Install Night Owl X For PC App on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Night Owl X For PC App connects various CCTV cameras and accesses them from remote areas. It is a surveillance CMS Application.  The Night Owl X For PC CMS is a brainchild of Nigh Owl Company.

It is the leading CCTV Devices organization based in the USA. The product quality and company reputation are high. 

The Night Owl X App For PC is the latest and trendy software. This article covers the complete downloading and configuration of this application. The app is given in the download button form.

You have to click to get the software. The executable files are given in a compressed format. You have to decompress them before the loading. 

The complete installation to device addition procedure is defined in three distinct steps. The first step is the installation of the Night X Owl, the second step is for the login to the file and the last step is for the CCTV Camera connection. 

What is the Purpose of any CCTV CMS Software? 

CCTV CMS Applications are designed to connect CCTV Cameras through it. It allows monitoring and surveillance from any place. 

The App has many security features to safeguard people and property. It can understand the movement and sound. Any suspicious activity is covered and alerted by this CMS. 

The 2-way audio is supreme. The user can communicate to and fro. It can give any instruction or message and receive a response. 

The playback is recorded and accessed from remote places. Thus every action is preserved and the owner can check them at the time of the need. 

It keeps you connected with your site and location. It saves time and gives you the option to move out from the location for other opportunities.

Information Regarding the Night Owl X For PC App

This CMS is from the number one security surveillance company in the US. The parent company is Night Owl. It gives you mental peace by connecting CCTV Cameras to it and allows you to monitor from your place.

You can view cameras in real-time. No activity is going to be missed by you. You can monitor with the help of mobile phones, Windows PCs, or Mac PCs. 

It is the leading surveillance recording system for businesses and homeowners. It gives you authenticity and awareness. Your property and people are safe under its surveillance. 

Features & Functions of Night Owl CMS

It has numerous powerful features. It is important to know the functions to operate it at optimum level. 

  • It gives you real-time data. You watch the events in live sessions. There is no time lag. 
  • The advanced network feature is powerful. It maintains the continuous flow of the data even in low networking areas.
  • The software operator can manage the devices from remote areas. They can pan, tilt, or zoom the camera. The PTZ cam can also be operated by this app.
  • The sensors keep users alert from threats. They sense motion and audio. Any dubious person or activity is tracked and the user gets alert messages and alarm signals to counter them. 
  • The security surveillance software can also map sensitive zones in it. It can alert users whenever any transgressor enters into the zone.
  • The two-way audio is a superb feature. The user can pass messages and receive them. It works two-way. It connects users with the people on the device end.
  • You can customize cameras to easily identify the area on the screen.
  • It can store data on PC, mobile, and cloud servers. The video format is MP4. 
  • You can check the playback from a remote location and even click snaps of any activity to produce evidence later on.

These are some of the prominent features of this Night X App.

Download Night Owl X For Windows Software on Windows OS

This application is given in a download button form. Press the button to load the video. It is given in a compressed file format. You have to unsqueeze the file for installation.

The Night Owl X For Windows CMS procedure is defined and detailed comprehensively.
The installation process is demonstrated in three steps below. The step-1 is about the installation of the software.

The step-2 is for logging into the application and the step-3 is for the device connection for monitoring. Watch the procedure to do it yourself.

Install Night Owl X For Mac App For Macintosh PC

The Night Owl X For Mac App is given here in the below download button. Press the button to get the CMS. The installation to monitoring process is ditto the same for Windows.

You can get the idea from their steps and apply them ditto for installing it on Mac OS.

Get the button here and click it to download the video.

Install Night Owl X For Windows CMS for Monitoring on Windows PC

The entire process is illustrated here. It is done in a user-friendly way to make them understood by even a novice.

The procedure is defined in three steps.

Step 1- Install Night X App on Windows OS

The first step is to double-click the download button. The below page will appear on the screen.

After giving the path and selecting the folder, read the terms and conditions carefully. If you are satisfied with the conditions, press the ‘I Agree’ button. You will reach the next window.

This is the second page of the app. Here, if you want to load and install the software, you have to select the folder and give a path to it to save files.

Give the folder location and its path. Now you are ready to install the files on your Windows PC. The moment you press the ‘Install’ button, it begins to load the file.

Click the install tab for the next action.

You can witness here on this page, the application file is downloading. It is installing these files. When the installation process is finished, we get notified by a new page.

This new page indicates that the installation process is over.

This way the Night X For PC Application is installed successfully.

The first step is complete. Now, we move to the next step. This step is all about the login to the software.

Step 2- Login to the Software

To log in, we open the just-installed software.

This is the login page. There are two conditions, either we have a registered email ID and password or we have to create one.

If we have to create a password, we have to click the ‘create an account’ button.

When we click the create an account button, this page appears.

We have to generate a password. We will get a verification code on the mail ID given by us and after that, we will be able to generate the account.

This way we be able to login to the app. After that, we get the homepage of the Night X.

We move to the step 3. Here, we will learn to add CCTV cameras through the app.

Step 3- Device Addition to Monitor on Windows PC

This is the homepage of the application. Here we go to the Device Manager option and click it.

It asks us to add cameras. We can connect cams manually or automatically. We have to give the respective IPs of the cams to connect them with the software.

Cameras do connect and we get them on our monitor.

This way we download, install, log in, and connect cameras to monitor on Windows screen.


In this article, we have witnessed the installation of Night Owl X For PC CMS Software. It is illustrated comprehensively for everyone. The download buttons are shared for Night Owl X For Windows and Night Owl X For Mac.

Please share your queries and suggestions regarding the app and its procedures. If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask them in the comment section. We love to respond to queries.

Take care and be happy.

Thank you.

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