InVidTech Vision For PC Free Download For Windows & Mac OS

InVidTech Vision For PC is a security observation CMS Wizard. It joins you with different gadgets and shows you various sites from your location. Here, in this article, we will give you InvidTech programming for Windows OS, Android OS, and Mac OS.

This product is given in a compacted document structure. To get it, you need to decompress the file. We have additionally given here the comprehensive downloading and installation process in a step-by-step method.

Each step is covered with an image that better describes that step. It is directed here for Windows OS. By applying a similar methodology, we can do it for Mac OS.

How Is CMS Wizard Useful For CCTV Monitoring?

Content Management System is the full form of CMS. A CMS is an application that can store, file, search, recover, update, record and run information for you. It can do countless activities without any issue. It takes no time to sense the command and follow the action. 

With its assistance, we can interface numerous gadgets and operate them. The greatest benefit of this application is that you can get to those gadgets from any distant area.

It implies that you don’t have to be in person available at those sites to monitor these activities. It saves your time and energy. You can invest your energy and time in a valuable pursuit.

Take an example that there are 12 cams that you need to screen. Each site has 10 cameras incorporated with every gadget. That is to say, there are 120 cameras introduced altogether.

It further implies that these 120 location areas are sensitive. That is why they are being monitored. You have an office at a different location and you want to screen these 120 CCTV Cameras from your office on a solitary screen. 

There, you have to take the resort of this CMS. CMS Application is the main thing that can make it conceivable. This is the superiority and magnificence of the CMS.

What Is InVidTech Vision For PC Software?

InVidTech company dome camera

The InVidTech is manufactured and advertised by Invidtech technology. It is a US company. The company deals in security surveillance products. The products are top class. There is a long range of latest security surveillance things.

It also deals in doorbells, access systems, and CCTV products. The company gives a warranty of 2 years. The services are top class. The brand value of this company is renowned. Its products are valued globally. 

The product is exceptionally compelling in observing cams. It can interface with numerous gadgets and relays consistent video. The remote access is magnificent as the application utilizes monitoring under all circumstances. 

Features and Functions Of InVidTech Wizard

This CMS Wizard App has different superior qualities. It helps in utilizing this application most handsomely. These capacities are essential to know. When we know the advantages of this application, we are in a better position to utilize it.

  • InVidTech Vision logoIt gives us a live view with no delay
  • The continuous relay of the data gives 24 Hrs relay
  • The application furnishes you with the ability to control PTZ gadgets from far-off regions.
  • The application permits you to operate the PTZ gadget. You can slant, pan, and zoom it as per your will.
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You can see everything clean and recognize faces.
  • The Wizard can record exercises, playback them, and take snaps. This way you feel more secure.
  • You don’t need to watch everything every time. It is recording every activity. You can refer to it when needed.
  • It can recognize the sound. The two-way sound makes this application even more significant.
  • The user can communicate with someone who is on the end of the device.
  • It is exceptionally valuable in chasing away suspects and culprits. By raising your voice or shouting at them, you can raise alarm and horrify them
  • The resolution that this application gives is astounding. The pictures are translucent
  • It has advanced data management techniques. It auto-corrects data in low network areas  

Download Free InVidTech Vision For Windows OS

It is given here in a pressed document design free of cost. For that, you must un-squeeze the data. After loading it, look for installing the application. We have given in this post the complete installation process.

It is given here in three different steps. In the first step, we give you the installation style. in step 2, we have guided you to the login of the Wizard. in the third and final step, we will guide you in adding the device and monitoring cameras.

Download Free InVidTech Vision For Mac OS

The link for this operating system is given here. It is given in a compact form. You have to extricate the data. After that install it on Apple PC. It is easy to install. You just have to follow the method of installation we have used for Windows. You can do it for this PC as well. 

Download Free InVidTech For Android OS

InVidTech Vision Android page

It is given here for the Android Application. The link button is given below. You can get this application on the google play store also. Press the connect button and get the file to load. Load it and introduce it on your cell phone.

After that add the gadget. For that scan the QR Code. The application will introduce a few more options. Follow them, you will add the device. you in specific advances.

Installation Of The Invidtech Application For Windows OS

Here, you’ll get the entire establishment technique. Extricate the file and double-tap the set-up document. It is done here in three stages. In the initial step, we will direct you to screen cameras. In the subsequent step, we will give you the login method. In the third and the last stage, you will be adding the gadget and monitoring cameras.

Step-1 Installation Of The App

To install it on this Windows PC, you have to extract the data. After that, press the setup file. It will open and this window will appear.

application is ready to setup

This window welcomes its users and instructs that, do not to open any other window or install any other application during loading it. Press the next button.

install the features of the app

Here on this page, you have to select the folder and the path to load it. Press the next button.

app is ready to install on PC

Press the install button. this way it will load the content.

the app is intalling for the setup process

The file starts installing the application. It takes no time in loading the content. When it is finished it pops up a window to inform us.

successful installation of the software

Now the installation part is finished. We move to the next step.

The next step is about logging in.

Step-2 Log In to The CMS Wizard

To log in, double click the icon of the installed app.

the log in page of the app

To log in you have to fill in the username and the password.

By default, the username and the password of the app are the following.

Username- admin

Password – 123456

sign in the app

Fill in and press the login button. The following page opens.

homepage of the CMS for adding the device

It is the Homepage of the Wizard. This way we reach the Homepage of this app. Log in part is over. We will go for the Device connecting and monitoring.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device open the app, go to the Add option and click it.

add the IP address to connect the device

Give the gadget IP address. Fill in and press the OK button. The device will be connected instantaneously.

monitor your locations

This way we go for adding the device and monitoring it.


We have given you here the detail of this application. Its download link for Apple PC, Android OS, and Windows has been given. We have also explained its features and the installation process. The installation process is given with an illustration.

We hope you would get this application and the information useful. If you have any queries regarding the app and installation process, please raise them. We would love to handle it and respond to the query for you.

Thank You.

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