Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera Solar Powered For Smart Home

Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera is a solar-powered device specially designed for home security. The shape & design of Soliom S100 is so attractive that you can’t avoid them. It is different in look and performance.

The aeroplane-shaped Soliom S100 is powered by a wireless rechargeable battery, two-way audio function, PIR motion detection, and paid cloud storage facility.

You will never have to worry about recharging it to function as solar power keeps it recharged 24*7. It is an upgraded version of Soliom S60 that was in black. Its battery capacity, PIR motion detection, and antenna receiver quality have been improved manyfold in the latest Soliom S100 version. 

It is available at $129 at Soliom Company Store.

Checklist For A Solar Security Camera


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 2

Look for the following features in any security system.

Solar Panel Quality- Look for the Ingress Protection Type(IP type) or IP 65, IP66, or IP67 variant. It is an indicator of the compatibility of the device against inclement weather conditions. 

Solar Panel cameras are the latest trend in the surveillance security industry. 

IP Protocols- Check that camera supports either ONVIF or RTSP protocols.

Power-over-Ethernet- It ensures convenience as a power cable and ethernet cable are not separate. 

Weatherproofing- Make sure outdoor cameras are at least IP66 compatible.

Resolution- Check the pixels of your appliance. A cam with 4MP is a mainstream cam. Anything less than that is not so clear in capturing the image from a distance of 10meters. High MegaPixels mean high resolution means better picture quality.

Night-Vision- Check the infrared lights, spotlight, or floodlight for giving you proper vision at night. EXIR LEDs are a new technology for night vision. Check your camera supports what.

Recording- What is the recording capacity of your standalone device? Can the same be recorded in the cloud? Know the answer to these questions.

Wifi- Check whether your device is equipped for a wireless connection.

Warranty- Warranty and After Sales Service tells you about the health of the Company and product. Check them well.


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 13


  • Lasting Battery & Solar Powered
  • Latest PIR Motion Detection Tech
  • 100% Wire-free and Simple Installation
  • Instant Playback for Local or Cloud Storage
  • 1080P Full HD with 1920 x 1080 HD resolution 
  • 5DB to Improved Antenna For Better wifi Receiving 
  • Records To Soliom Cloud To Avoid The Risk Of Losing Footage
  • Two-Way Audio
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • 2 Years Extended Warranty


  • .Cloud Storage is only free for the first month
  • Cloud Storage Is Chargeable After The First Month
  • The S100 security camera is only compatible with the New App– Soliom+
  • Not support 5G wifi



Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 15

The box contains everything required to install the equipment and make the setup.

  • Camera 1pcs
  • Mounting Bracket 1pcs
  • USB Cable 1pcs
  • Plastic Anchors
  • Installation Screws
  • User’s Manual

Design Of Soliom S100

It has a product dimension of 12.2 x 10.63 x 3.94 cubic inches and weighs 2.33 pounds. Its shape is like an aeroplane and white in color. 


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 14

On the front side of the device, there is a lens, a PIR motion sensor, 4 spotlights, a built-in mic., and a light sensor. On the tail end, there is a slot for a reset button, SD Card, and a USB connector. 

The make is beautiful, and many will select it only because of the beauty of its design. It is at par with Arlo Pro 3

Features Of Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera

It is a very bright featured camera. 

Solar Power Energy & Lasting Battery- Soliom S100 outdoor surveillance system battery has a built-in 8700mah battery and integrated a large solar panel. The current produced by the solar panel is 450ma/2.5w per hour under direct sunlight. It can provide enough power to sustain the solar security camera, which is an additional eye for your home security camera system where you don’t have a power outlet.

Spotlight Color Night-Vision- The wireless outdoor cam S100 delivers full-color videos at night, the spotlight will turn on and deter any intruders when the outdoor cam was triggered. You can see more valuable details to identify people, vehicles, and more objects with a 120°broader vision and 1080p high definition. The spotlight will not turn on in day time.

Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 1

PIR Motion Detection- The outdoor wireless battery-powered device system adopts the latest PIR motion sensor with built-in radar to double control and reduce false alarms, detection distance up to 26ft, 155° wide-angle, and 0.7-second trigger speed.

Once triggered the wireless wifi cam will send an instant notification to your smartphone and save a short video clip into the cloud and memory card.

Wire-Free and Easy To Install- The solar-powered battery-operated camera can be easily mounted. There is no need to plug into power.

It can be viewed online after the setup by connecting it to a 2.4G wireless router. It doesn’t support 5G Wi-Fi. 

Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 3

You receive step-by-step voice prompt instructions in the App for pairing up the wireless camera easily. Clear 2-way talk lets you hear and speak to visitors. IP66 waterproof for the outdoor cam is durable against harsh weather.


