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CCTV Camera types are very important part of surveillance industry, the reason behind this very is very logical because if anyone not understands the CCTV camera types then they will not able to install a correct camera or they will not able to understand the project and its requirement. Basically, a CCTV camera type is very elaborative topics because you can classify camera on various point.

So let Start with CCTV Camera types topic with very basic criteria. Firstly I will tell you what is CCTV Camera, CCTV (Close circuit television) is the broadcasting system but it is not transmitted publically, it is used for security purposes.

Now we will discuss CCTV camera types on signal processing basis and on the outer design basis, I will show you the flowchart of this which will make the very clear picture


cctv camera types

Another flowchart image of CCTV camera types

flowchart image

cctv camera types

So as you see in image basic CCTV camera types is clear, now would like to say few words also which are as follows

CCTV camera types

  1. 1.Bullet/Outdoor  CCTV camera- A bullet camera is wall mount or ceiling mount camera. The design of such cameras are suitable for outdoor. These cameras are generally IP66 rated. The camera named bullet because of its cylindrical shape. Basic of the outdoor camera is that its keep camera safe from moisture, dust and rain etc.
  2. Dome/Indoor CCTV camera- A dome camera is also a wall mount or ceiling mount camera. The design of such cameras are suitable for outdoor. This camera has also come with the IP66 rating. It used for both indoor and outdoor environment. This camera comes with both plastic and metal casing. This camera named dome because of its dome shape housing. Basic of this camera it is widely used for indoor places like shop, store and warehouse etc.
  3. Analogue CCTV Camera-An Analogue camera is traditional CCTV camera which transmits video based on the highest frequency of the signal (baseband) by using the co-Axial cable to digital video Recorder where the video is stored on the stored device.
  4. High Definition (HD) CCTV camera/IP HD CCTV camera-An HD camera is modern time camera which is same as analogue camera but it will transmit video in form of digital signal by using both Co-Axial or Cat5/Cat 6 Cable but when it uses Cat5/cat6 cable then it will be called IP CCTV camera, IP camera transmits video by using cat5/cat6 cable to NVR (Network Video Recorder).

IP camera is both wired and wireless, it is capable of transmitting video over the internet, the IP camera is easier to install because they do not require much cabling.

Now we will discuss more CCTV camera types. So again I make the flowchart and put the image for your ease.

Flowchart of Camera Types

cctv camera types

So again I will explain each type one by one, so let start with the first one.

  1. Wired CCTV camera- wired CCTV camera is basically using wire to transmit the video signal, it may use Co-Axial Cable, Cat5 cable or Cat-6 Cable. The wired camera may be any type like dome camera, bullet camera, IP camera, Analogue camera etc but basic is that there is a use of wire.
  2. Wireless CCTV Camera- wireless CCTV camera is IP camera which uses the wireless device to transmit video, it may use the wireless device like radio devices, wireless access point, wifi router, wifi extender etc for transmitting video. In general wireless camera is always an IP camera.
  3. PTZ Camera/Speed Dome Camera- Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera gives user ability to pan(left and right) tilt(up and down) and zoom(closure or farther). This camera has a preset and cruise, which allow the camera to move and zoom automatically. This camera may be IP and HD, it depends on the user which they prefer.
  4. Varifocal CCTV Camera- This Camera is able to Zoom-in and Zoom-out any object, either by the manual or motorized lens. This camera may be HD, Analogue or IP. This camera is generally used where the need to focused.
  5. Artificial Intelligence CCTV Camera. This camera is a very modern camera and has a very bright future. The basic of this camera is that this camera is able to think like the human brain. I already write a very good Article on Artificial intelligence.
  6. Day Night Camera- this camera basically shows the image in the night also, now a day’s all camera comes with night mode option. Night viewing is possible because of IR led but it shows the black and white image. If you need a good quality image at night then you need good quality IR Led.
  7. Thermal CCTV camera- this camera is used to get the image in very harsh condition. Basically, this camera uses thermal sensing to get the image in harsh condition. It is used in complete darkness, high-temperature place, region where too much fog.

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So it is all about CCTV Camera Types. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box.

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