Download Free iSmartViewPro Software For PC Win 10 & Mac

We are here to introduce the iSmartViewPro Software for PC and smartphone users, the app is developed and marketed by the Shenzhen Wansview Technology company.

The company has been a leading manufacturer of the best quality surveillance camera in the global market. Therefore, let us explore with in-depth analysis about the CMS software.

What is iSmartViewPro Software?

Logo of iSmartViewPro
Logo of iSmartViewPro

This application is a platform to connect and control the Wansview CCTV camera on a PC or smartphone without any technical difficulty. The CMS software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and an iOS operating system for providing the best user experience. This is one of the best applications available in the Cloud and non-cloud version.

Learn About Features of Application

Here we have discussed in length the different features and functions of the software available for the clients. Learning this information will enlighten us to know more about the different aspects of the application along with the knowledge related to the operating of the CMS.

  • RTSP Connection and live video stream.
  • Playback recorded video.
  • PTZ Control
  • Two-way communication facility.
  • Multiple camera access simultaneously.
  • Cloud and local storage options for flexible data storing.

Recommended Requirement For PC & Smartphone 

It is necessary to learn this information to install the application on a PC or smartphone. Without selecting the right operating system and device the app will not function on a PC or a smartphone. Therefore read the information provided below carefully before proceeding to download and install the application.

PC and smartphone system requirements
PC and smartphone system requirements

Download Software For Windows & Mac OS Free

We are glad to provide our readers and CCTV camera users with the download of both cloud and non-cloud versions of the Windows and Mac OS applications for free. The link to download the CMS software is available below. Click on the link to begin the download.

As always we have provided the download file of the software in compressed format. Therefore, use WinRAR to extract the file and then employ the CMS client on the PC. We have also discussed in-depth details about the install of both software for the clients. Therefore, read the installation guide provided below in this article.

Get The App For Free on Android & iPhone

The company has not neglected any of its clients and customers as it has also provided a free application for android and iOS mobile phone users to connect and control their CCTV cameras without any issue. We have ensured to render the link to install the CMS on the smartphone below in this section. Get the app now for accessing the surveillance camera.

With help of this application, the user clients can ensure better security of their premises and their loved ones. The app provides a good user interface and easy use of the function for better operating of the security camera on the mobile phone.

How To Install iSmartViewPro Software For PC?

Here we will discuss the procedure to download and install the application on Windows and Mac OS. We have discussed the process with the help of images for both clouds based and non-cloud-based versions of the software. Here we have listed the procedure as follows for the particular software.

Wansview Non-Cloud Based Installation Process

Just follow the steps mentioned below for better installation of the Wansview Application on the PC.

Step 1 –  Installing the software

The wizard will appear on the screen, click on the “Next” to proceed.

Start the installation of Non-Cloud CMS
Start the installation of Non-Cloud CMS

Assign the local drive to save the CMS file by clicking on the “Browse” button or leaving it. Then click on the “Next” button.

Select the local drive to store file
Select the local drive to store the file

Get the application of the start menu folder, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Assign start menu folder for app
Assign start menu folder for the app

Create a desktop shortcut icon by selecting the option with a tick mark and press “Next” to proceed.

Create shortcut icon for desktop
Create shortcut icon for desktop

Software is ready to install, click on the “Install” button to start the installation.

Ready to install the software
Ready to install the software

The process is about completion. Wait for the progress to complete.

Progress of installation
Progress of installation

Close the installation wizard of the CMS by clicking the “Finish” button.

Complete the installing process
Complete the installing process

Step 2 – Connect The Camera on The Software

The home screen of the application will start on the PC, click on the “+” button to proceed.

Home screen of the application
The home screen of the application

Then add the device using the credentials to connect the device. The IP address and port along with username and password. Then click on the “Add” button to proceed.

Add and connect the device on the CMS
Add and connect the device to the CMS

Live Video Streaming on the CMS

Here is the live video access on the software for the user.

iSmartViewPro Software for Windows
Live view on iSmartViewPro Software for Windows OS

Installing WansviewCloud on the CMS

Here we have provided the steps to download and install the Cloud-based version of the application. Just follow the steps provided below:

Step 1 – Setup The Application on PC

Get to select the folder to store files of the CMS desired by clicking on the “Browse” button.

Select the installation directory
Select the installation directory

Create the start menu folder for the WansviewCloud and click on the “Next” button.

Create a start menu folder for cloud based software
Create a start menu folder for cloud-based software

Here select the option to create and provide a shortcut icon for desktop and press the “Next” to proceed.

Desktop icon creation
Desktop icon creation

Then click on the “Install” button to proceed with the installation of the CMS.

Ready to setup and employ the CMS
Ready to set up and employ the CMS

The progress bar will appear on the screen, wait for the process to complete.

Progress bar of installing
Progress bar of installing

Close the application’s installation wizard by click on the “Finish” button.

Finish the setup procedure
Finish the setup procedure

Step 2 – Login with the Email ID and password

Here the login window will appear on the screen, enter the phone number or email ID and password. Then click on the “Login” button.

Login with email ID or phone number
Login with an email ID or phone number

Live view on the CMS 

Here is the live video streaming of the software for the clients.

iSmartViewPro Software for Mac
Live video streaming on the iSmartViewPro Software for Mac OS


We have discussed the subject of Download Free iSmartViewPro Software For PC Win 10 & Mac” to help the user clients in connecting and operating their CCTV camera on their PC without any error or technical issues. The details are provided to help them get a better insight into the software.

We have ensured to provide the details about the cloud-based as well as non-cloud-based applications to help the clients in connecting and controlling the CMS software on a PC and smartphone. The application is available for free to download on our platform for readers and user clients.

We expect the article is beneficial for the users. For any issue or problem encountered with the application, contact us below in the comment section.

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