16 Best Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Cameras (Best Deal)

The Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Camera is a sure way of monitoring sites and keeping data preserved securely on cloud servers. 

The 16 best Cloud-Based Video Surveillance cameras are mentioned here. The selection of these cloud-based cameras is based on their usability, durability, and customer reviews. 

These CCTV Storage Cameras use cloud technology for recording and monitoring. The advantage of these Cloud-Based CCTV Cameras store data on cloud servers.

Product NameEditor’s
Best PerformanceCloud-Based RecordingResolutionPriceGet on Amazon
Arlo Pro 44.1/5AI-poweredYes: Subscription2K$249.99View
Blink Outdoor 4th Gen Camera4.2/5AI poweredYes: Subscription1080P HD$154.98View
Google Nest 2nd Gen4.4/5Works with Alexa and GoogleYes: Subscription1080P$95.10View
Reolink E1 3MP cam4.2/5Baby/Pet/ Nanny: Siren AlertYes: Free3MP$31.67View
AVIGILON Ava Flex Cam4./5Baby/ Pet Cam with Baby MonitorYes: Subscription3MPView
Wansview 2K Pet Cam4.5/5Pet camYes: Free2K$19.19View
Ring Indoor 2nd Gen Cam4.5/5Keep the images privateYes: Free1080P$59.99View
Ivideon Cute 3L Cam4.2/52-way audioYes: Free1080P Full HD$51.00View
Galayou IP 2K Cam4.3/5Baby/ Pet/ Nanny CamYes: Free2k$19.99View
Kami by YI Indoor Cam4.2/5AI Smart CamYes: Free1080P$25.99View
blurams Indoor cam5.0/5Motion TrackingYes: Subscription3MP$39.98View
Wyze V3 Camera4.3/5Instant Motion & Sound AlertYes: Subscription1080P HD$35.98View
Wansview Home Security Cam4.5/5For pets and babiesYes: Subscription2K$69.99View
YI Pro 2K Pet Cam4.3/5For Babies & ElderlyYes: Subscription2K$39.99View
ANNKE Crater 2K Cam4.0/5For Baby & PetYes: Subscription2K$29.99View
SEHMUA One Touch Calling Camera4.5One Touch CallingFree 3 Day Cloud Storage2K$19.99View

The storage monitoring facility is available through the Internet. We can get these devices from remote areas, thus monitoring from anywhere. 

The Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Camera gives us cloud storage, remote access, easy device connection, and threat alerts. We are always safe and secure under its surveillance which are the basic functions of CCTV cameras.

Why Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Cameras Are So Useful for Monitoring?  

These CCTV Storage Cameras or Cloud-Based CCTV Cameras are highly useful in guarding our locations and people. 

They give innumerable benefits compared to traditional cams. Some of these advantages are as follows.

  1. Remote Accessibility– These gadgets give us remote access through the help of the internet. We can access these cams from anywhere. These devices are extremely useful for homes, offices, garages, business setups, fields, etc. 
  2. Scalability– These cameras are easily scalable and connected to the app. You don’t need to make any hardware changes to add CCTV Surveillance Cameras. This facility is quite useful for institutions or individuals who want to expand their surveillance coverage. 
  3. Cost-Effeciency– It is cost-effective also as users aren’t required to manage a storage device externally. There is no hardware cost involved in it. You just have to pay a minimum cost of cloud storage subscription fee.
  4. Automatic Updates– Cloud cameras are updated from time to time thus keeping you attached to the latest technology. This process helps to keep the best health of the system without any manual intervention.
  5. Analytics and Smart Features– Cloud-based cameras come with advanced analytics and smart features. They can be easily connected with any surveillance software for monitoring. They can send alert signals, detect motion or audio, allow you to transfer messages, recognize faces, etc are some of the premier functions.
  6. Real-time Alerts- It sends real-time alert signals sensing any dubious activities. This special feature forces users to take prompt action to safeguard people and places.
  7. Global Accessibility- This device allows central monitoring and management from a single interface. It gives you global accessibility.
  8. Storage Flexibility– Last but not least, cloud-based cameras give us storage flexibility. We can do away with the hard disks and go for server recordings.   

Buying Guide for the Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Camera 

There are some superb features of these gadgets. Whenever you go to purchase a cloud camera, look for these mentioned functions in that gadget. 

1- Cloud storage Free or Chargeable

Check the storage modes of the devices. Know the subscription charges of the cloud server space. If the recording is free or chargeable. Can you preserve recordings simultaneously on the SD Cards or Hard Disks? These are the things you have to inspect before purchasing the device.   

2- Standalone Camera

When cams are standalone, they don’t require any NVR or DVR. There is no hassle of any wiring. Just connect the camera and give power to witness monitoring. Standalone cameras are complete in themselves. They don’t require any additional devices to function. 

3- PoE supported

PoE-supported cameras are super easy to install and monitor. The Power-over-Ethernet switch supplies data and power in the same cable. This way you don’t require separate cabling for power and data. It is a good technology. 

4- Motion Detection

Check if the camera is sensor-enabled or not. Sensors are smart functions. They detect motion and alert users to sense any dubious actions. You get alert messages and alarm rings. This way you are protected and guarded around the clock.

