iV-Pro for PC Download Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

iV-Pro for PC is a CMS Wizard to connect many devices from it at a time. These connected devices can be watched on one screen. it’s a Taiwanese Company, that features a chronicle of products. It is a world-famous organization selling top-class security surveillance products.

The app is available for Windows OS. You can also get it for Android OS. Here in this article, we are giving you the download link for Windows and Apple PC. The link is available in a compressed file format.

You have to decompress it before installing it on PCs. We have also demonstrated in this post the complete installation process for Windows. By learning this installation methodology, you can easily install it for Apple PC also.    

What Is A CCTV CMS Wizard?

It is a package that is extremely powerful. It can edit the information, index it, read it, process it, record it, and relay it. CMS is the acronym of the Content Management System.

It will connect many CCTV devices with it and relay umteen cameras connected with it. It can be accessed from any remote location. 

Let’s suppose that you want to cover 15 locations. These 15 locations are your sites and they are at a good distance away from one another.

Each location has 15 cameras. It means there are 15 * 15 = 225 cameras that you want to monitor from your office. It can be made possible by a CMS Wizard. This is the beauty and usability of it.    

What Is iV-Pro For PC CMS Application? 

iV-Pro for PC 11

It is an application designed to observe multiple cameras integrated at completely different locations. The App is designed and manufactured by a Taiwanese Company. Its name is iV-Pro Technologies. The company is situated in Taipei, Taiwan.

It takes its chipset and lens collaboration from Korea. It has many kinds of products. Mainly, this company is renowned for Home, Commercial, and Industrial electronic security surveillance products. 

It has a long range of products. Approximately, it manufactures more than 200+ products. Its service centers are also highly reliable. 

Features & Functions Of iV-Pro for PC Application

The attributes and functions of this application are given here. We tend to provide you here with the most effective attributes of this app. Grasp them to use them.

We can use this App in the best possible way if we know them. Following are its prominent advantages.  

  • iV-Pro for PC 12It relays live videos. There is no time gap. The streaming provides continuity in surveillance and video streaming.
  • The device can easily be operated by the app. This application has all the distinguished functions to work the options of the device
  • It can record videos. You can record it on the device itself, or on your PC drives.
  • You can additionally choose the server recording on the Cloud Server. 
  • The app supports showing a live video. You can access them from any remote location
  • This app supports PTZ cameras integrated at any location and geographical point
  • You can zoom in, pan it, and tilt it from the comfort of your office
  • It will record activities for you, manage audios for you, show playbacks for you, take snaps for you, etc.
  • You can track all activities with no issue
  • It supports sensors
  • The app sends you messages and rings alarms for you to sense one thing suspicious
  • It can distinguish motion and audio with the help of sensors
  • It is a two-way audio endurable app
  • You can communicate with the person on the device side with the help of this app.
  • This function is very useful in scaring away suspects by shouting at them

Download iV-Pro For Windows OS

To load the app on Windows OS, we tend to decompress the zipped file initially. The file is given below in a download button type. This article additionally mentions the entire demonstration of the installation method.

It’s given here in 3 steps. All these steps are supported by images. In the first step, you will have to learn the installation process. In the second step, you may learn the log-in process. In the third step, you can learn adding of the device and monitor cameras.   

Download iV-Pro For Mac OS

To load it for this operating symptom, you have to click the link button. Install iV-Pro For Mac OS by clicking the link. The file is given here in an encrypted file type.

Un-squeeze it to induce it on the this PC. The transfer button is given below. Press the button to get it.

Download iV-Pro Android OS

iV-Pro for PC 10

The app is given here for Android smartphones. The link button is given below. It’s also given on the google play store. Open the google play store and get the iV-Pro App. Download it and install it. After that, add the device.

For adding the device to the application you have to scan the QR Code. After it, the app will prompt you for further actions. Follow them and you will be able to monitor the cam on your mobile screen. The link is given here.

Installation iV-Pro For Windows OS

You will get here the complete installation methodology for Windows. Unsqueeze the file and install the app to monitor devices. It’s given in three steps. The first step is for the Installation of the app.

The second step is to log in to the Wizard. In the third step, you will get the ‘Adding of the devices and monitoring of cameras’ system.

Let’s begin with step No. 1.

Step-1 Installation Of The CMS

To install the CMS, we have to click the download button. The file is given in an encrypted form. To load it. we have to extricate it first.

After extricating the file, we get the application setup file. Double click the file to load it on the Windows PC, the following window opens.

iV-Pro for PC 1

The app directly takes us to the installation folder. Here, you have to give it a path and allocate a folder. The path suggested by you should be in the C-drive. The folder declared by you must not be containing any other big application file.

Once you become ready for the installation by selecting the folder, press the next button.

iV-Pro for PC 2

It will begin to load the content of the Wizard. It takes just a few minutes to upload. When it is finished, it will inform you.

iV-Pro for PC 2A

Press the finish button. the installation is complete. Now we will move on to the next level.

Here we will log in to the app.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the app, we will double-click the application icon. We get this icon after installing the setup file. The following window opens.

iV-Pro for PC 3

Here, this page is asking for logging in to the app.

By default the username and the password are admin.

User Name- admin

Password  – admin

Fill in the Id, and the password. After that press the sign-in button. You will reach the Homepage of the application.

iV-Pro for PC 4

This way we log in to the Wizard.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

In this step, we will learn to add the devices and monitoring cameras. On the Homepage of the application, we will click the Device Manager option.

The following window opens.

iV-Pro for PC 6

You can add the device by manually adding every device or you can also go for the IP search. They both are the ways to get the gadget connected with the Wizard. For example, we clicked the manually add option. This page appears

iV-Pro for PC 7

Here, give the device name, IP address of the gadget, Port, Id, and the password for adding the cam.

iV-Pro for PC 8

After filling in these details, press the save and continue button. The device will be added automatically and you can easily monitor activities.

iV-Pro for PC 9

This way we add device and monitor cameras. You can add many devices by following the same methodology.


iV-Pro CMS Application is explained here. In this article we gave you the download link of the app, we guided you to load it and install it. We have given here the feature guide of this Wizard. You can get full functional advantages from this application.

The installation part is illustrated and demonstrated for Windows. By learning the process and duplicating it for Apple PC, you can do it for its OS.

If you have any queries regarding this app you can share that with us. If you find any issues in downloading, installing, or monitoring, please share your issues with us. We would love to resolve them for you.

Thank You.

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