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EasyNetHD2 For PC is a Wizard given here for taking a monitoring glance at CCTV cameras. We’ve given here the total examination of this CMS. The link to the software is given here in the transfer button. It’s a compressed file. You have to decompress it before installing it on the PC.

The application is given here for Windows OS and Mac OS. We have given here the loading method for Windows OS. It is also given here the installation process in an illustrative style.

It’ll guide you step by step. By seeing it and learning it, you’ll be able to do it yourself without anyone’s help. The software app makes observation a lot easier by adding many devices to it.

What Is A CMS & Why Is It So Handy?

The Content Management System is a program that can connect many devices with it and allow you to monitor them from any remote location. The CMS can connect these gadgets through IPs. It will permit you to access devices from distant regions.

It provides management to the Owner. They can screen and oversee every activity. A CMS can modify, edit, record, playback, and take footage. The Wizard is developed to capture multiple locations and their monitoring from one location. 

Know About EasyNetHD2 For PC 

It is designed and marketed by Nuvico. The organization is established in Westbury, New York, America. It is a worldwide CCTV organization with a good track record. Its product quality is high. The brand value is very popular. It gives its products a warranty of 2 years. Its service centers are available in many places over the globe. 

It is simple to transfer and install. It can record, playback, alter, work, and access sounds. It can connect many gadgets at a time. Take this example you have 5 sites. you have covered them with  CCTV surveillance.

There are 10 cams attached to each device. It means there are a total of 50 cams, that you want to monitor from your office. It is possible only by using the app. It can show you cams attached to those 5 devices. 

This application is very effective in observing cameras from distant areas. It provides splendid footage. The file is given in a compressed folder. Decompress the CMS file and then load it on the PC.

Features and Functions Of EasyNetHD2 Software

This application has several top-class options. Here we tend to give you the prominent ones. These are necessary to understand. Once we understand them, we can operate them in a better way.

  • logo of the appIt runs live telecast. There is no delay.
  • The streaming provides seamless data transfer for continuous access to cameras
  • The app can be accessed without any problem from any far-flung region.
  • It can record activities. You’ll be able to track activities with its help
  • You can record data in NVRs. You can also record data on a Cloud Server.
  • The application maintains live video catching from any distant region
  • This application supports to operate of PTZ cameras from your location
  • You can record, zoom, pan, and tilt it by operating it from your office.
  • It can track activities for you, manage sounds for you, show playbacks for you, monitor for you, etc
  • It supports sensors
  • The application sends you messages and ring alarms for you to acknowledge dubious activities
  • It will see motion and sound with the help of sensors
  • It supports two-way audio  
  • You can send any message to the person on the opposite side of the device.

Download EasyNetHD2 For Windows OS

The installation is given in an exceedingly compressed document. You have got to decompress it to stack it on your Windows. Here, we’ve given the transfer button for the Windows OS. Click the link to induce the appliance. 

We’ve given here the full-length exercise of installation for Windows. It’s loaded up with diagrams. You can take guidance from here and do it yourself on any other PC. 

Download EasyNetHD2 For Mac OS

The link button is given below. The file is zipped. Click it and unzip it before loading it and installing it. The installation process is not difficult. We have given it to Windows. You can get an idea from them and do it for Apple PC. The process is almost the same. Get the link from here. 

Download EasyNetHD2 For Android OS

install the app for Android

Assuming that you simply need to screen cameras on Android OS, then you have to click the link given here. The app is also available on the google play store. Load it and install it. After that add the device. For that, you have to scan the QR Code. 

The app can prompt you for some more instructions. Follow those instructions. You will be able to add the device and monitor cameras associated with that gadget.

Install EasyNetHD2 On Windows & Monitor Cameras

The installation and observation method is given here completely. It’s given here in 3 stages. At the start, install it. In the second step, log in to the application. In the third step, add the device and monitor.

The package is out there with a loading button. It’s in a zipped file format. First, we’ve got to unfasten the file by extracting it, then we can go for the installation.

Step-1 Install The Software

When we go for installing the software, the first thing we have to do after unzipping the file is to click the “setup file”.  When we click it. the setup file opens the following window.

setup is preparing for installation

This window is about the information that the app is preparing to install its content. It automatically runs and after that opens this page.

The app is ready for setup

The app greets its users. It informs us that this application is going to install on your PC. Press the next button.

license agreement page for the app

It is about the license agreement. Read the agreement carefully. If you are happy with it, press the next button. The next window opens.

select the location and the path of the root file

Here we have to select the path and the location of the holder. Select it carefully. And after that press the next button.

select features to install

You have to tick the box to select features to install. If the box is unticked, then many features of the app will not be loaded. Tick it and then press the next button.

review the settings

Here, the window is guiding you that the file is ready to install. If you want to change the path or the installation folder, you can change it here. If you are fully happy and satisfied, press the next button.

installation of the application file

The app begins to install the content. It is taking no time in installing its contents. When the entire content is finished, it will denote you with a message.

create the shortcut

The installation is finished. Press the finish button. This way it is done. Step one is over.

Now we will move to the next step. Where we will log in to the application.

Step-2 Log In The CMS Wizard

To log in to the CMS Wizard, we have to double-click the installed app. It opens this page.

login page of the app

It asks us to fill in the username and the password. You have to create the username and the password. Create them.

go for logging in the app

Fill in the username and password. Answer these questions. These answers are useful when you forget the password. Press the register button.

answer these questions to retrieve password

Press the register button. The following window opens.

login for the homepage

It is the window where you have to log in. Enter the username and the password and press the log in button.

App homepage

The homepage opens. this way we reach the homepage of the Wizard. The log in login part is complete.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Of Cameras

For adding the device, you have to open the homepage of this application. Go to the page’s control panel and select the Add Device option. This is the page.

Coneect the app to fill the IP address

Here, fill in the device’s IP address, the username, and the password. Press the apply button. The device will be added.

Monitor your locations

This way the device is added. The cameras will appear that are connected to this device. You can add many devices in the same way.


EasyNetHD2 Application is described here. The link button for Windows, Android, and Mac OS are given here. These are given in a zipped file. Unzip them to install the app.

The features are explained here. The complete installation process is given here for Windows.

The narrative has been given to you. If you have any issues in loading it, installing it, and monitoring it please notify us. We will respond to you and resolve the query.

Thank You. 

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