5- Resolution

The resolution of any camera is the most important thing. The clarity of images and footage depends upon the level of the resolution. It is measured in megapixels. The higher the resolution the better the quality of the gadget. A camera with 3 MP resolution or above is considered to be good equipment.    

6- Night Vision

The night vision must be extremely clean. Cameras are installed for proper surveillance. Statistics and evidence show that threats and crime rates are higher in the night. If the night vision of the cam is proper, it is a great relief for you. 

7- Sensor Quality

Sensor quality is for detecting motion or sound. It is useful in setting alert zones to stave off transgressions. A good sensor-quality device is good for protection and security.

8- Durability

Check if the cam is durable. You can go for its past performance and reviews. The durable devices last for a long and are better for our usability and budget.

9- Service Centres

If the company has service centers at different locations, you get the proper services for your devices. Check the locations of their service centers. 

10- 2-Way Audio

This feature is great. You can communicate two-way. You can exchange ideas, give instructions or communicate with people on the device end. 

These are some of the features we need to look for when buying any cloud-based camera.

The Best 16 Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Cameras 

These gadgets are the best 16 CCTV storage cameras.

1. Arlo Pro 4 Spotlight Camera

Arlo Pro 4 spotlight camera is a uniquely designed excellent device. It can be used indoors and outdoors. It is a 2K HD camera which is small in size and big in features. It has paid cloud services available for users. You have to select subscriptions as per your usage and requirements.

The Arlo Pro 4 device covers a good area with neat and clean images. You can also zoom this device up to 3x times. It is a smart camera that can detect and differentiate between humans and non-humans.

This camera is available on the Arlo website with a price tag of $249.99. This cam is available at a 34% discount. Its dimensions are 4.65 x 3.35 x 3.35 inches and its weight is 13.4 ounces.


  • 2K high-resolution cam
  • Connects directly to WiFi without a Smart Hub.
  • 3x optical zoom facility
  • AI powerful sensors
  • Detect motion and differentiate human and vehicle
  • IRs studded sharp device
  • Color night vision
  • WiFi-enabled cam
  • Real-time 2-way talk
  • Outdoor devices can also be used indoors


  • Non-metallic camera
  • The PoE switch is not given with the camera
  • 4K devices are available at a similar price range

Features and Functions

  • This Arlo Pro 4 Cam has a default- 2K resolution which captures at a speed of 20 frames/sec
  • The high resolution gives clean images. You can trace any individual in the darkness of the night.
  • It covers a field of the view around- Horizontal: 48°- 90°; Vertical: 37°- 68°. You can almost see up to 355 degrees across with 50 degrees tilt.
  • This is a high-resolution good night vision camera that captures up to 12 meters (40ft) in the murkiness. There are 8 LEDs studded into it.
  • It provides color night vision. There are spotlights attached to it. They switch on in the darkness, sensing any motion.
  • This device allows you to put recordings on the cloud servers. You can purchase a plan to use it forever. Arlo gives some initial free backup facility for a few months then it becomes chargeable.
  • It also supports SD card recording. The supportable SD card limit is up to 128 GB.
  • This cam is AI-sensitive. You get alert messages sensing dubious activity. It can also differentiate between animals and humans.
  • It supports 2.4 GHz WiFi. You can connect this cam with WiFi and monitor from anywhere with the Arlo Pro App.
  • A wider 160-degree angle coverage. The crisp images are detailed. Everything can be seen quite clearly.

2. Blink Mini Outdoor (4th Generation) Camera

Blink Mini is an outdoor camera. This mini-cam is WiFi enabled. It is a small camera that can be placed anywhere in the house, shop, etc for security surveillance.

This camera is a durable device from Blink Group. Its service centers are available everywhere. This cam has a 1080P full HD resolution which gives clean images at night.

It is suitable for monitoring without fixing the device on any surface. You can move it around and place it at a place where you want to guard.

The best part is that Blink cam provides free cloud subscriptions for its users. You can also record events on SD Cards. This cam is there on the Amazon platform at a price value of $234.98.

It is a very costly camera having dimensions of 70 x 70 x 41 mm and its weight is 141 grams.


  • 1080P Indoor cam
  • Clean night vision
  • Free Cloud server recording. No subscription charge
  • Can keep recording on SD Cards
  • Easy to install
  • WiFi enabled with 2.4 GHz
  • Wide angle coverage. 143 degrees field of view
  • 3X digital zoom
  • Geofence technology equipped
  • Supports Alexa


  • SD cards not given with the pack
  • Very costly camera
  • It is a small but costly cam
  • Can be used outdoors but is not suitable for fields

Features and Functions of Blink Camera

  • Provides free subscription for cloud-based recording. The free version allows you to download clips within 24 hours. You can upgrade your subscription by paying nominal amounts for more features.
  • It alerts you from threats in real-time. You can monitor at will. It will activate the cam based on your location
  • The 1080P cam resolution is good enough for image clarity and footage. The night vision is good enough to recognize faces.
  • It detects smoke or poisonous gases and alarms users with hazard signals. This special feature is associated with this small Blink gadget.
  • It can also detect motion. Any doubtful person or activity tracked. It pushes messages and alarm bells for awareness and alert.
  • 143-degree field of view gives coverage across the line. You can also digitally zoom the cam up to 6X times for close monitoring.
  • This device works well with Alexa. It understands messages and talks.
  • This device can be used for monitoring front gates, halls, garages, shops, offices, etc.

