h.264 vs h.265 video compression – A complete guide

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h.264 vs h.265 video compression is very authentic and logical comparison. In general h.264 vs h.265 video compression is all about quality of image and bit rate or you can say quality and space. In Surveillance industry h.264 vs h.265 video compression means a lot, it is like a revolution in the industry for those who understand this topic well.

h.264 vs h.265 video compression

h.264 vs h.265 video compression

I would like to start this topic in regards of Surveillance industry, Firstly I would like to explain about a few terms like video compression, h.264 and h.265. Starting with Video compression, it is a processing of video in such way it takes less space while processing, it eliminate non-useful thing when it is processed with the lower bit then it is definitely easier to copy and share. Now, h.264 Advance video coding (AVC) or MPEG-4 is a video compression standard which has greater compression that it’s previous technology. H.265 or High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) is basically new compression technology which is developed by the joint collaborative team on video coding (JCT-VC) which have the greatest compression than it all previous technology.

This technology was launch with the earliest version in the year 2013. In this technology (h.265) video image quality is inversely proportional to the bit rate, the bit rate is reduced almost 50% at 480P and 60% at 4K. This means as you increase image quality rather than increase recording capacity and stream rate, it will reduce.

This technology is developed to keep in mind that if some people need increased quality at 4k then they will not back due high recording and streaming. It is a balance between video quality and recording capacity. Another very hidden advantage of h.265 technology is that when you are working for the big project then network part is very crucial in that you need to maintain Giga or 10/100/1000 network, so if you use h.265 then definitely you get a big advantage. Even if you are preferring radio devices, in that case, it is also beneficial because it has fewer bitrates hence they need the lower throughput of the radio device.

In Surveillance industry, as CCTV camera image quality is increased, the problem of storing data increase because storing devices have their limitation. So from last five year when High definition (HD) Camera is launched storing data is the very big pain for the industry. In my earlier post, I have written on how to calculate the recording capacity of the camera, so you will find it is very difficult to store such high capacity data.

h.264 vs h.265 video compression

To get rid of this problem Surveillance industry adopts h.265 video Compression technique by the end of the year 2016. One of the greatest advantages of h.265 is that it takes almost half space for recording camera with the same specification and it will also take less bandwidth for streaming, So if you compare h.64 vs h.265 video compression this is the one basic difference of h.64 vs h.265 video compression. As far as the technical advantage of h.265 in the surveillance industry is concerned, below I explain one by one.

1.Latest video compression technology in the world.

  • All the H.265 NVR can automatically be connected with both H.265 and H.264 IPC
  • All the H.265 IPC can automatically be connected with  both H.265 and H.264 NVR
  1. Utra low Bite rate for real-time recording

3. Can save storage space up to 50% ,1ch 3MP real-time / 24 hours recording only need 22GB storage space

  1. Greatly help to reduce the project cost ,below is a 16ch 3MP 20days storage project cost comparison table.

So from above point of advantage, as a part of surveillance industry either as integrator or customer, it is very easy to understand and implement latest technology. As far as the market of h.264 vs h.265 video compression is concerned, I will explain with help of infographics.

So from the above infographics market share of h.265 IPC is less because it is new technology and a little costly too but have a great future. As a CCTV integrator you must always installed H.265 NVR and if possible camera too, a few days back I have written about top 11 CCTV surveillance camera and their specification, so you can find best h.265 CCTV camera.

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