Download hiviewXview For PC Free For Windows 8/10/11/MAC

Here, you will get hiviewXview For PC free to load and install. It is a CMS Wizard software that associates many devices at a time to connect with it. The Wizard file is given in a compressed file format. To run it on the PC you have to decompress it first.

The hiviewXview technologies deals in this software which is popular among CCTV lovers. The application is used for monitoring CCTV devices. The beauty of this application is that it can be used to access these devices from any remote location. You can get them and monitor them.

Download For PC Windows Main

Download For PC Windows Secondary

We have also given here in this article, the complete installation process. It is given step by step. Every stage is covered and spruced up with diagrams to detail the functions. 

Why Is A CMS Important For Monitoring?  

CMS application is important in monitoring multiple devices at a time and that too from a single location. The innovation of this function has revolutionized the security surveillance industry. It has made it possible to monitor many different sites from one place.

It has given the user client the liberty to enjoy the freedom of their time. It has also enhanced the security and surveillance of sites. The Wizard Application can edit the data, it can preserve them, and transfer them from one media to another.

It can record activities and playback them for you. Allows you to store the data on the cloud server, and gives you authority to operate the devices from those remote areas. This way it proves to be handy to every user who has multiple areas to cover and monitor from one place.

The hiviewXview Application & Its Usability

hiviewXview For PC 2

This software is a brainchild of the hi-view company. It is a Thai company that deals in security surveillance products and their accessories. The company has a wide range of products. It manufactures goods for every income group.

The products are durable and available in every market. You can order them from any part of the globe. They send you products online. This organization has collaborated with many companies.

They give services to their products. The company gives a warranty of 2 years on its products.

This software is very useful in all circumstances. It can connect many DVRs/ NVRs to it and show all the cameras associated with them in a single place that too on a single screen. 

Features & Functions Of hiviewXview For PC App

This software is an effective app that has many quality features. It can do multiple functions for you. It can guide show you multiple ways to operate the device from your location. Some of these attributes and advantages are given below.

  • hiviewXview For PC 3It supports cloud technology and makes the login easy by devices’ serial number, QR Code scan or IP address acknowledgement
  • Clients get the real-time video, playback, and monitoring
  • You can also take snaps, and preserve the activities for future viewing
  • It supports dual-stream
  • It supports the two-way audio function. The client can communicate with the person on the other end
  • With the help of this function, you can also scare away any potential threat on the other end of the cam
  • The application is powerful and intelligent
  • It supports sensors. The sensors are efficient enough to provide you with security
  • They can easily detect motion and audio. They can be pre-set for sensitive zones
  • When any suspect enters those sensitive areas, the software sends you alert messages and rings alarms for your safety and security
  • It supports PTZ control. The device can be operated from a remote area. You can zoom the device and make other adjustments

These are some of the advantages of this app.

Install hiviewXview For Windows OS

To install it on your Windows computer, you have to click the file. The file is given here in the form of a download button. Click the button to get it. It is in an encrypted format. Extricate the file to run on the PC.

We have also given a complete installation process. you can get here the illustration. They are supported with diagrams and images. Get it loaded and install this app.

Download For PC Windows Main

Download For PC Windows Secondary

Install hiviewXview For Mac OS 

The company has given the CMS application for Apple PC also. It is given in the below link button. Click the link and the file will be open for you. It is in a squeezed file form. Un-squeeze it to get the content. load them and access the monitoring system on the Macintosh PC.

Download For Mac OS

Install hiviewXview For Android OS

hiviewXview For PC 1

Install it for Android smartphones. You can get it from the link given below. The app is also available on the google play store. Get it and load it. After the installation process, you have to monitor the camera.

For that, you have to add the device. That is possible by scanning the QR Code. Scan it and follow the instructions to begin the monitoring on your mobile. 

Download For Android Smartphone

Install & Monitor The hiviewXview Software For Windows

We have given the complete illustrative process for installing this application on Windows OS. It is given here in three steps. The first step is the installation process. the second step is about logging in to the device. And in the third step, you have to add the device to monitor. 

Step-1 Install The CMS App

To load it on Windows, click open the download file. Extricate it to load on your PC. This page will open.

select the language 1

Select the language of the app. Here we have chosen the English language. Select that and press the next button. The following page will open.

select the installation folder 2Here on this page, you have to select the path of the folder and the location of the folder. For that, you have to browse the drive. Keep in mind that in the folder you are downloading the root file, there is no other application in that folder. After that press the next button.

app is installing 3

The app starts loading on the folder. It takes a few seconds to get the application. When this process is finished, it will inform you.

App installed successfully 3 BC

The installation process is finished. This way we install the app. The first step is complete. Now, we will go to the second step. In it, we will log in to the software.

Step-2 Log In The Software

To log in to the app, we will open the app icon which we have just installed. This page will open. The page is about signing in. There is a user id and a password. It is by default.

Username- admin

Password –  admin

log in the app 4                 

After entering them, press the login button. This page appears.

homepage of the application 5

It is the homepage of the CMS. It has all the functions available. When we reach the homepage, it means that we have logged in.

We go to the third and final step. It is about adding the camera and monitoring device.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

To do it, we open the homepage of the application and go to the Device Manager column. Press that and add the camera. This page comes on the screen. We have added the device manually.

Here, give the name of the device, its IP address to it, the username and the password. After that press the OK button. The device will be added. The cams associated with the gadget will appear on the screen.

device is added and device appears on the screen 7

This way this step is also complete. Suppose we have to add ten devices to the application. We will repeat the process for every device.


We have given in this post the full information about hiviewXview For PC CMS. We have shown you here that you have to decompress it to get it on your PC. We have given the download button for Windows, Android & Mac here. 

To get the application you have to press the link button. We have also demonstrated here the complete installation for Windows OS. It is given to teach you the step by step guidelines. You can download and install it yourself.

If you find any difficulty in loading or installing it please share your issue with us. We would love to provide the solution for you.

Thank you.

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