3. Google Nest Security Cam (2nd Generation)

This Google Nest security camera is a smart device. It is a 1080P resolution standalone gadget. It is small in shape and extremely easy to install. You just have to plug and play. You can store data on the SD card and cloud server.

This cam is extremely suitable for indoors. You can place it anywhere in the house for monitoring. The device has a super sensor and 2-way audio features. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

Its shape is unique and its performance is exemplary. The installation of this device is super easy.

The single device costs $95.10. It was a bit expensive but a superior camera. The dimensions of the device are 70 x 70 x 41 mm and its weight is 0.88 lbs. It is available on Amazon Platform.

You connect to the Google Home App and get all the information live. It provides you with 3 hours of recording free. If WiFi trips are due for any reason, still the device stores 1-hour events for security.


  • Keep an Eye on Your Home Anytime by cell phone and PC with the hell of Google Home App
  • Can operate this cam with a battery
  • 1080P resolution
  • Clean night vision
  • IP65-certified water resistance
  • The battery is chargeable for more than 3 months
  • Wide angle coverage up to 145 degrees
  • Motion detection and real-time view
  • 2-way audio
  • Supports cloud storage and SD card
  • WiFi Supported


  • This WiFi cam does not support 5GHz
  • Supports only the Google Home App
  • Nest Aware subscription is chargeable

Features and Functions Google Nest Camera

  • This beautiful small cam can record activities on SD Cards and Cloud Servers. The recordings on the server for up to 1 month are free after that chargeable. The Nest Aware Subscription is required for permanent Cloud server storage. You can store recordings on an SD card as well.
  • It is a wired device. The plug-n-play device just requires power point and a WiFi network for connection and live relay of events.
  • It is easy to install. You can place the device anywhere and monitor it. There is no hassle of many wires. Just plug in and operate.
  • It has a larger field of view. Horizontally it covers up to 145 degrees and horizontally.
  • The cam has strong sensors. It can sense dubious people and their activities. It sends alert signals and bells alarms whenever any danger is sensed.
  • The two-way audio is a great feature. You can communicate, pass ideas, and send instructions to the person on the other side.
  • Supports AI. It is a wireless device, that supports WiFi connection.
  • The cam gives you alert signals sensing any transgression.

4. Reolink E 1 WiFi 3MP Indoor Camera

Reolink E1 is a 3MP indoor Cam. This camera is available with a 32GB SD Card. It is small in size and workable at every location. It does not require laying multiple cables for installation, so it is easy for anyone to install and monitor.

It supports AWS cloud monitoring. When you keep your data on a server, you are mentally free as there is no threat of lost storage. You can also preserve actions and images on SD cards.

This Reolink E1 surveillance camera has two-way audio and sensor features. You can communicate and alert people on the device end and listen to them as well.

The sensors detect motion and audio. They keep you alert all the time sensing any threats. It is sold on the Amazon website with a price tag of $31.67. Reolink cam can pan, tilt, and zoom. It can pan across 355 degrees and tilt up to 50 degrees.


  • Supports Cloud server recording. SD card is also supported
  • Wifi-enabled, but only connects to 2.4GHz
  • 3MP resolution. Good neat and clean images in the darkness can be viewed up to 40 feet
  • The device can pan up to 355 degrees and tilt up to 50 degrees
  • Smart siren with the phone app
  • 2-way audio feature for transferring messages
  • Sensors are sharp. Detects motion
  • Good for monitoring indoors, for babies, nannies, pets
  • 6x digital zoom
  • Supports up to 128 GB card
  • Supports Alexa and Google Home


  • 5 GHZ not supported
  • Service centers are not available everywhere
  • This cam is not suitable for outdoors as the device is neither vandal-proof nor weather-proof.

Features and Functions Reolink E1 Camera

  • Ultra 3MP (2304×1296) resolution. Clean images and great views. Can view up to 40 feet in complete darkness.
  • It is a WiFi camera that supports 2.4GHz frequency. You can install it anywhere without any problem. Any layman can configure the device.
  • The cloud server recording is supported by the Reolink App. The device has also an SD card slot. You can keep the data here as well. It supports SD cards up to 128 GB.
  • The 2.4GHz-supported cam which doesn’t support 5GHz.
  • Supports motion detection. It even senses sound. Motion detection alerts users. You can set alert zones and check for any transgression.
  • You can use this device indoors for guarding babies, nannies, and pet monitoring. Similarly, you can use it for capturing front doors, halls, garages, or other indoor locations.
  • It has a built-in microphone which allows you to communicate with people who are at the other end.
  • It is an excellent device for Alexa and Google Home. The device can be controlled just by voice.

5. Avigilon Ava Flex 2MP Camera

Avigilon is an indoor security camera. This device is mainly used in guarding distributed locations in offices and organizations.

