera really shines. It even has some features not listed. Easy to install and works with the Software they are advertising.
  • Worth the price of this camera. The 5X Zoom works great.
  • It is a great camera at a really good price.
  • Update: After a few weeks of installation
  • The camera has been through rain, snow, wind, and even a hail of Acorns. The cast aluminum casing sure can take a weather beating. Have not had a failure yet.

Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera 4

Should I Buy This Camera?

For home security, this camera is the best. It will give you full protection in daylight and at night. Since it has the function, to the pan, tilt, and zoom up to 355 degrees. Night vision is sharp and clear. It has a powerful sensor attached to it that helps in motion and voice detection. At night, the moment any threat is detected, the floodlight turns on. This way, it also gives mental peace to the user. 

With the given quality, it would prove to be a very good purchase.


This camera is very useful for the home. It gives you security along with the courage to fight the threat. You will never feel alone in the presence of this camera. Its software is easy to install and operate. With the help of it, you can even communicate two-way. You can use this feature to growl at the threat and keep them at bay. The resolution is great and hence the satisfaction level is also high.  

This article on  Boavision 5MP PTZ Wifi IP Camera is a compilation of many filtered pieces of information. I hope you will find them helpful. Kindly apprise us with your valuable suggestions in the comment section. 

Thank You.

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