5 Best Way Of Monitoring Employees In The Workplace.

To start “monitoring employees in the workplace“, First I will explain employee monitoring.
Employee monitoring is a process of tracking or monitoring employee work-related activities. You can determine attendance, work ethics, performance, workability of an employee by using this.
monitoring employees in the workplace
Monitoring employees in the workplace also let you plan your goal. It is one the major factor in goal achieving, Hence it a very important part of the workplace. As an entrepreneur, if you are able to manage your employees in a proper manner definitely you will achieve your target goal.
To continue this “monitoring employees in the workplace“, it is mandatory for me to discuss types of employee monitoring. Below are the following types of employee monitoring.
  1. Using CCTV Camera Systems.
  2. By using a biometric attendance system.
  3. Use of Videography.
  4. Using GPS
  5. Mobile Application using the Internet.

Now I am going to explain above the point of types of employee monitoring one by one

Using CCTV Camera Systems.

CCTV camera System Play a major role while dealing with monitoring employees in the workplace.
By using CCTV camera you watch your employee’s activity in real time and it records the same thing also.
Monitoring within the workplace will occur for a range of reasons;
  1. safety of workers maintained by CCTV camera, as an example to make sure employees isn’t in danger from unsafe operating practices.
  2. In some sectors, employers could have a legal or restrictive got to do some observation. The data gathered through observation should be used for the aim. It was applied for unless it results in the invention of different things like a breach of health and safety.
  3. The Data recorded through a security camera system is used in the decision-making process.
  4. The security camera in the workplace like manufacturing unit plays a very vital role because it increases production. Employees know well where the camera is installed, Hence they concentrate only on assigned work.
  5. The security camera system used in the Quality check(Q.C.) department or workplace. it is a very sophisticated department. So it needs that activity of employees working in this department is properly recorded and it should be checked.
  6. The quality of product and trust of the workplace depends on quality check procedure. if the mindset of an employee is clear that his activity is monitored then he/she think twice before doing anything wrong.
  7. BackOffice also needed a camera because employee and employer both need to watch activities of the department. This department of workplace holds important papers and transactions. This is one of the best types of employee monitoring.
Artificial Intelligence camera comes in the market which is very useful in monitoring employees in the workplace.
The AI CCTV is the processing of the picture with the help of wide learning algorithm and after processing you will get information. I have an already written article on Artifical Intelligence.
Note- Link on Artificial intelligence is for detail overview.

By using a biometric attendance system.

Biometrics provide extra security to your workplace. This can be beneficial when used in the workplace. Biometric terminals use deep learning advanced technique to read fingerprints.
With the help of biometric attendance system, employee attendance is recorded.
You can stop wastage of time and attendance proxy. You have the option to restrict access to certain rooms in your workplace by using access control System. You can also clarify your whole attendance and record database.
If you are curious about these benefits, then learn more about the biometric system. This Come under the types of employee monitoring.

Use of Videography.

Videography is a very common and old way of monitoring employees in the workplace since the digital camera comes in the market. The task which is very sophisticated, complicated and sensitive need to be recorded using videography. Hence this assured the employer that work is performed in a proper way.

 Record of this videography is stored in the employer database as acknowledgment. Videography is a very trending and crucial part of the Indian Election. This one of the way of types of employee monitoring.

Using GPS

From many years, employers are able to track their field employees locations through GPS devices. Now at this time employers are able to track locations through GPS apps in employees Handheld devices.

GPS can have many benefits for a business which are as follows

  1. Controlling of employees vehicle to avoid penalty against traffic Rules.
  2. Maintaining a record of overtime and according to labor Compliance.
  3. Maintaining a proper and accurate time record, if an employee does not follow the company policies. if the employee is suspected against violating company rules and laws then employer used GPS data as proof of violating Law.

Mobile Application using the Internet.

As we discussed above that nowadays employers are able to track locations through GPS apps in employees Handheld devices.
There are customize mobile application which is developed by the company according to rules and regulation. These applications can track the following things which are as follows.
  1.  Daily Attendance.
  2.  Daily Work Report.
  3. Client interactions by recording audio files.
  4. On time Delivery and service by acknowledging the confirmation.
  5. Online Client Complain.
  6. Maintaining a record of installing goods in the service sector.
  7. Daily Vehicle run in Kilometer.
  8. Daily Visiting Place.
  9. Ensure quality of work by keeping snapshot or picture upload option.
  10. Real-time Location Tracking.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  If you have any query, please write to us in the comment box below.

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