It has a resolution of 2MP. The device supports recording on cloud servers and SD cards. It can withhold data up to 128 GB. The Avigilon cam is small in size and it is designed in such a way that it can be placed at any base or fixed on just 2 screws.

It supports Google Home and Alexa. You just can command the device with voice. Smart AI detection. You get motion alerts. Any suspicious movement is alerted through a message and alarm.

It has a 3.3mm focal length which covers a wide angle of 110 degrees. This Avigilon cam understands AI audio and video analytics.

It has clean night visions. You can buy this camera from the Avigilon website. The company gives 10 years warranty on the product.


  • 2MP resolution camera
  • Clean night vision with IR light supports
  • 940-nm infrared lights
  • The cam can count heads in any place. It is highly useful at places where we need to count occupancy.
  • It senses movement and behavioral analysis
  • Cloud storage and SD card support
  • Compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Supports WiFi 2.4GHz
  • Smart sensors. Detects motion and audio
  • 2-way audio supported
  • Great for nannies, pets, and baby protection


  • Very tender device. Housing breaks easily.
  • No color night vision.
  • Services are available online only
  • 2MP resolution is not a very high resolution
  • Does not emit color night vision

Features and Functions Avigilon Ava Flex Camera

  • You can install this device anywhere indoors. It is easy to fix and operate. There is no need for any specialist technician.
  • Clean night vision with 940-nm infrared lights. It captures detailed images even in low-light conditions
  • The recording can be stored on the cloud server. This device supports cloud-based recording. You can also record on an SD card.
  • AI detection equipped camera. Senses motion and audio. Any dubious person or activity is thwarted by alarm signals and push messages.
  • Occupancy counting is a special feature of the device. It can count several people at a particular place. Very suitable for organizations and factories.
  • Recognizes faces and events.
  • The bidirectional communication feature is given. You can talk or share messages.
  • It is a wireless device. Connects to the app with the QR code easily.
  • Google Assistant and Alexa-supported cam.

6. Wansview 2K Indoor Pet Wireless Camera

Wansview security cam is highly useful in guarding pets, babies, grannies, or other indoor things. The advantage of this cam is that it is a sort of plug-and-play device.

Its installation and configuration are easy. The Wansview cam is a smart device with cloud server-supported recording.

This cam is specialized in pet monitoring, though you can use it indoors anywhere, like front doors, garages, halls, rooms, etc. It is a sensor-enabled gadget with a 2-way audio feature.

The 2K resolution is good enough to capture indoors. This cam can pan, tilt, and zoom thus capturing every angle of the place.

Cloud storage is free for the first 30 days, after that it is chargeable.

It can record the sound of the pet and take images sensing any danger signals.

The product is easily available at Amazon for $20.23. Its dimensions are 3.17 x 3.24 x 4.29 inches.


  • 1080P resolution with good night vision
  • Supports chargeable subscription for cloud server recording. The first 30 days of server recording is free.
  • SD card recording possible, compatible with 128 GB
  • 2-way audio to exchange communications
  • Motion detection and threat alert signals for security
  • The ideal camera for pets, babies, and grannies
  • The cam is PTZ. You can pan, tilt, or zoom the device
  • Covers a wide angle. 4x zooming
  • The Wi-Fi device supports 2.4GHz
  • Easy to install


  • This device is more suitable for pet monitoring than human monitoring
  • The cloud server monitoring is free for 30 days only
  • It can’t be used outdoors
  • The SD card is not given with the product. You have to separately purchase it.

Features and Functions Wansview Security Camera

  • This Wansview device is a very sensitive product. It can sense motion and audio. Even a pet’s movement and sounds can be easily sensed and alert owners to manage them.
  • The 2-way audio is given to talk or listen. The messages can easily be communicated.
  • 30-day cloud server recording is free. After that a paid subscription for cloud server recording is available. The subscription plan is as cheap as  $6.99/month. You can also cancel the plan whenever you want.
  • It gives you advanced features if you purchase to Wansview Cloud Plan.
  • SD card storage capacity is supported up to 128 GB.
  • This device captures 10-second videos and relays them to users sensing dubious motions. It detects motion and audio.
  • This product is famous for pet and baby monitoring because of its special features.
  • It can revolve around 360 degrees to monitor the entire area. You can also 4X zoom any object for clarity.

7. Ring Indoor Cam (2nd Generation)

The best part of this Ring Indoor Camera is that it can be placed on any surface for guarding and capturing. It is a 1080P resolution security device that is highly famous in the CCTV World. This cam gives color night vision.

We can store data on cloud servers. It is free for the first 30 days after that we have to subscribe to a plan. So, have to purchase a Ring Protect Plan.

It has a special privacy cover available with its features. You can keep your images and footage private.

It is a highly smart camera. It detects motion and sound. It gives you threat alerts through messages and alarm bells. The privacy feature of the camera is quite useful.

It captures around 143 degrees diagonal, 115 degrees horizontal, and 59 degrees vertical.

This cam is wifi enabled device. You can get it on the Ring website. Its price is quoted as $59.99.

You can use it indoors with ease.


