how to do long distance CCTV installation help of video balun

Hello, my dear friend today I am going to explain long distance CCTV installation with the help of video balun.

What is video balun?

Video balun is basically Video signal extender, when you open a video balun you will find a small circuit that will increase video signal, in another world video balun is a replacement of traditional coaxial cable over cat5 and cat6 cable. The CCTV balun maximum distance is up to 305 metre, So it is worth for long distance CCTV video Installation. Video Balun is also useful for such condition when your video is blur due to the interference of some other signal.

log distance cctv installation

How to use video balun for long distance CCTV installation?

Now come to the point that how video balun is a solution of long distance CCTV video Installation, as we all know that traditional coaxial cable has a distance limit  Up to 90 meters. So when we use video balun then it will increase up to 305 meters. In another word CCTV maximum distance is 305 metre, Video balun installed simply by using cat5, cat6 cable and LAN RJ45  Connector. It is better that you use video balun in pair one as the sender and another as a receiver. There are several types of video balun as Add single channel 4 channels 8 channel and 16 Channel. Single channel video balloon simply transmitting video signal up to 300 meters  And it is also helpful to reduce unnecessary signal that will affect video quality. Video Balun will work on AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI technology.

long distance cctv installation

Multichannel long distance  CCTV installation

Now I explain 4 channel, 8channel and 16 channel video balun by example, that how easily you can handle long distance CCTV video Installation. if you need to install 16 HD camera in four Storey building then simply You install 4 camera at each storey then in that case you need to install one four-channel video balun on every storey and from top floor you simply but one cat5 or cat6 cable to DVR end, it means for every four cameras you need single cat 5 or cat 6 cable but if you do not use video balun then you get a bunch of wire at DVR and maybe you get video loss if distance is above 100 meter.  When you purchase video balun you will find for 8 channel you two cat5/cat6 Cable and for 16 channel four cat6 cables.

So finally for understanding this topic better if you are aware with IP camera setup using Network Switch then video balun is just like the switch for HD Camera Setup. There is little difference between Network Switch and video balun, in network Switch you have an uplink port but in the video, there is no interconnection or uplink port.

One more option also available in video balun that you use both the Rj45 connector and also direct connection of every pair as you see in the image.

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