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You will get  UVMMS For Windows software to connect many devices with it here. It is an application that is offered by Tongzhu Ding. This app is given here in the form of the download link. The link button for Windows and Android is given here.

To get the application file, you have to click the link button. The file is in an encrypted state. You have to crush the file to install it on the PC. You will find here the complete installation process for Windows. We have given it step by step. Every point is depicted with images and diagrams.

Download For PC Windows

The installation to monitoring process is governed by 3 steps. The first step is installation. The second step is mentioned to show you the login process. The third step is for device addition & monitoring. Find them here. They will guide you to do it yourself.

Why CMS Wizard IS Useful In Monitoring?

The CMS Wizard is software that allows its users to monitor multiple locations from a remote area. You can monitor any location with perfect supervision

Suppose, you have 5 locations to cover. You want to monitor them from your office. Your office is at the sixth location. The CMS helps you in monitoring these 5 locations from your place. It means it gives you remote access.

It empowers you to operate devices from your location. You can tilt, pan, and zoom a PTZ camera. You can communicate with someone, save your property, and mark sensitive areas.

It keeps you alert by sending you messages and triggering alarms. Apart from it, the app has many other dominating features that make it extremely important in proper surveillance.

Know About UVMMS Application   

It is an application that is developed and offered by Tongzhu Ding. This app is used specifically to monitor CCTV cameras installed at different locations. It safeguards your identity and property. This application can pass the message to you.

You can push away any real threat from the location by yelling from the app to scare the suspect on the camera side. It is intelligent software. It can sense activities. It can track activities through motion and sound. The image quality it displays is good.

The app can associate with more than 15 devices at a time. It means you can connect more than 15 devices and monitor them at a time. These are only a few benefits of this software. 

Features & Functions Of UVMMS For PC

This app has many attributes. Some of them are given here. They are the prominent ones. 

  • UVMMS For Windows 26This app gives a live view. The feeding is live
  • There is no time lag in action happening and video relaying
  • It can record videos for you and keep the footage
  • You can view the recording, go for playback, export the data, and keep the backup.
  • The software can take snaps and preserve images
  • You can keep recording on the cloud server
  •  You can operate the device from remote areas with its assistance
  • The app supports PTZ cams 
  • You can zoom in, pan, and tilt the device as per your choice
  • The application supports two-way audio
  • You can pass any message to the person on the gadget side
  • This function is very useful. Any suspect can be threatened and horrified by raising alarms and awakening others
  • The app supports sensors. It can sense any motion and audio
  • The alarm triggers an alert message pushes sensing any suspicious person or activity
  • The CMS uses an advanced network option. It corrects data automatically to relay continuous videos
  • The resolution is high
  • It can connect more than 15 devices at a time

Install UVMMS For Windows OS

To install this app on Windows OS, you have to click the link button given below. The link file is in an encrypted format. To get it, you have to extricate the file. After the extraction, you have to run the setup file. The installation process, login process, and device adding are comprehensively given here.

In the installation part, we have shown every point with diagrams to guide you. In the login part, we have shown you, how to log in to the device by creating the password. The device addition part also assisted with images to guide you properly. Click the link given below to get the application file for Windows OS.

Download For PC Windows OS

Install UVMMS For Mac OS

To install the app for Mac is not possible. Because the link is not given by the company for Macintosh PC. So you can’t view cameras with the app on Apple PC.

But if you want to view cams on this PC, you have to download Windows OS or Android OS on Mac OS. Then you can watch devices on a Mac computer. You can take the help of cross-platform applications or Android-emulator apps. 

Install, Login & Monitor UVMMS For Windows OS

When you go for the installation of the app, you have to click the link button to get the file. The file is in compressed form. Decompress the file. Now it is ready for installation. It is our first step.

You will get here, step-by-step process for that. The second step is about the login of the software. In the last step, you have to add the device and monitor cameras.

Step-1 Install The Software

Take the setup file application and click it. This page will appear.

app welcomes its users 1

It is the first page of the application. The software welcomes us and instructs us to install it. If you want to install it, press the next button. The next page will open.

terms and conditions of the software 2

Here, on this page, you will find the full terms and conditions of the CMS. Read them carefully. These are the terms of the agreement. If you are satisfied with them, then select the I accept the terms of license agreement box and press the next button.

The next page will appear.

choose the path and the location folder 3

This is the window where you have to choose the folder destination location. You have to give a path to the app and select the destination for the folder. Keep in mind the folder you select must not be containing any other file. After that press the next button.

select the installation features 4

This page is about the installation of features. If you want to install various features also along with the app, then you have to click the checkbox. For that, you have to tick it. After that press the next button. If you want to change the destination of the folder, click the back button.

seelect files to copy 5

This page is a review page. It is about reviewing the choices you have made so far in the process of the installation. Review them carefully. After that press the next button. This page will appear.

file is installing 6

It is the installation page. It shows that the content is loading in the folder. It finishes in a few seconds. We get a notification page when the downloading process is over. 

file is loaded successfully 7

This page appears. This way, the installation process is over. Press the finish button.

Now, step-1 is over. We will go to the next step. The next step is to login into the app.

Step-2 Log In to The App

In this second step, we will learn to log in to the app. To log in, we have to open the icon of the installed software. The following page will surface on the screen.

Register the app to log in 8

Here, on this page, you have to create a username and a password for the Wizard to log in. Select a strong password. There are two basic questions given below. Answer them.

They are the basic questions. They will be convenient if you want to change the password or retrieve it after forgetting it. After that, press the register button.

create the username and the password 9

When you press the register button, the following page opens.

login the app 10

After putting in the username and the password, press the login button.

homepage of the app 11

This window opens on the screen. It is the homepage of the application. We have logged in. Step -2 is complete.

We will go for step-3. Here, we will add devices and monitor cameras.

Step-3 Add Devices & Monitor Cameras

Get to the homepage and select the “Device” column. This page will surface.

add the device 12

you have to fill in the information related to the gadget. After that press the add button. The device will be added automatically. The following channel will appear on the display screen.

cameras are capturing the location 13

This way device connects and cameras appear on the screen.


We have found here the UVMMS app for windows. The link button is given. The installation process and the features are also fully explained. You can decompress the file, install it, log it in and add the device. These are all given to you.

It can be easily installed. But if you find any problem in doing so, please mention it to us in the comment section. We will look into it and carve out a solution for you.

Thank you.

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