CCTV INSTALLATION: 5 Major Problem that You Face in CCTV Installation

Hello, friends in this post we are going to discuss 4 major problems and their solutions in the CCTV  installation of cameras.

1. Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) In CCTV Camera 

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DNR is well known digital noise reduction which is used for reducing the digital noise in CCTV footage. Sometimes you may see that in the footage of CCTV that there is some blurry or dotted footage like lots of insects are flying and nothing is clear on the monitor.

We use DIGITAL NOISE REDUCTION (DNR) for the problem of the visible noise of an image. There are mainly 2 types of DNR are 2D and 3D DNR, in this technology if you use advanced and high DNR then you face another problem like a blurred image.

In 2D DNR the technology systems each self frame individually, while in 3D DNR it works on series of the frame. 

The process to reduce the noise from an image in 2D DNR is simply temporal noise reduction, it works by analyzing each pixel in the frames and compares the pixel of all the frames and detect the best suitable pixel for the object and clear the noise.

3D DNR is also known as spatial noise reduction it is somehow different from 2D DNR it analyses the image frame by frame and detects their views as a portion of the video and remove the low light effect to give better result in video quality.

It is better to use at the same time both 2D and 3D DNR in a combined method.

2. Humming Problem/ Not Clear The View

I think in most of the CCTV installation, the engineer is faced with this problem sometimes we install the camera at the client side but this is not clear seldom picture is blurring, the view is not clear etc. This is one of the basic problems that we all faces.

Then the question is arises, what is the solution to this problem, guys if we use some external devices then we can get a proper and clear view of the camera now. I am going to tell you about some of those devices.

A. Video Balun

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A video balun is a device that allows adjusting the connection type of UTP (UNSHIELD TWISTED PAIR) cable to dispatch the signal from an analogue camera.

Video balun is one of the basic devices by which we can get the proper view you have to install a video balloon on each side of the camera.

There are many types of video balun like (Passive Baluns) the passive baluns doesn’t require any power for working and does not boost the signal called passive which converts the signal comes from the CAT6 or CAT5e cable.

(Active Baluns) It works through the power to boost the signal and improve the distance travelled by the CAT5 cable and reduce the surface resistance.

(Video Power Baluns )  Using it we can send both the video and power with the same CAT5e cable through Video Power Balun but RJ 45 connector is necessary at both ends of the CAT5e cable.

(Video Power and Data Baluns ) It works likewise the video power balun

B. Surge Protector

 The second one is a Surge protector, this is the device that is commonly used to control the voltage potential. In an AC circuit, the voltage is continuously fluctuating if we see the graph of AC current we can see a well and barrier like the graph.

cctv installation 8

So friends if the proACbxc LEM with the voltage potential then you can use this device. to get a proper view of the camera, the voltage must same off both sides, I mean, measure the voltage at the DVR side and camera side if these readings are not the same, then you go Surge protector.

C. By Providing The Earth To The DVR

 If the picture humming is not very high, then you should try by providing the ground earth to the DVR. If the ground is the earth not available then you can give earthing from the power supply of the camera to the DVR, just simply connect the negative of your power supply to the DVR

3. Installing The Long-Distance Camera

If the distance between the camera and the DVR is very much then it is very difficult to find a solution how to connect the camera. Then friends you should go for cat6 cable. 

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Then question is that how we can use cat6 cable with an HD CCTV camera, well to use this just simply select one pair of cat 6 and connect it to a pair of the balun. 

The balun about which we talk above problem we can use the Video Power and Data Balun it is the best balun for long-distance between camera and DVR.

4. Two Or More DVRs At The Same Screen

To do a big project of cctv installation we have to install 5 to 6 DVRs at a single site then a big problem arises how to display those DVRs to the client.

cctv installation 10

Then the answer is, just use CMS. each and every DVRs company providing CMS with their DVRs. just install the CMS at the client computer and connect that DVR with the Local Network of the client and display it to a computer or laptop. This is the most significant way to do a big project.

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