Dericam For PC Free Download For Windows OS & Mac OS

Dericam For PC is an intelligent application that allows clients to supervise numerous cameras from remote areas. We’ve given here in this post the superb examination of this CMS Wizard. The link to the application is given here in the connection button.

It’s given in a compact document form. To get it on your PC, you need to decompress the document file. This application is given here for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. 

We have given here in this post the total downloading and installation process of the Dericam application. We have given here every step of the installation process. It has been exhibited here with graphs.

There are three stages of installation and monitoring. These are the installation stages, Installation part, Login part, and Adding of the gadget and monitoring part.

What Is A Content Management System?

The CMS is known as the Content Management System. The CMS is a strong application that can alter, edit, record, playback, and take snaps. The application also supplies you with security and mental peace.

Every sensitive area, association, institution, street, and so on can be monitored by the Wizard. CMS Application can interface with numerous cams all at once. This is the forte and benefit of a Wizard. 

Assume we need to screen 12 destinations all at once. Each site is gotten by CCTV observation gadgets. It implies that there are 12 gadgets or DVRs/NVRs. Assume each gadget is associated with 12 cams. You need to screen all these cams from your office.

It implies that 12 * 12=144 cameras you need to screen from your office. This can be made true with the help of this CMS App. It can show you over 300 cameras in a jiffy. It can show you these cams from any remote place.

Know About Dericam For PC Wizard

the image of bullet cam from Dericam

It is designed and manufactured by Dericam. It is a US-based organization. An American organization has many branches across the globe. The organization is world-famous and it has many scintillating products. The products are very durable and trendy.

The software generated by them is top-rated. It can view, record, playback, and retrieve records for you. It assists you in accessing your locations from any remote location. 

Features and Functions Of Dericam Software

This application has top-class features. We are giving you here the most valuable choices and elements of this application. It is indispensable to know them. When you know them, you can use them in monitoring.

The following are the fundamental benefits of this application.

  • logo of the appIt shows you live relay. There is no delay in capturing and relaying.
  • The streaming furnishes progression in checking with the recognition of cameras.
  • The application is competent to access gadgets from distant regions.
  • It can record videos. You can record it on actual gadgets or PCs.
  • You can keep recordings in NVRs/Cams. You can likewise record on a web Cloud Server.
  • The application supports live video recognition from any far-off area
  • This application supports overseeing PTZ cameras from any distant area
  • You can record, zoom in, pan, and slant sans any issue
  • It can record for you, senses motion for you, show playbacks for you, take snaps for you, and so forth
  • It upholds sensors
  • The application sends you messages and rings alarms for you whenever it detects anything dubious
  • It can follow movement and sound with the assistance of sensors
  • It has two-way audio. It helps you in moving messages from the application to the individual on the gadget end.
  • It also saves you from interlopers and suspects by allowing you to yell at them

Download Dericam For Windows OS

The app is given in a zipped folder. You must concentrate on it to stack it on your Computers. Here, we’ve given the download button for Windows OS. Click the connection to get the connection file.

We have given the installation process for the Windows OS. Every step is taken care of. These steps are assisted with images. Click the link to start the process. 

Download Dericam For Mac OS

The connection button for Mac OS is given below. Click the connection button to load it on Macintosh PC. The record is given in a packed document form. Un-squeeze it to install the document.

Install it is simple. We have given here the installation process for Windows. Follow the same process to do it on Apple PC.

Download Dericam For Android OS

If you like to mark cameras on Android cell phones, you’ve to tap the connection button. The application is likewise accessible on the google play store. Load it and install it. After the installation part is finished, you need to add the gadget.

To add the gadget, scan the QR Code. From that point forward, the application will direct you with specific guidelines. Follow them and you will effortlessly add the gadget. 

Install Dericam For Windows OS

To introduce it on a Windows PC, you need to tap the download button. The connection is given in a packed document structure. To stack it on your PC, you need to decompress the document first.

It is given here in a 3-stage structure. The initial step tells about the installation of the application. The next step is the login of the Wizard.

In the third step, we will direct you to add the gadget and monitoring cameras.

Step-1 Installation Of The App

To install the app on the PC, you have to click the link button. The link button is given in a squeezed file form. To get it on the computer you have to flatten it. After it, double-click the setup file. It will open the following window.

select the language of the app

Here, you have to select the Application language. Select it and after that press the next button.

The app welcome page

On this page, the software welcomes us. It asks us to close all other windows during installation. Press the next button.

choose the destination of the folder

This window asks you to select the path and the folder for loading it. You have to choose it and after that press the next button. A new window will open.

the app is ready to install

Now it is ready to install the app. If you have to review anything or want to change the folder, then press the back button. Otherwise, press the Install button. The moment you press it, it begins to install the application instantaneously.

the installation process begins

When the loading is finished. It indicates us with a page folder.

the content is loaded and the installation process is over

Press the finish button. The installation is finished. Step- 1 is over.

Now, we will move to the next step of the process. In it, we will log in to the software.

Step-2 Log Into The Software

To log in to the software, double-click the icon of the app. You will find it on the desktop, after the installation.

the login page of the app

This window tells us about the login of it. Here, by default, the User name and the Password are the followings

Username- admin

Password – (No Password)

Click the OK button. The Homepage will open.

homepage and setup page of the application

This way we log in to the CMS. The next and last step is about the addition of the device and monitoring of cams.

Step-3 Adding The Device & monitoring Of Cameras

To add it, you have to open the homepage. Then go to the “+” sign and click it. This page will open.

select the zone and the device

On this page, press Device management and it will open the page to add the device.

The IP address is given to connect the relevant gadget

Fill in these details regarding the device. After that press the OK button. The gadget will be added. Cameras attached to that device, connect with it. This way we add the device with the app.

the app is connected with the device and monitoring started

The adding devices and monitoring part is displayed here. It is over now.

This way we will do these three steps for Windows.


The Dericam Wizard is described in this post. This article gives its users the download link of the application for Windows, Android, and Mac.

It is given here The features and the complete installation process in an illustrative manner. You can study them and use them as per your requirement.

If you have any difficulty in installing it or managing it please share the query with us. We will try to resolve the issue for you.

Thank You.

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