  • Free cloud subscription for the first 30 days
  • SD Card supported
  • 1080P resolution product with satisfying night vision
  • Covers every corner of the room. Pans 143 degrees and tilts up to 59 degrees
  • AI alert. Motion detection
  • Bidirectional talk possible
  • Wireless and Wifi
  • Special privacy feature
  • Easy installation


  • Doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi
  • Service centers are not available everywhere
  • Only 30 days of cloud server recording is free
  • Though the design is attractive, the camera housing is very delicate.

Features and Functions Ring Indoor Cam

  • Get the Ring App and connect the device for remote monitoring. It gives seamless live images
  • It gives a free cloud server recording subscription for a month. It is a great advantage of this cam that you can preserve data that can not be stolen.
  • SD card supports up to 128 GB.
  • It can capture the entire room. Revolves around 143 degrees and can pan also up to 59 degrees.
  • It is good for indoors. You can place it on any surface. It is very easy to install.
  • Supports 2-way audio, which means you can communicate and exchange messages to and fro.
  • Great smart sensors keep you alert against dubious motions and sounds. Owners get alert messages and alarm signals.
  • It is a plug-in device. The cam senses audio and motion. It gives you alert signals sensing any threat.
  • The device can be put or installed at any place. It hardly takes up any space.

8. Ivideon Cute 3L Full HD Wi-Fi Indoor IP Camera


Ivideon Cute 3L is a very smart device that is small in size and shape. It is suitable for indoors only. This 1080P resolution of the camera gives pellucid images and footage.

It is a smart camera that is AI-supported. It senses motion and audio. Any doubtful activity or person is tracked and video recorded in 10-second activity for users. The Ivideon cam gives alert messages and alarms, sensing threats.

The best thing is that Ivideon throws free cloud server recording for its users. There is no subscription or payment required for that. It also supports SD cards for data storage.

The product is available on the Ivideon website. It is stated at a price value of $51.00. You can add multiple cameras on one Ivideon account.


  • Cloud server recording is free. It creates videos in 10 seconds footage for users’ information
  • Recognizes faces and is suitable for multiple users at a time.
  • SD card supported
  • Can detect motion and audio
  • Bidirectional talk facility. You can communicate two-way
  • Works with Alexa. Understand voice commands
  • 2 MP good high-resolution camera
  • Gives great vision at night
  • Covers 85 degrees of angle for monitoring.
  • Wifi supported 2.5GHz
  • Data transfer SSL encrypted


  • A small size device with high cost. Similar featured indoor devices are available in a cheaper range
  • PoE supported but the PoE switch did not give
  • 5 GHZ Wifi frequency not supported
  • Covers a smaller angle of 85 degrees only, not a very wide FoV

Features and Functions Ivideon Cute 3L Cam

  • Free subscription for cloud server storage is a great advantage for the preservation of the data. SD card supportable up to 128 GB. It preserves sensitive images and actions in 10-second footage for awareness and proper monitoring.
  • The device is easy to install and monitor. A plug-and-play camera with an easy operating style. Just scan the QR code and connect the device to the Ivideon App.
  • The 2MP resolution gives pellucid images. Great night vision. Captures even the minutest details.
  • The sensors of the camera are smart. It senses motion and audio. Any suspicious move is captured, recorded, and sent to users for alertness
  • A smart bandwidth consumption, so it stores more data in the same capacity.
  • You can set the access to videos of the camera to public or private viewing as per requirement.
  • The 2-way audio allows users to communicate bidirectional. You can exchange ideas and communications.
  • The sensors are smart. They can detect motion and audio. You get alert signals sensing threats.

9. GALAYOU WiFi 2K, Indoor Home Security Camera

This GALAYOU security surveillance cam is a strong outdoor device. It is a high-resolution 2K camera that gives clean images. It is a small shape and size device used mainly for monitoring pets, the elderly, babies, or grannies.

The cam gives the lifetime free storage of cloud server recording. It can also record events on an SD card up to 128 GB. AWS Cloud keeps all the videos.

It supports Alexa and Google Home. You can voice command the device and operate it as per the requirement.

This cam has IR lights studded into it. It gives this device clear night vision. It is a wired cam with a WiFi function.

The sensors keep owners alert all the time from suspicious people and activity. This 2k device sees up to 33 feet in the darkness of the night. It can also zoom objects digitally up to 6X times.

The dimensions of the device are 1.93 x 1.3 x 3.35 inches and its weight is 5.9 ounces. It is available on Amazon at a price tag of $19.99.


  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime cloud server storage free
  • 2K resolution device with detailed images in the darkness
  • Clean night vision. Can view up to 33 feet in the darkness
  • Good cam for monitoring babies, elders, grannies, and pets
  • Two-way talk function
  • Sensors strong device. Can detect motion and audio and alert users against threats
  • AI-powered device with remote monitoring
  • WiFi camera for Indoor Surveillance
  • Connects with the Wansview Cloud and gives you access to devices


  • PoE device not given, have to purchase separately
  • Only supports 5GHz frequency camera
  • SD card is not there with the device
  • Does not cover a very wide angle

Features and Functions GALAYOU Indoor Cam

  • This cam is easy to install. Only plug-and-play. Any non-technical person can install and operate the device easily. Suitable for everyone.
  • This cam is useful indoors only. It captures the movement of babies, nannies, pets, and the elderly alike.
  • Cloud-based storage is free. No subscription fee is required. You can get footage in 20-second videos.
  • You can also keep the data in the SD card. 128 GB SD card compatible device.
  • A 2k resolution camera gives clean images. Clear night vision with IR LEDs. It shows up to 33 feet in the darkness.
  • The cam captures around an 80-degree angle, not a very wide angle coverage.
  • The sensors keep users alert from threats. It captures dubious activities and motions. You can set alert zones on the device. Any intrusion activity will be immediately notified to owners through messages and alarm signals.
  • The two-way talk feature allows communication to and fro.
  • The smart sensors are splendid. They detect dangers and alert users.