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 12

Instant Playback And Cloud Storage- S100 home security camera system supports max 64GB micro SD card. All recorded videos can be replayed via the Soliom+ app. Access camera to live view and playback it via your iOS and Android phones remotely. Multiple account sharing allows you to share this WiFi camera with your family members to view it simultaneously.


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 8

Do not recommend 24/7 continuous recording, S100 outdoor battery camera designed as motion detection recording. Recording on the cloud is free for the first month only.

Enhanced Antenna- S100 security cameras use the enhanced antenna 5DB to improve the wifi signal reception capability, amplify the Wi-Fi signal range to cover more area compared to other battery cameras in the market.

Resolution- Soliom S100 outdoor camera provides vivid and clear videos up to 1920*1080p. It is very high resolution for very good picture quality.


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 4

Wide Angle Viewing- The S100 outdoor security device has featured a 120° wide viewing angle lens and a 155° PIR range and the PIR range up to 26ft. It is 0.7s quick trigger speed. PIR sensor allows you to catch any movements with almost no false alarms.

Warranty- It has an extended warranty of 2 years. Soliom has many service centers and collection centers for the services of its products. 

How To Install?

Firstly, recharge the camera for 10 hours with a 2 Amp 5 Volt adapter. You can check the battery status by Soliom+ App.

You can install the camera by yourself within several minutes. The installation has never been so easy. Pick your location and install it at the desired place with the help of instruments given in the pack. 


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 11

Select an area that receives at least 1-3 hours of direct sunlight every day to ensure the battery can stay charged every day and you won’t have to charge it manually.

Don’t install the wifi camera far from your WiFi router. Always keep a close eye on the signal level icon on the live-view screen.

Do not install the device in a busy area to reduce motions to activate the camera and consume battery power quickly.

After the installation, adjust the cam angle as per your requirement.


Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 6



Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 7

To view it online, open Google Play and download Soliom+ App. Now scan the QR Code to pair your device with the App. It will voice prompt you to connect and view from any remote location.

What Has Users To Say About It?   

Mr. JimN from the USA shares his experiences

  • The S100 is an excellent camera. It shoots full-color 720p or 1080p video day or night has very good WiFi performance and it’s solar-powered so you have a lot of flexibility in where you locate it. 
  • Set-up is very easy, you download the Soliom+ app and follow the instructions which require you to type in your WiFi password and then scan a QR code with the Soliom S100. It takes less than 5 minutes to connect. I’d also suggest that you fully charge the battery before you start the setup.
  • You manage the device with the Soliom+ app, which allows you to set various device parameters like video resolution, detection sensitivity, and length of recording when motion is detected. Video from motion detection is stored in a micro SD card (separate purchase). 
  • Soliom also offers an optional cloud service for video storage. The app allows you to get a real-time view of what it sees as well as the ability to view recorded video.
  • You can also set the app to receive alerts when motion is detected, although as I’ll explain later depending on which way the camera is facing there may be a lot of false detections on sunny days so getting alerts can be more annoying than helpful.

Base analyzes that

  • This Is an amazing one !!!! Super simple to hook up and pair and get to work I think the total time it took me to install this was maybe 10 minutes after the first charge. You only need a screwdriver or power screwdriver super easy 4 screws anyway the first picture Shows it altogether out the box the next 2 pictures show where I installed it in my back yard the last picture was taken at 8:40 pm and it is still clear. 

Soliom S100 Outdoor Camera 16

  • I have shown my neighbors and they are thinking of getting them because they met the main three things I wanted in a camera system first I wanted it to be wireless. I have a new home and didn’t want to run wires through the roof.
  • Second I wanted it to be solar because again no wires to run and I can move it anywhere. I might need it and they charge during the day so no problems. Third I can watch it anywhere and not have to pay a monthly monitoring fee. 
  • So in short if you need a reliable solar power wireless camera that you can talk to and hear others this will not let you down I plan to buy another for the other side of the house. So thank you so much for reading this. I hope this helps you in your decision because again it is worth it!!!!

Should I Buy It?

If you go for the look, then you will adore it. If you go for the features, then you will love them. If you go for an eco-friendly atmosphere, then you will admire it. Come whatever it may, you cannot avoid it.  

It has all the characteristics which the owner of a Smart Home requires. Cherish it. It will give you mental peace. You are secured under the guardianship of Soliom S100.   


It is a very good device. The price is absolutely worth the quality. Because of the integrated panel of the solar device, it is always functional. It is designed for outdoor use hence it will always receive sunlight. No hiccoughs in use. Warranty and after-sales service are top class. You will feel satisfied with it.

I hope you have found the review useful. Kindly send your responses in the comment section. 

Thank You.

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