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KViewPro For PC is a software system to attach several devices at a time. These connected devices can be watched on a single screen. It is a Taiwanese Company, that has a track record of manufacturing and marketing top-class security surveillance products.

The app is available for Windows OS and Apple PC. You can also find this app for Android OS.  

The link is given in a transfer button form. The file of this CMS is given in a compressed file form. To load it and install it, you have to decompress it. We’ve additionally given here the step by step method for putting in this application for Windows.

You will get the complete installation process. You can also install it on a  Apple PC OS by following the same methodology. KViewPro is smart and intelligent software.

What Is A CCTV CMS Wizard?

It is a software system that’s extraordinarily powerful. It can edit the information, index it, read it, process it, record it, and show it. The full form of a CMS is Content Management System.

It can connect several CCTV devices with it and relay umpteen cameras connected with it. It can be accessed from any remote location. 

Let’s suppose that you have 12 sites All these sites are equipped with 12 cameras each. It means there is a total of 144 cams to monitor.

You want to monitor all these cams from your office that is at a different location. Here, CMS will help in showing you all these cams on a single screen.

What Is The KViewPro For PC? 

KViewPro For PC 11

It is an application designed to watch multiple cameras put in at completely different locations. The software system is designed by a Taiwanese Company. Its name is KGuard Security.

The company has good quality products. The range is long and the durability of the gadget is long-standing.    

The Wizard is in a compressed form. You have to decompress it before loading and installing it. We have given here the installation of the app for Windows.

Features & Functions Of KViewPro Software

The options and functions of this application are given here. We give you here the best attributes of this app. Grasp them to use them. We can use the CMS in a better way if we know its qualities. Following are some of its advantages.

  • KViewPro For PC 12It relays live videos. There’s no time gap. The streaming provides continuity in watching cameras.
  • The device can easily be operated by the app. This application has all the distinguished functions to operate the features of the device
  • It can record videos. You can record it on the device itself, or the PC hard drive.
  • You can also select the server recording on the Cloud Server. 
  • The app supports showing live video watching from any remote location
  • This app supports controlling PTZ cameras from any location and workplace
  • You can zoom in, pan, and tilt without any problem
  • It will record activities for you, manage audios for you, show playbacks for you, take snaps for you, etc.
  • You can track all activities without any difficulty
  • It supports sensors
  • The app sends you messages and ring an alarm for you to sense something suspicious
  • It will distinguish motion and audio with the assistance of sensors
  • It is a two-way audio supportable app
  • You can communicate to the person on the device side with CMS’s help

Download KViewPro For Windows OS

To load the app on Windows OS, we tend to decompress the compressed file first. The file is given below load button style. This article also mentions the complete demonstration of the installation process. It is given here in three steps.

All these steps are powered by diagrams. In the first step, you will learn to install the CMS. In the second step, you will see the logging in of the application. In the third step, you will find adding the device and connecting cameras.   

Download KViewPro For Mac OS

To load it for the this PC, you have got to click the link button. Install KViewPro For this OS by clicking the link. The file is given here in an encrypted file form. 

Un-squeeze it to induce it on the PC. The load button is given below. Press the button to get it.

Download KViewPro For Android OS 

The app is given here for Android smartphones. The link button is given below. It is also given on the google play store. Open the google play store and look for KViewPro App. Load it and install it. After that, add the device.

For adding the gadget you have to scan the QR Code. After the scanning, it will guide you for further actions. Follow them and you will be able to monitor the gadget on your mobile screen. The link is given below.

Installation Of KViewPro For Windows OS

You will get here the whole installation method for Windows. Unfasten the file and install the app to watch. It’s given in 3 steps. In the first step, you will have to load and install the Wizard. In the second step, you will have to log in it. IN the last and third state, you will have to add devices and monitor cams on the screen. 

Let’s begin with step No. 1.

Step-1 Installation Of The CMS

We will double-click the link button to install the app. The file is in an encrypted form. We have to extricate it before going for installation. Now we find the set-up file. It is also called an Application file. Double click it, the following page opens.

KViewPro For PC 1

The CMS welcomes you and instructs you to close all other windows before going for installation. Press the next button for the next stage.

KViewPro For PC 2

There are so many components of this app. It asks you to select the components you want to install. Select them as per your requirement. After that press the next button.

KViewPro For PC 3

In this window, the Wizard is asking you to select the path of the application and also select the folder where you want to load the full content. Give the path and folder, after that press the Install button.

KViewPro For PC 4

It takes only a few seconds to install the app. There is hardly any time. When it has loaded all its contents, a page pops up. That mentions that the installation process is over.

KViewPro For PC 5

It is telling that the Wizard is completing its installation. Press the close button. The downloading and installation process is finished. Now we will move to the next step. It is about logging in.

Step-2 Log In The Application

Here, in this step, we will learn to log in to the CMS Wizard. For it, you have to double-click to open the app icon. The following window opens.

KViewPro For PC 6

By default, the Username of the App, and the Password of the App is given below.

Username- admin

Password- 1234

Mention them and press the OK button. This window opens for you.

KViewPro For PC 7.

It is the homepage of the application. This way we log in to the Wizard. Now we move to the third step of the process.

In this step, we have to add the device and monitoring of cameras.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Of Cameras

We open the homepage of the application. Go to the device management column and select the ‘Add the device’ option. This window opens.

KViewPro For PC 8

You have to fill in here, the details about the Device Name, IP address, Port, Username, and Password. Fill in every detail correctly. After that press the Exit button. The gadget will connect immediately and the following window opens.

KViewPro For PC 9

This way you get connected to cameras and monitor them.


The KViewPro CMS App is explained to give users a better user-friendly experience. For their facilitation, the link is given for Windows, Android, and Apple PC.

We have also thoroughly demonstrated the installation process for Windows. By following a similar guideline we can do it for Apple OS as well.

If you have any queries regarding this application, installation, or features please share your queries. We would love to reply to your query.

Thank You. 

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