10. Kami by YI 1080P Indoor Security Camera

This Kami cam by YI is extremely useful. Its resolution is 1080P. You can get detailed images, whether it is a day or a night. Cloud storage is free for a lifetime. There is no subscription charge.

It is a useful camera for indoors. You can put it anywhere for monitoring. It is a mini device with AI features. It senses activities and alerts users of any doubtful activities.

The SD card storage facility is also available. It supports up to 128 GB memory card. The SD card is not given in the pack. You have to separately purchase it.

The camera is available on Amazon. It cost $25.99. The 4-camera bundle price costs $97.99. The dimensions of the device are 3.15 x 3.15 x 4.5 inches inches and its given weight is 4.8 ounces.


  • Free cloud storage
  • 1080P resolution indoor cam
  • Clean night vision with vision in the darkness up to 33 feet
  • 8 LEDs with 940 nM infrared
  • SD card supported
  • A wired Wifi device with a 2.4GHz supported frequency
  • 2-way audio feature given
  • Motion and audio detection


  • A delicate device, that covers narrow angles only
  • Doesn’t support 5GHz Wifi
  • SD card has to be purchased separately, not included in the cam price

Features and Functions Kami Indoor 1080P Camera

  • This cam has multiple storage options. The cloud server storage is free. No subscription or plan is required. The SD card storage facility is also given. Supports a 128 GB SD card.
  • The resolution is 1080P full HD. It provides clean images day in and day out. The clean night-vision shows crystal clear pics.
  • The LED studded camera gives up to 33 feet of vision at night.
  • It is a wired mini gadget, that connects easily with 2.4GHz WiFi.
  • The WiFi device is easy to set up and install. It can be installed at any indoor or outdoor location.
  • The solid AI sensors are very safe. They sense doubtful actions and alert users. It pushes alert messages and rings alarm bells to avoid dangers. The alert zone settings keep intruders at bay.
  • The 2-way audio allows you to communicate with one another. You can listen to people on the device side on the YI App and convey any instructions.

11. Blurams Indoor Colour Night Vision Pet Camera

This is a high-resolution 3MP device. It is suitable for indoors. You can capture the movements of pets, babies, etc. Though the device is primarily featured for pets, it can be installed for halls, front gates, garages, rooms, offices, or shops.

This Blurams wireless camera with WiFi-supportable technology is easy to install and use.

The Blurams cam has smart sensors. The PIR feature senses motion and audio. It alerts users of impending threats. The LEDs switch on in the darkness and thus provide us with neat and clean images and color day vision.

It has an inbuilt 90 days storage capacity. The cloud server storage facility is available though chargeable. We have to subscribe to a plan to keep our data on the cloud.

The device on Amazon costs $39.98. It is compatible with Alexa and Google Home App.


  • 3MP HD cam with color night vision
  • A wireless and WiFi cam
  • This device is most useful for pet monitoring
  • Clean night vision with 33 feet vision in the darkness
  • The cam gives us 360-degree protection. No angle is missed.
  •  Easy to install the device
  • The device  works with Alexa
  • Smart PIR Motion Detection&Two-Way Audio
  • Inbuilt storage for 90 days
  • Connect the cam by scanning the QR Code and watching live from remote locations. You can connect it through Blurams app.
  • SD card and cloud recording


  • Cloud storage is chargeable
  • The device is not featured outdoors and its coverage indoors is directed at pet surveillance

Features and Functions Blurams Camera

  • Blurams 3MP camera is an extremely good choice for pet surveillance. Though you can hang it or put it on any platform for indoor viewing.
  • Easy to install the device. The product is suitable for indoors.
  • The high-resolution cam with 3 MP, gives clean images. LEDs give clear vision in the darkness. View possible up to 35 feet in the darkness
  • The 360-degree wide-angle camera is exceptional in covering far and wide. It can also be tilted to 110 degrees, which is a superb added advantage.
  • It works with Alexa. Accepts voice commands and responds accordingly.
  • Smart PIR motion detection. Detects dubious people and motion. Sends alert signals to owners for monitoring.
  • The 2-way audio feature is good. You can pass on any message or idea.
  • It senses the behaviors and alerts you accordingly
  • The inbuilt storage capacity preserves data for at least 90 days. Cloud security storage meets the highest standards. Data is safe from theft and pilferage.

12. WYZE v3 Limited Edition Camera

This Wyze V3 camera is a limited edition device. It is operated by batteries. You can set this device outdoors or indoors. The 1080P resolution camera provides clean images. It gives neat and clean color night vision.

