Download Swann Security On Computer Free Win 7/8/10 & MAC

Get to learn in detail about the setup procedure to help the clients in connecting the Swann Security on computer.

We have ensured to cover every vital information related to this application along with useful and vital information. Read the whole article to enhance the users’ knowledge about the CMS software.

What is Swann Security Software?

Symbol of Swann Security CMS
Symbol of Swann CMS

This CMS software provides as well as enables the user to access the surveillance camera along with different functions as well as to operate and control the devices through a PC or smartphone. The application is available for free to download on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.

Information About The Functions & Features

Get to learn more about the features of the application to get better insight along with the command and actions performable on the app. Get to learn more in-depth knowledge about the CMS software’s features. The list of the functions of this CMS are listed below for the readers and clients:

  • Get up to 128 channel views on a single screen.
  • Manually capture a snapshot and record live video.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control.
  • Access surveillance cameras from a remote location.
  • Provide multiple user management.
  • Search recorded videos based on events.
  • Motion detection is provided for motion alerts.
  • Local storage of recorded videos on HDD drive.

System Requirements of Application For PC & Smartphone

Here we have provided the details with the information about requirements to help the user to connect and access the CCTV camera on a PC or smartphone. Without fulfilling these requirements the application will not functions on a PC or smartphone. Therefore, we have provided the list of the specification below as follows:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 / Windows 11 / Android 5.0 / iOS12.1.
  • RAM Needed: 3 GB for Windows & Mac / 4 GB for Android & iOS.
  • HDD Space Requirement: 17 MB for Windows & macOS / 300 MB for Android & iOS.

Download Swann Security Software For PC Free

We are glad to render the free link to install the CMS for Windows and Mac OS. Also, we have provided the download file of the app for Windows and macOS is in compressed format. Therefore employ the Winrar or 7Zip for extracting the file of the application.

The organization also provided the CMS software for connecting the cameras on the Mac OS. This application for both the operating system is available for free to download provided above. We have also provided the free installation guide below in the article. Therefore, read the procedure carefully for installation.

Get App For Free On Android / iOS Smartphones

The company also renders the application to help the mobile user to connect and control the CCTV cameras. With help of this application, users get remote access to their connected surveillance cameras without any technical expertise. The link to install the software is ready below, click to proceed to install.

The application will enable the user to control and monitor the CCTV camera on the smartphone without any difficulty. Get the app for the android or iOS mobile phone now for better surveillance and safety of the premises and family.

How To Install Swann on Computer?

Get to learn about the steps and method of installing the CMS software on the Windows and Mac PC without any error or difficulty with the help of the illustrated images. As we have mentioned earlier, first extract the downloaded file before starting the CMS installation on the PC. Then follow the steps rendered below along with the images as follows:

1 – Step To Install Software on PC

The wizard for installation will start on the PC, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Setup Wizard start on PC
Setup Wizard starts on PC

Here select the local drive and folder in it to store a file of the CMS client by click on the “Browse…” button or leave it and click on the “Next” button.

Select the local drive and folder to store files.
Select the local drive and folder to store files.

Then here create start menu folder for the application to appear in the start menu. Just click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Shortcut desktop icon of app.
Shortcut desktop icon of the app.

Also, create a shortcut desktop icon to access the CMS software directly from the desktop screen. Select the option highlighted below with a tick mark and press “Next” to proceed.

Select the option to create icon
Select the option to create an icon

The installation of the CMS is now completed successfully, press the “Finish” to complete the process.

Finish the Swann Security app installation
Finish the Swann Windows app installation

2 – Step To Add & Connect the Application

Open the CMS software on the PC, and now proceed to add and link the CCTV cameras by clicking on the “Add Device” option as highlighted below.

The software will start on PC.
The software will start on a PC.

Then the dialogue box will appear on the screen, enter the device credentials asked by the software to add and link the devices such as the name of the device, mode of adding, IP address (in my case), port, username and password. Then press the “OK” to successfully add the device.

Connect the security cameras on app.
Connect the security cameras on the app.

Live Video Footage of CCTV Camera

To get the live view on the app just double-click on the added device and the streaming will begin on the software.

Swann Security for Windows
Here is live video footage screenshot on Swann for Windows & Mac OS.


We have provided the detail on Download Swann Security On Computer Free Win 8/10 & Mac for our readers and clients of Swann CCTV camera users to enable them to learn about the installation and connecting the CCTV camera on the CMS software without any error or technical issues being encountered. The details are precise and provided to serve the need of the users.

The article provides extensive information for every subject related to the software to help them gain better in-depth analysis about the application for operating and controlling the CCTV camera on a PC or smartphone. We have also rendered the installation procedure of the app along with the images to help our readers and clients.

With the help of the image illustrated process, it is easy for the readers and clients of CCTV cameras to learn the procedure to set up and connect their device to the CMS without any error or difficulty. We hope the article is suitable for the installation of the software and connecting the security devices on the PC.

Get in touch with us by commenting on issues, queries, or questions below in the comment box to get better advice and solution for the problem faced by the CCTV camera users. Thank You.

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