Hikvision FTP Server Address – Configure “Hikvision FTP Server”

Here, I disclose to you how to make Hikvision FTP server address. FTP server a remote PC on which you can store the information by utilizing document exchange convention. So also, the CCTV FTP server is utilized to store the CCTV recording with a specific end goal to anchor the reinforcement. Hikvision FTP server address is the address of FTP server which can be configured in the Hikvision devices like NVR/DVR. The design of the CCTV FTP server is simple however you ought to see each progression painstakingly.

What is Hikvision FTP Server Address?

Hikvision FTP server address is the address of a remote PC on which you can store all your CCTV recording by utilizing the document exchange convention. It can be a local FTP server or an online FTP server. In local FTP server you needn’t bother with the web and essentially it is disconnected PC and online FTP server is a web benefit given by facilitating organizations and you should have a web to transfer the chronicle document of CCTV.

Why we require a Hikvision FTP server Address?

There are two principal motivations to utilize the Hikvision FTP server address. One is the security reason. Once in a while, the CCTV recording is extremely touchy extraordinarily when it requirements to confirm so when the CCTV recording put at FTP server then it is sheltered and effectively open. The second need emerges when you have to store your account for a significant lot of time.

What types of a record store in Hikvision FTP Server?

In Hikvision, you can put only the snapshot of the CCTV camera, not supporter the video recording. It is a drawback with Hikvision. While other companies such as TVT offers the complete video recording on the FTP server. So now we need a Hikvision FTP server address. The plus point with the Hikvision is, You can store your CCTV snapshot on the Google drive.

Free FTP Server address for Hikvision

  1. You can get a free FTP server on DriveHq.
  2. Google Drive

How to configure Hikvision FTP server address

When you have an FTP server then you will get four accreditation

  • FTP have address
  • The FTP username
  • FTP secret word
  • Port number

So get each of the four certifications and store and compose it at a protected place. Presently you require an FTP customer programming by which you can get to your FTP account. FileZilla is a decent FTP customer programming and it is free you can without much of a stretch download from here. Introduce it on your nearby PC.

Step 1.

Open FileZilla on your computer and a screen shown below

hikvision ftp server address

Step 2.

Now open your Hikvision device using. Internet Explorer. If you do not know how to do this please read this How to connect DVR to the computer. 

Go to the Network>Advance Setting. Here you find an option FTP. Click on that and will find the screen below.

hikvision ftp server address

Step 3.

Unclick at the Anonymous option. Here you can fill Hikvision FTP server address and others credentials as shown in the picture above. Click on the Test button. If the server responds correctly then save it. Otherwise, you should the detail what you fill.

Step 4.

Go to the Storage option. In the Record Schedule fill all the boxes for permanent recording. Then go to the Capture option on top. Here you can set all the parameters for the picture for FTP server. Click on Save button after completing the Step

hikvision ftp server address

Final Step

Step 5.

Now you can start to find the snapshot on the Hikvision FTP server. Connect using FileZilla and check your FTP account. The image will be shown as in the image below.

hikvision ftp server address

So this is all about Hikvision FTP server address. If you have any question or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.

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10 thoughts on “Hikvision FTP Server Address – Configure “Hikvision FTP Server””

    1. by using cms provided by your cctv company. just install it on your local computer and start the recording. it will record all footage on your pc. if you want to know which cms then tell me the brand name of your dvr or nvr i will send you the link of cms

  1. yogender singh rawat

    According to you, I am able to download the image but not the video .
    if there is any solution for the video then tell me

        1. All the higher series Models have this option, if it is not try to update the firmware to the latest, and you will get this option.

  2. I have a 16 input device model DS-7116HGHI-M1 with latest firmware. No FTP nor full shell access. So If I revert the firmware back, the FTP functionality will be restored? I saw that hikvision removed many functionalities in the latest version of the firmware.

    1. Reverting the firmware of a Hikvision device to an earlier version may restore certain functionalities that were removed or changed in the latest firmware. However, it’s important to note that firmware updates often include security patches and improvements, so downgrading firmware can introduce security vulnerabilities.

      If FTP functionality is essential for your use case, and it has been removed or limited in the latest firmware, you may consider contacting Hikvision’s support or checking their official documentation to see if there are alternative ways to achieve your goal within the latest firmware version or if they have any recommended solutions.

      Additionally, be cautious when performing firmware downgrades, as they can sometimes be risky and may not be officially supported by the manufacturer. Make sure to follow any instructions provided by Hikvision and back up your settings and configurations before attempting a firmware downgrade.

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