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Here, I tell you how to configure CCTV FTP server. FTP server a remote computer on which you can store the data by using file transfer protocol. Similarly, CCTV FTP server is used to store the CCTV recording in order to secure the backup. The configuration of the CCTV FTP server is very easy but you should understand each step very carefully.


What is CCTV FTP Server?

CCTV FTP server named of a remote computer on which you can store all your CCTV recording by using the file transfer protocol. It can be a local FTP server or an online FTP server. In local FTP server you do not need the internet and simply it is offline computer and online FTP server is a web service provided by hosting companies and you must have a internet to upload the recording file of CCTV

Why we need a CCTV FTP Server?

There are two main reasons to use the CCTV FTP server. One is the security purpose. Sometimes the CCTV recording is very sensitive specially when it needs for evidence so when the CCTV recoding placed at FTP server then it is safe and easily accessible. The second need arises when you need to store your recording for a long period of time.

Prerequisite for CCTV Ftp server

  1. A hosted FTP server
  2. An FTP client software
  3. A computer with internet
  4. An FTP enable CCTV setup with Hard disk
  5. Basic knowledge of computer operation


DriveHq is the company which offer a good free FTP server you can get a free FTP server on DriveHq.


Step 1.

When you have an FTP server then you will get four credential

  1. FTP host address
  2. The FTP username
  3. FTP password
  4. Port number

So get all four credential and store and write it at a secure place. Now you need an FTP client software by which you can access your FTP account. FileZilla is a good FTP client software and it is free you can easily download from here. Install it on your local computer.


Step 2.

Open FileZilla on your computer and a screen  shown below


Now fill the credential and connect to the server.

Step 3.

TVT DVR FTP configuration

Come to your CCTV setup and find the FTP option in your DVR or NVR screen. This option generally in network setup of the DVR/NVR. The screen will be similar like below. This screen is for TVT DVR and your screen may differ from this but the options will be quite similar.


Fill all your credentials. In the remote directory, you should give a command to upload the video file. The command is “/var/www/web7″. Remember that write this command after the folder name where you want to store the recording files. Otherwise, it will upload at the root directory.

Step 4.

Now click on the test link option on your DVR/NVR. If the connection succeeded then after sometime check your CCTV FTP server and now you will get the recording on your CCTV FTP server like below screen.CCTV FTP SERVER

So this is about the configuration of CCTV FTP server. The process is similar for all companies DVR/NVR like Hikvision, CP Plus, Dahua, Honeywell etc. We hope this article is helpful for you. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box.

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