5 Major Problem that You Face in CCTV Installation

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hello guys in this post I am  going to discuss 3 major problem and their solution in the installation of cctv camera


1.  Humming  problem/ not clear the view

I think every CCTV installation engineer is this problem sometime we install the camera at client side but this is not clear sometime picture is blurring ,view not clear etc . This is one of the basic problem that we all faces

Then the question is that, what is the solution of this problem, guys if  we use some external devices then we can get a proper and clear view of the camera now I am  going to tell you some of those devices.

A. Video balun

video balloon one of the basic device by which we can get the proper view you have to install a video balloon each side of camera.

B. Surge protector

 The second one is Surge protector, this is the device  which is commonly used in control the voltage potential. So guys ,if the problem in the voltage potential then you can use this device. in order to getting a proper view of camera, voltage  must same off the both side, I mean, measure the voltage at DVR side and camera side if these reading are not same, then you go Surge protector.

C. By providing the earth to the DVR

 if the picture humming not very high, then you should try by providing the ground earth to the DVR. if ground is earth not available then you can give earthing from power supply of the camera to the DVR, just simply connect the negative of your power supply to the DVR

2.  Installing the long distance camera

If the distance of the camera and the DVR is very much then it is very difficult to find the solution how to connect the camera.  then guys you should go for cat6 cable .that question is that how we can use cat6 cable with HD CCTV camera well in in order to use this just simply  select one pair of cat 6 and connect it to a pair of balun.

3. Two or more DVR at same screen

In order to do a big project of cctv installation we have to install 5 to 6 DVRs  at a single site then a big problem raise how to display those DVRs to the client.

Then the answer is, just use CMS.  each and every DVRs company providing CMS with their DVRs. just install the CMS at client computer and connect those DVR with  Local Network of client and display it to a computer or laptop. This is the most significant way to do a big project.



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