It is AI sensitive device that tracks motion and audio. It can differentiate between human and non-human. This wireless device is WiFi-enabled. It has an IP65 waterproofing standard.

The cloud storage facility is available though it is chargeable with minimum subscription plans. The $2.99 per month cloud storage plan is the cheapest.

The Wyze App enables you the remote monitor. Connect the devices through QR code scanning.

This cam can be bought from the Amazon platform by paying $35.98.


  • Advanced AI human-pet vehicle Recognition
  • PIR motion detection
  • Built-in smoke and carbon monoxide alerts
  • The company is known for its high standard of service delivery
  • 2-way audio feature supported
  • True 1080p HD cam with great color night vision
  • Can view up to 33 feet in the night
  • Wireless and Wifi enabled cam
  • SD card recording and paid cloud server storage


  • Cloud server storage is chargeable. No free subscription
  • SD cards are not given with the cam
  • Only a limited edition device. Any problem that occurs, will take time to resolve.
  • No replacement of this version of the product

Features and Functions Wyze V3 Cam

  • It is a 1080P camera. It gives clean night vision and images. Color night vision is remarkable. It views up to 33 meters in the darkness.
  • SD card storage and cloud-based storage are available. The plans are chargeable up to $2.99 monthly.
  • The smart AI distinguishes between humans, animals, and vehicles. You can easily sort between threats and ordinary movements.
  • The 2-way audio feature helps transfer messages and ideas.
  • The safety measures are top-class. This special Wyze V3 cam detects smoke and carbon monoxide threats and alerts users even remotely.

13. Wansview 2K Home Security Camera

This Wansview is a PTZ small camera that is unique. It has a 2K Megapixel resolution. The infrared night vision cam gives clean images.

The device is PTZ. It covers around 360 degrees. It means nothing is missed around it. It is suitable for indoors.

This cam is designed in such a way as to guard pets, babies, grannies as well as halls or indoor locations. The product is easy to install and operate.

Cloud server recording is chargeable. You have to take a subscription plan to keep the recording on servers. Subscription plans are available with normal charges.

The Wansview 2K resolution cam is AI-powered. It senses movements and the 2-way audio is a great feature.

This useful camera is available on Amazon. Its price is $69.99. This is the bundle price of the item.


  • It is a 2K-resolution indoor product
  • Cloud server recording is free for the first 30 days
  • The Cloud storage facility is given. Though it is chargeable not free.
  • SD Card compatible device, up to 128GB SD card supported
  • The resolution of the cam is 2K
  • 360 degrees field of view, covers wide angle, also tilts to more than 100 degrees
  • The infrared lights give clean images, faces are clear in the darkness, and up to 33 feet of coverage in the night hours
  • Detects motion and sound, 2-way talk supported
  • You can set alert zones. Any transgressor is thwarted with alarm messages


  • It does not support 5G technology
  • Housing is non-metallic
  • No night color vision is given
  • Cloud storage is chargeable. Subscription plans are costly

Features and Functions Wansview 2K PTZ Camera

  • The 2k resolution camera can pan, tilt, and zoom. It covers up to 360 degrees horizontally, 100 degrees vertically, and 6x zoom digitally.
  • Multiple SD cards and cloud-based recordings are possible. The cloud recording is free for the first 30 days after the installation. After that it is chargeable.
  • The device understands motion and audio. Any threatful movement is traced and tracked. Likewise, it gives alert messages and ring alarm signals for users’ awareness.
  • The video resolution is 2K. It seamlessly gives clean images. Infrared LEDs studded Wansview cam gives clear night vision.
  • It supports and responds to Alexa and Google Assistant systems.
  • This AI-powered camera senses human faces. It also understands motion and audio. Any suspicious movement or activity is tracked and alarmed.
  • The cam covers a wider angle. Up to almost 360 degrees are covered.

14. YI Pro 2K Indoor Security Camera

The YI pro 2K resolution camera is unique in terms of its performance. The 2K resolution cam gives pellucid images day in and day out. There is a spotlight attached to the device which gives a color night vision.

This wireless and Wifi camera supports 2.4GHz and not 5GHz bands. The cloud storage facility is available. It stores data on the cloud server. It also supports the SD card storage.

This device is AI-powered. You can communicate two-way and share ideas. This way you are always connected with your people and property. The motion detection facility keeps you safe all the time.

Whenever any dubious movement is sensed, the sensor gives you alert messages and rings alarm bells for you. You can also set sensitive zone limits to it. You get alert signals when any person enters that zone.

The two-way audio is given. You can communicate through the software and exchange messages. You can also alert them of any danger with the help of this function

Its bundle price is $39.99 on the Amazon platform.


  • The YI pro cam is most suitable for pets, babies, and nannies monitoring
  • It is an indoor camera which is easy to install. You can place it anywhere and operate
  • Supports 2.4GHz and not 5GHz Wifi bands
  • The resolution of the cam is 2K
  • LED studded camera gives clear night vision
  • wide-angle 120 degrees covered
  • AI-powered. Senses motion and track activities
  • The two-way audio allows the exchange of ideas
  • Cloud storage and SD card storage


  • The camera can not pan and tilt
  • It doesn’t support 5GHz WiFi frequency
  • Cloud storage subscription plans are not free.

