Download Yale View for PC CMS on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

The Yale View for PC CMS App is good for our security and safety. It connects different CCTV Cameras installed at various locations through the app. You can witness them from any remote location.

The Yale View for PC App is the latest surveillance software with all the modern features. It makes the guarding easier and better.

This post gives you all the information regarding the application downloading, installation, and configuration. login and the security camera addition.

The Yale for Windows CMS is given in a link button form. You can get it by clicking the button. The executable files are given here in a compressed format. 

To download and install, you have to decompress them first. The three steps of installation to monitoring are distinctly demonstrated here. The steps are respectively, the installation of the app, the sign-in of it, and the connection of the devices with it. You will get them in the last section of the article.

Why Do We Require Any CCTV Surveillance CMS Application?

CCTV CMS Application is used for remote surveillance. It has many powerful security features which give users the option to move around from their location. Since these apps give access to CCTV Security Cameras, you can watch them from any place,

You are never bound to sites for monitoring people and work. This way, CCTV Apps enhance your productivity and time utilization.

It has all the modern required features for security. It gives you alert signals and messages sensing threats and suspicious people. You can set sensitive zones and transgression-free zones. 

The seamless live relay keeps you in touch with current happenings. You can check the playbacks and record evidence from your places. It keeps you, your family, friends, relatives, property, and work protected all the time. 

It doesn’t sleep and falls ill. So you are always under security cover.    

Some Information Regarding the Yale View for PC App

Yale View for PC App is designed and marketed by its parent company Yale. It is a US-based company with a history of more than 140 years. It began with the production and manufacturing of locks and expanded with time.

The Yale Surveillance Products are extremely popular around the globe. Its products are available in more than 50 countries. The company is known for its quality products and services. 

This application is offered by Assa Abloy Ltd. It has been updated many times since its inception. For security reasons, it doesn’t connect to other manufacturer’s cameras and DVRs/NVRs

This CMS software incorporates all the latest features required for safeguarding people and property. We will learn about its broad features in the next section.

Features and Functions of the Yale View for Windows CMS

It is important to know the features and characteristics of this product. The Yale App’s best functions are described here. Know these features to operate the device properly. 

  • It gives you a seamless relay of events. The live view has no time lag. It provides us with real-time views. 
  • The advanced network feature doesn’t break the flow of the data even in low network areas. 
  • You can operate the device even from far away places. You can change the settings, tilt or pan the camera. You can even zoom it without any difficulty from your place. The PTZ Devices can easily be managed.
  • The sensor-enabled features shoot alert messages and bell alarm signals sensing threats. It can detect motion and audio. 
  • Any untoward happening is thwarted by these alert signals. 
  • You can set alert zones through the app. Any transgression in those areas is met with alert messages and alarm rings.  
  • The 2-way audio feature is excellent for the bi-directional conversations. You can pass messages and receive them. You can communicate and instruct people on the other side. 
  • The cam can be added by IPs, QR codes, or serial numbers.
  • You can check playbacks and click photos through the app from remote areas. You can also keep recordings on servers.
  • It supports 3G/4G and Wi-Fi signals.

Download Yale View for Windows CMS and Configure it on a Windows PC

The downloading and installation process of the Yale View for Windows App is detailed here. The CMS is given here. You can get it by clicking the download button.

It is given in a squeezed file form. Unsqueeze them to get the executable files.

The installation and configuration are illustrated in three sections. The step-1 is for the installation of the Yale app. The step-2 is for the login to the application and step 3 covers the camera connection with the software.
Get the software here by clicking the link.

Download Yale View for Mac CMS and Configure it on a Windows PC

The Yale View for Mac App is not given by the company. But if you wish to watch these Yale cameras on a Macintosh PC, you can do it by loading the BlueStacks App on a Mac PC. 

The installation process is the same as demonstrated for Windows PCs. You can get the guidance from there.

Install and configure the Yale View App to Monitor on a Windows PC

The installation to monitoring process is covered here in three separate steps.

The step-1 is for installation and configuration. The step-2 is for login to the software. The step-3 is for the camera addition.

Step 1- Install Yale View for Windows CMS on a Windows PC  

When we double-click the button and open the link, we get the executable files in a compressed format.

Decompress it and open the link. We get the following page.

It is the terms and conditions page. Reach the conditions carefully. After that, if you are satisfied with the terms, press the ‘Install now’ button.

When you press it, the installation begins in a jiffy.

The app is installed in a few minutes. There is a desktop icon appears on the screen as a shortcut.

When the installation is finished, we get to the next page.

The next page is for confirmation that the configuration is complete.

This page announces that the loading to configuration process is finished. The step-1 is completed this way.

Now we move to the next step. It is for the sign-in to the CMS.

Step 2- Log in to the CMS

To log in to the CMS, we have to register the mail ID and the password.

login page 4

Press the register button. You get a new window. Register the mail ID and password. It will send a verification code to the email address. After that you will be able to register them.

Open the login page.

Sign in with the mail ID and the password. Then press the login button. This way you will be able to reach the homepage of the software.

The step-2 is complete. We move ahead to the next step.

Step 3- Device Addition to Monitor on Windows PC

Open the installed application. This page surfaces. Accept the policies and move to the next window.

We get the homepage.

The homepage has the “Add Device” option given. Press the button. You get the new page. It says that you can add the device in two distinct ways. Either add IPs or add the serial number of the respective cameras.

Add cameras by their IPs or start the search option to automatically add devices.

You can also add by mentioning the serial number.

Add devices by their serial numbers.

Cameras will connect and appear on the Windows screen.

This way you get cameras on the screen. Monitoring is on from any place.


The link button for the software Yale is given. The installation, configuration, and monitoring process are shared and illustrated.

The setup is mentioned for Windows OS and Mac OS. If you find any difficulty in following the process or understanding anything, please share queries in the comment box. We will respond to you back.

Thank you.

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