Fiber vs wireless comparison – which one is best in CCTV installation

Fiber vs wireless comparison is typical to decide and your entire CCTV project depends on your network, Fiber vs wireless comparison is only possible until and unless you are aware with its basic term. So it very necessary to know Fiber vs wireless comparison and which one best suite condition.

fiber vs wireless comparison

Let start the topic Fiber vs wireless comparison, for this, I would like to explain fiber and wireless separately and then discuss how to choose the best network between Fiber vs wireless. An optical fiber is basically a medium associated with transmission of the data packet. The data packet is transmitted in the form of light but it does not travel as speed of light, it is almost slower by 35% and sometime it needs the repeater to boost the signal after a long distance. There are basically two types of optical fiber one is single mode and another one multimode. Single mode optical fiber is used for long distance transmission because of smaller diameter fiber core, single mode optical fiber is costly also while multimode optical fiber is used for the short distance because of larger diameter fiber core, and it is less costly as compared to single mode optical fiber. One of the main reason for using optical fiber insist of copper wire is that glass is the bad conductor of electricity and hence external interference and signal loss is minimized. The wireless device is basically a radio frequency device or oscillating device which follows the oscillation and it is between 3 kHz to 300 kHz. There is several types of radio devices or wireless device based on input power, frequency, operating temperature range and transmitting distance. Here is some link to devices that I prefer.

  1. Ubiquiti litebeam
  2. Ubiquiti Nano beam
  3. Ubiquiti Nano Station
  4. Ubiquiti Power Beam
  5. Ubiquiti Power Beam AC ISo

I will give you infographics of how many complaints I receive in a month of Fiber vs wireless.

fiber vs wireless

Now if you are doing any big CCTV project that comprising of more than 200 cameras and covering an area of around 5-20 km, in such condition either you will go for the wired network or wireless network is very important, for this there may be the following condition which is as follows

  1. Is that area is more populated means there is a lot of high storied building – Under such condition you will go for both wired and wireless network depend on budget of your client, if you go with wired network then you should follow ring topology and, use more than 4 core optical fiber and you should check medium of laying optical fiber. If you go with the wireless network you need to check how much other radio devices is installed nearby if it is too much then it will give you little pain in configuration. The area like big township cover under such condition.
  2. Is that area is less populated there is only few obstruction-Under such condition you will go with wireless network, In wireless network you need to make base station at server , This server is called point to multipoint ,for this you need to install airMAX® 2×2 BaseStation Sector  Antenna  with one transmitting device  that Antenna  cover the angle of max 120 it means for 360 degrees you need three airMAX® 2×2 BaseStation Sector  Antenna  and one main device. This is the best option for such Condition, Area like Forest, Ring Highway, Military and Army Headquarters.
  3. For elevator or lift camera- will go for both wired and wireless and I will already write a post that how to install the camera in the lift and the same case will apply for a multi-storied building.
  4. For school and colleges, stadium and university- Under such condition, you should go for the wireless device because the chance of damaging wire is more. To install the wireless device for such condition you make server at that place were monitoring is actually take place, it is preferable to make monitoring place at the centre of campus. Now there is two way of installing wireless device first one is the point to point by using the basic wireless device like the lite beam, you should install device either at four corner or you take each building as peer connectivity and the second one that you can use the 120-degree antenna and related frequency generating device.

Now I will discuss one by one advantage of the wireless device and why it is more preferable over optical.

  1. The wireless device is more reliable because the number of equipment is less in point to point connectivity, in fiber splicing, media converter, patch cord or SFP devices there should be more devices in between.
  2. The wireless device has lower latency-it means for wireless connectivity there is the point to point connection while in fiber there should more obstacle.
  3. Wireless connection is faster- Now a day if you install camera you need to think to reach the speed of about 20 to 500 Mbps range and this is easily available in the wireless device.
  4. Wireless device will take less installation time.
  5. It is cost effective also, as time is demand for the more wireless device; the cost of the device is also less.

Hope from my above article you have the more clear vision of CCTV network and you understand better Fiber vs wireless comparison. If you still need any help you can mail me on [email protected] or WhatsApp on +91-8808322059

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