Features and Functions YI Pro 2K Camera

  • The camera supports cloud-based recording and SD card recording. However, the cloud server data storage is not free. You have to buy a subscription plan for that.
  • SD card is compatible with up to 128 GB. There is a slot in the device is reserved for that.
  • The YI Pro camera monitors pets, babies, elders, and nannies. It is a Wifi camera.
  • The device is easy to install. You don’t require any technician to install and operate it.
  • The 2k resolution gives pellucid images and footage. There are no grains in it. The LEds studded device provides us with clear night vision.
  • Supports Wifi band- 2.4GHz. It is a small wireless device.
  • The device has main features such as the 2-way talk facility. You can communicate in two ways without any difficulty. This feature is also used to alert people to threats. You can alert members to sense any danger.
  • AI-generated device. Can sense and differentiate dangerous movements from normal motions. If any suspicious movement is ascertained, it sets alarm bells. You can also set alert zones to safeguard your private places from intrusion.

15- ANNKE Crater 2K WiFi Pan Tilt Smart Security Camera

ANNKE Crater 2K resolution camera is very famous. The 3MP high-resolution device is most suitable for baby monitoring. The baby monitor gives you clear access and visibility to your toddlers’ movements.

ANNKE security camera which can be placed anywhere in the house. It is a small size device that is AI-governed. You have to supply power to the device and it is functional. Its setup is easy.

The camera understands the voice command. It supports Alexa and Google Home.

This cam stores all your footage on the cloud server. Your data is always safe. You can also manually record on SD cards.

The powerful AI technology gives this device the power to ascertain the movement and differentiate them from animal, insect, leaves movement.

It has LEDs attached to it, which gives vision in the darkness. This piece is available at Amazon with a price tag of $29.99.


  • ANNKE Crater 2K camera is suitable for monitoring babies.
  • The baby monitor is given
  • It captures 360 degrees
  • Gives pellucid night-vision images
  • Available in black color and white color
  • Supports cloud-based recording
  • Motion detection and 2-way audio features
  • Supports SD cards
  • Compatible with Google and Alexa
  • Easy to install
  • WiFi Supported camera
  • Works exceptionally well indoors


  • This cam has no PoE switches or adapters given
  • Have to purchase a cloud server plan
  • ANNKE Cam does not provide color night vision

Features and Functions ANNKE Crater 2K Cam

  • This is a small cam that is suitable for indoor monitoring. It is designed for baby monitoring. We can also monitor pets, elders, or nannies. ANNKE cam provides a baby monitor.
  • It can be installed easily without any difficulty. Even a non-technical hand can connect and operate it.
  • 2K resolution gives clean pictures. LEDs give sharp and pellucid black-and-white night vision.
  • The expansive cloud server storage plans keep your every moment preserved. You can also record on SD cards.
  • AI-powered human detection. Any dubious motion is tracked and alerted with alarms and messages.
  • The cam is PTZ. It can pan across 360 degrees and tilt up to 120 degrees.
  • Parents watch their baby’s movement from their location and can convince them with the 2-way audio feature.
  • Supports Alexa and Google Assistant.

16. SEHMUA WiFi with One-Touch Calling Security Camera

SEHMUA Security Camera is a 2k resolution camera with all the latest and modern features. The best feature of this device is that it gives its users the one-touch calling option.

This device captures up to 360 degrees. It is an indoor gadget. No area is missed around it. It is suitable for dog monitoring or baby monitoring. There is a baby monitor given with this pack.

The 90-degree tilt and 355-degree pan cover every inch of the zone. It can detect motion and sound. Thus if the child is weeping or the dog is continuously barking, you can easily know and manage the situation.

The 2-way audio gives you all the help to speak to them. It has a dual recording capacity. You can keep the data on the cloud server or SD card. Cloud server is free for 3 days and then chargeable.

This product is available on Amazon with a price tag of $19.99.


  • The SEHUMA indoor device is suitable for baby or pet monitoring
  • The 2K resolution is good enough for capturing neat and clean images around the clock.
  • The pan and tilt quality give it full coverage
  • The one-touch calling is a superb feature to attend the baby or pet immediately
  • The AI power device
  • Can sense motion and audio
  • 2-way talk feature given
  • The baby monitor is given
  • Cloud-based recording and SD card recording are given


  • A cheap camera with no proper app functioning
  • Wifi 5GHz frequency is not supported
  • The product is not available everywhere

Features & Functions SEHMUA Security Camera

  • The 2K resolution indoor camera is suitable for babies and pets. It has a baby monitor with it.
  • The camera covers 360 degrees. It can pan across 360 degrees and tilt up to 90 degrees.
  • The one-touch calling function makes communication easier. You can immediately attend to your baby or pet.
  • The two-way audio helps in communicating clearly and managing babies or pets.
  • The cloud server recording facility is given by the SEHMUA. It is free for 3 days, then you have to buy a subscription plan either monthly or yearly
  • The motion detection feature accurately determines the position and location of the baby or pet.


The Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Camera is studied here. The article defines and illustrates the best cloud-based CCTV cameras and CCTV storage cameras.

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