Xeoma Software Download Free For Windows 10, Linux & Mac OS

Get the Xeoma Software download free for Windows (64-bit as well as 32-bit), Mac, Linux, Android, iOS operating systems.

It is one of the best CMS software available to access the CCTV camera on the PC or smartphone. We have elaborated the details related to this application for our readers and clients to link their video surveillance camera on the application without any difficulty.

We have explained in brief every vital information and knowledge related to this CMS client for our readers and the CCTV camera users.

The article is designed to meet the needs of the CMS application users in helping them to keep surveillance on their premises and family to ensure better safety.

The application is rendered by FelenaSoft Limited to help the clients connect their CCTV camera on their PC using the application.

We have also described the detail related to the process of installing and connecting the CMS software with the video surveillance system in this article below for our readers and clients.

Xeoma Software Download For Windows, Linux, And Mac OS

We have provided the download of the CMS for the PC and smartphone user clients to provide access to the live streaming of the CCTV camera. The application is free to download for PC as well as smartphone users. We have also discussed a lot of useful information related to the app.

Software Logo
Software Logo

In this article, we have also explained the installation procedure for our clients and readers in assisting them to connect their video surveillance system to the CMS without any technical difficulty. Read the procedure to connect the CCTV camera to a PC or smartphone without any difficulty.

What is Xeoma CMS Client?

The Xeoma software is developed and offered by the FelenaSoft company for accessing CCTV cameras and rendering real-time live streams by the video surveillance system on a PC as well as a smartphone. The application is available for multiple operating systems for free to download.

Feature and Characteristics of the Software In Detail

We have elaborated the details about the CMS for our clients to learn more about the software’s functions as well as characteristics of the application to learn and acquire in-depth knowledge about the CMS software. Below we have listed the functions and features of the software in detail:

  • Provide a secure TLS connection between server and client.
  • Able to detect audio and sound with the sound detector.
  • Provides PTZ control.
  • Equipped with face detection technology.
  • Provide object recognition capability.
  • Crowd counter, facial recognition, mask detector, gender, and age recognizer is also available.
  • RTSP as well as HTTPS broadcasting and surveillance.
  • Remote access is also provided.
  • Support all kinds of IP cameras.
  • Smart Motion detection reduces false alarms.

Information Related To The System Requirement For Respective Operating System

The article has also provided the details related to the minimum system requirement that are required to fulfill by the respective operating system to run the application without any error or crash. The details of the system requirement are briefed in the table provided below to help the readers and the software user clients to assign the most suitable operating system for the Xeoma application.

ParticularWindows OS RequirementsmacOS RequirementsLinux OS RequirementsAndroid OS RequirementsiOS Requirements
Operating SystemWindows 7 or latermacOS 10.00 or laterUbuntu, CentOS, or higherAndroid 5.0 or lateriOS 8.0 or later is required.
Free Space91.8 MB of free space45 MB of free space53 MB of free space57 MB of free space12 MB of empty space is required.
RAM3 GB RAM or above3 GB or above.3 GB or above is needed.3 GB or later is required.3 GB or above.

Download Software Free For Windows OS (64-Bit and 32-bit)

We have provided the download of the CMS software for 64-bit as well as 32-bit Windows OS user clients to help them connect and control the CCTV camera on Windows PC without any difficulty. The download file of the app is in compressed format, use WinRAR or 7Zip application to extract the file.

Download Software Free For macOS

The company has good care of PC as well as smartphone users by providing the free download of the application for the macOS user clients. The download of the application is available for free below in this section of the article. We have also discussed the installation procedure for the PC users below in the article to help the clients and readers in accessing their video surveillance system on their Mac PC.

Download & Install Application for Linux OS

We are glad to provide the CMS for the Linux OS user clients as the company has developed an application for Linux OS. The download of the software is available below for the Linux OS user clients. The download file is in compressed format.

Install Free App for Android OS

We have also provided the download link of the CMS for Android smartphone users to connect as well as gain access to their security camera on their mobile phone without any technical difficulty. The link to install the app is provided below.

Download For Android OS Free

Free Download of Software for iPhone and iPad

The free download of the CMS is available for the iPhone and iPad user clients to help them install as well as connect their video surveillance system for the CCTV camera user clients. The download link is provided below in this section.

Application for iPhone Free Download

Download for iPad Free

Installation Procedure of the Application for PC

We have discussed in detail the CMS installation on PC for Windows and Mac OS user clients to help them install and run this application. The download file is provided in compressed format, decompress the file using the WinRAR app. When the file is extracted double click on the executable file of the CMS to start the software’s installation.

1. Installing The Application on Windows, Linux, and macOS

When the application opens the windows firewall security alert will appear on the screen, select all the option as shown in the image below then click on the “Allow access” button.

Windows Firewall alert
Windows Firewall alert

When the application starts, click on the option “Click Here To Install The Program” to start the installation of the application on PC.

Xeoma Software Download Install the software
Install the software

Now assign the installation path where the file will be installed or leave it as default, Also select the functions which the user wants to run. Please the note downloads the password provided by the CMS at a safe place.

Assign installation path
Assign installation path

The installation of the application will begin to wait for the software to redirect to other screens.

Wait for the installation to complete
Wait for the installation to complete

2. Logging into the server to access the devices.

The login window of the CMS will appear on the screen, enter the server, port, and password then click on the “OK” button to proceed.

Log into the Xeoma Software
Log into the Xeoma Software

The application will automatically detect and display the camera connected to the same network. To add a device click on the option “+” sign button. Select the most appropriate option to add devices.

The home screen of the CMS
The home screen of the CMS

3. Add devices To The App

Enter the IP address of the device and username and password in case if the device is protected with username and password. Then click on the “OK” button. The device is now added to the CMS.

Add devices to the App
Add devices to the App

4.Live View on the Application

To access the live view of cameras goes to the home screen. We have provided the live view of the Xeoma Software for Windows, Linux & macOS user clients.

Xeoma Software Downloadfor Windows
Sample live view on Xeoma Software for Windows, Linux, and macOS


We have described in detail the Xeoma Software Free Windows 10, Mac OS & Linux OS for the PC and smartphone user clients along with the vital information related to the application. The application has many incredible and outstanding features and functions for its user clients.

The CMS software accepts all kinds of IP cameras to connect and provide live surveillance on PC and smartphones. We have also provided the installation guide to connect as well as control the video surveillance system in detail in the section of the installation process above in the article.

We expect that article is valuable for the CMS software users to help them in connecting their surveillance system. For questions and queries related to the software contact in the comment section below of this article.

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