Unicam For PC Download Free For Windows 7/8/10 & MAC

The Unicam For PC Software is a powerful application that permits you to observe cameras from totally different sites on one screen. We’ve given you in this article a comprehensive analysis of this application. We’ve given here the link button for this software.

It’s given in a zipped file format. Un-squeeze it before going for installing it. We’ve shown you here the downloading method and installation method for this CMS. We’ve given here each step. No step has been skipped.

The installation method is illustrated for Windows. The link button is given for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. 

What Is Content Management System?

The full form of CMS is the Content Management System. A CMS Wizard shares a basic set of choices and functions that becomes instrumental in creating and modifying digital content, documents, and data. 

Any CMS will record info, index them, search and retrieve them, access them, revise them, publish them, report them, etc. It shows the usability of the Wizard. 

Its connectedness within the CCTV World is incredibly distinguished. It secures you and your property. It empowers you by showing numerous cameras from totally different sites at a time, from one screen. CMS files are usually in a compressed file type. It needs to be decompressed before installation.  

Know About Unicam Application

It is a Turkish application. The name of the company is Promes Electronic Security. The CMS Wizard is designed and manufactured by this organization. It is a very effective application that is giving us round-the-clock protection.  

The CMS can fix picture-sharing problems. It can improve our video resolution and communication system. It supports cloud-based recording.   

The link to this software is given here in a download button. It’s a squeezed file. You have to un-squeeze it to get it on your PC. This app has powerful choices. It can track activity for you, record clips for you, transfer information for you and take snaps for you. It can record sounds. It can warn you to sense any suspicious activity.   

Features & Functions Of Unicam For PC Software

This Wizard has many noticeable attributes. These functions and options are exceptional. you have to know them to use them. 

  • Unicam For PC 12This Wizard performs in an exceptional way to give us full supervision.
  • There are varied video streaming modes supported by this CMS
  • It relays live videos. There’s no interruption
  • It shows you a continuous relay without any time lag. 
  • The application can record activities and playback them
  • PTZ camera handling is feasible with this CMS. The Wizard can assist you in panning, tilting, and zooming cameras from any remote position.
  • The Wizard can take snaps, show playbacks
  • It can sense activities. It can even sense motion and audio. 
  • It can send you alert messages, and ring alarms for you to keep you alert against suspects
  • The software supports two-way audio. With its support, you will be ready to pass any message to the person on the device side. 
  • It will support you in scaring away suspects and interlopers
  • This software can be zoomed in on objects to circumstantially mark things 
  • To add the device to this app, scan the QR Code
  • This CMS uses advanced data functioning. It auto-corrects data in low-network areas to supply seamless streaming

Download Unicam For Windows

We are supplying you here with the link button for Windows. The file is squeezed. To put in it, you’ve got to un-squeeze it before installation.

We’ve additionally shown here the installation of the Unicam app for Windows. It is done here to guide our users through this method. It has been done in 3 steps.

The primary step is related to the installation of the App. The second step is related to log in it. the third step is given to add the device and watch cameras.   

Download Unicam For Mac OS

The link for the Unicam For Macintosh app is given here. It’s given here in a load button form. The file is encrypted. To transfer it, you have to untangle it. After that, you will be ready to install it.

The downloading and installation methodology is given for Windows OS in this article. By following an identical methodology, you can replicate it for Mac OS. 

Download Unicam For Android OS

Unicam App Images

If you wish to transfer and install the app on your Android-based smartphone, then here is the methodology given. The installation button is given for Android Wizard. If you wish to load this app on the mobile then get the app from the link given.

You can also take it from the google play store. Load the app and install it. After that, for adding the device, you’ve got to scan the QR Code. There are several additional steps between addition and observation.

Follow the requisite steps and the device will be added. Cameras can be viewed on the screen.    

Installation & Monitoring For Windows OS

To install the app on Windows, You have to load the Wizard on Windows. The file is given in a compressed manner. To get it, you have to decompress it. Therefore extract the file at the start. After that run it. It is done in three steps. 

Step-1 is related to the installation of the app. The second step is related to the Login of the app. The third step is related to the addition of the device and observation of cameras. 

Step-1 Installation of the CMS

To install the app on your Windows PC, double click the set-up file. It opens the following page.

Installation Setup 1

The app welcomes its users and asks them to load the file. For that press the next button. When you click the next button, the following window opens.

Unicam software Installation 2

Here, you have to select the way you want to install the application. Give it a path and select a folder where you want to load the content. After that press the next button.

Unicam Software Ready to Install

The setup file is ready to install the application for you. If you have to make any changes in the path and the folder location, press the back button. If you are satisfied with the selection, press the Install button.

Unicam CMS installation process

The app is installed. After the installation, it will notify you by opening the page.

Unicam Complete installation Window

Press the Finish button. This way the installation process is done. Now, we will go for the next step and that is the Login part.

Step-2 Log In Of The Application

Log in to the app is a two-step process. First, we click the icon of the software that is installed. It opens the following window.

Unicam Login to the Software 6

It asks us to log in to the app. The company has given an Id and the Password for the software. By default they are-

Username- admin

Password – 123456

Put them in their respective position and press the enter button.

Login to the software

It will take us to the Homepage of the application.

Unicam main Window

It is the homepage. This way we log in to it. We have learned here the logging in part. Now, we move to the third and the last part of the application where we will ‘Add devices & Monitor cameras’.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

When you go to adding devices, open the homepage of the CMS. There you will find the menu. Open the menu to find the ‘Add device’ option. Click that

Adding the Devices into the setup

Fill in the details required. It is asking you for the Device’s IP name, IP address, Port, Username, and Password. Fill them in and after that press the add button. It will add the device and cameras associated with the device appear on the screen.

Unicam For PC 10

This way we do ‘adding of the device and monitoring our sites.


Unicam For PC software application is shown in full capacity here. We have given in this post the download button of the app. It is given for Windows, Android, and Mac. We have also described the features of the application in detail.

For a practical user approach, we illustrated the downloading and installation process, step by step for Windows. We hope that it will guide you.

If there is any issue in loading, running, and installing the app, please share your query with us. We will feel delighted to handle that for you.

Thank You.

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