Install IDIS Mobile Plus for PC App on Win 10/11 & Mac OS

IDIS Mobile Plus for PC Software is a powerful security surveillance application. It helps users to connect CCTV Cameras with it and give them remote monitoring.

The IDIS Mobile Plus for PC App is the latest and trendy software. It has all the modern features and functions that make the security complete. 

Here, you will get the process to download and install on your Windows PCs. The application file is given in the form of a download button. Press the download button to get the IDIS software. 

The executable files are in a compressed form. Decompress them to download and install.

It is given here in three distinct steps. In the first step, you will get the installation procedure. In the second step, logging in to the app is illustrated and in the third and final step, the device adding is demonstrated. 

The security surveillance app is analyzed thoroughly.

Why Do We Require a Security Surveillance CMS Application?

We install CCTV Cameras for security purposes. They guard our property and people. We are always assured when we are under CCTV vigilance. 

The beauty of any CMS software is that it connects all the security devices and makes them available to us from any remote location. 

The user gets monitoring from their places. They have not to be present at sites all the time. This way security apps save time and give liberty to access locations from any remote area.

It increases the efficiency of owners and gives them complete awareness of their sites, work, and people.  

IDIS Mobile Application 26

What is IDIS Mobile Plus for PC Software?

It is a security monitoring app that is used to add multiple CCTV Devices and watch them from far away places.

The IDIS Mobile Plus is a useful application that keeps us vigilant all the time. It has the best features and functions. 

The 2-way audio keeps the communication going. You can send any message across and listen to people on the other end. It sends you alert messages sensing any dubious motion or action. 

This IDIS CMS is available for Windows OS. You will see in the next section the complete installation, login, and device addition procedures. 

Latest Features & Functions of IDIS Mobile Plus for PC CMS  

It is incumbent to know about the latest features and functions of IDIS CMS. When we know their characteristics, we are better positioned to maximize their use.

IDIS Mobile Plus Logo 25

  • This CMS functions with all the IDIS NVRs/DVRs, DitectCX TVR, and IP cameras
  • It gives seamless data flow. There is no time lag between events and their relaying. You can access cameras on Windows PCs from anywhere.
  • This CMS supports the highest image quality with H.264/MJPEG and H.265 formats.
  • It has rich features like calendar search, playback, image clicking, and bookmark functions. You can check the recording from anywhere.
  • The user can control CCTV Cameras from remote areas. They can pan, tilt, and zoom the functions. 
  • It can control DirectIP, DirectCX, and IP cameras directly from Windows desktop devices.
  • The two-way audio helps you communicate to and fro. You can say something to people and listen to them from any place. You can share any idea, instruction, or message. 
  • You can also alert people on the device side with this app whenever you sense any threat.
  • The sensors detect motion and audio. These sensors can easily understand any suspicious people or movement. 
  • Whenever any dubious activity is tracked, it sends messages and alarm signals to users. 
  • You can also set alert zones to protect any property. Whenever intruders enter that area, the push messages and alarm signals alert you to safeguard your property and people.

These are some of the latest features and functions of this IDIS software.

Install IDIS Mobile Plus for Windows CMS on Windows OS

This Mobile Plus for Windows CMS is given in a download button form. You have to click the button and get the executable files. 

These files are shared here in a compressed format. Decompress them before the installation. After that run them to install on Windows PC. It is illustrated here in three stages. 

The first step is for the installation of the IDIS Plus for Windows CMS. The second step is for the login to the application and the third step is for the device addition.  

Install IDIS Mobile Plus for Mac CMS on Macintosh PC

This app is not available for Mac PCs. So the IDIS Mobile Plus for Mac is not given. However, if you want to monitor these cameras on a Macintosh PC, you have to take the support of the BlueStacks App.

The installation of the BlueStacks application is guided here. The installation, login, and camera connections for IDIS Mobile Plus for Mac App are ditto same as for Windows PC.

Install, Log, and add Cameras to Monitor through IDIS Mobile Plus for PC CMS 

The procedure is demonstrated here. It is given in three steps. The first step teaches the downloading and installation part. The second step is to log in to the software and the last step is for device additions. 

These steps are separately categorized here.

Step 1- Download and Install the IDIS CMS

First, we have to download the executable file and then decompress it to install it on a Windows PC. 

Select IDIS software language 1

When we open the file, this page appears on the screen.  

We have to select the language here. Select the language you require for the software and then press the OK button. This page surfaces.

welcome page of the file 2

This is the welcome page for the application. Read the instructions given on the page carefully. After that press the next button to proceed further.

We get to the next page.

select the installation folder 3

This page represents the folder for the app and its location. Select the location and path for the folder and then press the next button.

You will reach the next option.

installation process is about to begin 4

This page gives you all the selected options so far. If you are satisfied with the folder and its location press the next button, if not then go with the back button and select your options.

When you press the next button, you get this page.

file is loading 5

This page indicates the app is loading. When the installation process is over, we get a new window that confirms it.

file is installed successfully 6

This page indicates the IDIS software is installed successfully. This way step 1 is complete.

We move on to the next step. It is about the login to the app.

Step 2- Login to the Application

When we open the installed software, we get the following page.

set a password suggestion 7

This window conveys to us a message that the password is not set up. We have to create a password to log in to it. Press the password setup icon to create a password.

login page 8

This is the login page. The user id is by default admin and the password is which you have created.

login the app 9

Set the ID and password to sign in and then press the OK button. This way you have to sign in to the software. Step 2 is complete now.

We move to the next step. It is about the device addition.

Step 3- Device Addition for Monitoring

Open the installed IDIS Mobile Plus for PC software.

This page appears. It is the homepage. We have to add cameras to appear on the screen.

menu page 10

We have to add the device.

add devices 11

We can manually add devices or add the IPs of the camera one by one to make them connected with the software.

This page appears on the screen.

monitor your cameras from any location 12

The cams appear on the screen. This way we monitor our various locations on Windows PC.


The IDIS Plus for PC App, Mobile Plus for Windows software, or the Plus for Mac Files are shared here. The download button for this software is given in a compressed executable file. Decompress them to install. The installation process is illustrated thoroughly.

The login to it and the device additions are demonstrated with every minute detail. Please share your queries regarding the installation and device connection. If you want to have any additional information, share them in the comment section. We would love to respond to them.

Thank You.

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