Install TP-Link Tapo For PC App on Windows 8/10/11 & MAC OS

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The TP-Link Tapo For PC App is used to monitor Tapo TP-Link CCTV cameras on PCs from remote locations. The complete installation process and device addition are shared in the post.

The TP-Link Tapo For PC Software is popular for its modern features and seamless performance. 

The download button is given here for installing TP-Link Tapo For PC CMS on Windows OS. The software is shared in a compressed file format. Decompress it and then go for the installation. 

The installation and configuration are shared along with images for proper understanding. After that, the Username and password generation are illustrated. It also demonstrated how to add devices for remote monitoring.

This security surveillance software will save you time and make you more efficient.

Basic Information Regarding the TP-Link Tapo For PC Software

Tp-link Tapo PC CMS

It is a highly advanced surveillance software. It connects TP-Link Tapo Cameras and accesses them to users from remote areas. It protects your business and home. 

Currently, this software is available for Windows-based PCs only (both x86 and 64-bit versions). 

This has been tested on Windows 7, 8, and 10 but may work on other Windows variants that support the .Net v4 Framework.

You can also use it on Mac PCs by using Emulators like Bluestacks.

If your PC has 2GB of RAM and 200 GB of free hard disk space then you can easily connect and record 4 cameras at 320 x 240 resolution.

The performance record of the TP-Link Tapo App

You can add any number of cameras to your PC if your computer supports them. This software will support all of these Tapo devices and make them accessible to you from anywhere.

These are some of the recommendations for making the maximum out of this TP-Link Tapo software.

  1. Just decrease the frame rate of each camera to increase the number of connected cameras.
  2. You can also add more cams to this app by decreasing the resolution of the cams. 
  3. For a better experience use 64-bit PCs.
  4. Save recording in AVI mode rather than MP4 mode to save space.
  5. Set Buffer Frames on the recording tab to 0.

Features & Functions of the TP-Link Tapo For PC CMS

It is important to know the features and functions of the software. When we know them clearly, we better use the software and get maximum benefit.
This software has all the latest functions possible. Let’s know them one by one.

  • The advanced network technology is used for seamless data flow. It gives a continuous flow of network even in low network areas.
  • The app provides live images and footage. There is no time lag between events happening and relaying.
  • The software is designed in such a way that you can operate cameras from your remote areas. You can pan, tilt or zoom the device. It supports PTZ cameras as well.
  • The playback can be viewed from away locations and you can even snatch images for evidence or protection.
  • The app supports alert signals. It detects motion and audio. Any dubious movement or action sensed by the device sends alert signals and rings alarm bells through this application. 
  • You can set an alert zone through the software. If any person enters those areas, it sends you alert messages. This way it keeps you safe and alert from transgressors.
  • You can communicate two-way through this software. You can send messages, listen to people, and instruct them through this feature.
  • This 2-way audio feature is also handy in safeguarding people from impending threats. You can yell at suspects and scare them. You can also alert others with this function.
  • You can witness 16 cameras on screen at a time. 
  • This app supports multiple users and remote access. 
  • It allows you to connect cameras through a QR code, serial number, and IP address. 

These are some of the more useful functions of this CMS.

Download TP-Link Tapo For Windows App on Windows PC

The download button is shared below. Press the button and get the application files. These files are in a squeezed form. Unsqueeze them for getting them on your PC.

This way you have to download the TP-Link Tapo For Windows software. The complete installation, device addition, and monitoring process are illustrated in the next section. You can refer to them for complete comprehension.

Download TP-Link Tapo For Mac Software on Macintosh PC

The company doesn’t provide TP-Link Tapo For Mac App. However, if you want to watch TP-Link cameras on a Macintosh PC, you have to take the support of the Bluestacks emulator. 

Download the emulator. It is available for Mac OS. After that, the process is the same as mentioned in the below section.

Install TP-Link Tapo CMs & Add devices to Monitor on Windows OS

Get the download button and click it. You will get the zipped files. Unzip them and then go for the installation.

The installation process is defined below in the first step. In steps 2 & 3, the device addition User ID & password generation are shared. 

Step 1- Install Tapo App on Windows OS

When we decompress the file and open it, we get this page. It is the first page of the application.

Agent setup information page

This page is for the Agent utility information regarding the installation of the software. Press the next button for the next action.

This page surfaces.

App is downloading packages

The package is downloaded here. When they are completely loaded the files are ready to transfer.

On this page, we have to give the path and location of the folder. Select the path and folder location.

Set path and location of the folder

After that, press the next button. When we press the next button the app begins to install.

App Files are loading TP link tapo PC

As we can see here, the software is loafing all of its content. When the installation finishes completely, we get a notification page.

The installation is successfully finished

This page announces the installation process is complete now.

This way, we finish the first step. Now we move forward to the next step. It is about connecting cameras.

Step 2- Add Cameras

When the app is installed, we get its icon on the desktop. When we open that, we get this page.

menu of the app 6

This is the homepage. This page has all the menu for the next actions. There is an Add tab. Press it and the next page will appear.

It is about adding the camera. This settings column welcomes device addition.

welcome page for application setup 7

Here, we get this window. It opens a new page. There is an ‘ONVIF Camera option on it.

click the add button for device addition 8

Press the ONVIF button and get to this page.

click the ONVIF button 9

Here you have to add the IP address of the camera.

Take the IP address and go for the account settings 10

It will automatically take the IP address of this camera. But we don’t know the username and password of the device. For that, we have to open the software on an Android mobile setup. For that, we have to open the mobile load this app, and connect the camera.

We have to open the settings tab on the mobile.

open the mobile for account creation Tp link Tapo Windows

Then press the settings option.

The new page surfaces. On the new page, we get the IP address option.

Step 3- Generate Username & Password for Monitoring

Press the IP address option. The next page appears. We have to open camera settings for further actions.

open the mobile tapo app and go to settings 12

When we click the IP address and then go to the ‘Advanced Setup Option.’

Go to the advanced setting options to create account

When we click this option, we reach the next step. This step asks us to create an account.

Create the account.

Account creation page

Create the account on your mobile device and save it.

Now come to the desktop and mention the same username and password on the desktop. This way we mention the required options and cameras appear on the desktop screen.

All cameras are added now.

Monitor cameras on PC from remote location

You can remotely monitor these locations now.


The TP-Link Tapo For PC CMS installation and device addition procedures are demonstrated here. Every step and option is defined for the proper understanding.

This powerful app and its settings are expressed. If you have some queries regarding the process, please mention them in the comment section. We will respond to your queries.

Thank You.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Tapo on my PC?

Yes, it is possible to use and view the camera on a PC. It supports the third-party application also.

Is Tapo the same as TP-Link?

Yes, both are the same. Now TP Link uses Tapo as its brand name to sell security products.

How do I access my Tapo TP-Link?

Follow these instructions.
1- Open the app, and log in with your TP-Link ID. …
2- Plug in your camera and wait about 30 seconds until the LED blinks red and green. …
3- It will start searching for your camera.
4- Monitor your location

Can I connect Tapo to Google?

Yes, you can. For that, you have to take the support of Google Chrome and Google Home Hub.

Is Tapo a Chinese company?

Yes, Tapo is a Chinese company.

Does TP-Link Tapo work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, these Tapo cameras work without WiFi. But for monitoring and setting, you require a WiFi connection.

Can I view the Tapo camera on TV?

You can watch, but the TV must be an Android or smart TV.

Does Tapo save electricity?

It uses extremely low power consumption.

How long does the Tapo battery last?

It lasts up to 3 months if fully charged.

How far can Tapo detect motion?

Topo can detect motion and view up to 23 feet.

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