How to configure cp plus DVR remotely (Mobile View)

Here, we will discuss about How to configure cp plus DVR remotely. As we know, every company started to give P2P connections in their devices. In same manner cp plus dvr are also working with P2P connection. You do not need to forwarding the port. Just provide internet to dvr and scan the given QR …

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How to configure dahua DVR remotely (Mobile View)

Here, I am going to show you, How to configure dahua DVR remotely using P2P. Before we start , connect your DVR to the internet cable. Here we are going to use P2P technology so do not need to configure router. Just put internet cable and allow some function of DVR and done. Your DVR …

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5 Major Problem that You Face in CCTV Installation

hello guys in this post I am  going to discuss 3 major problem and their solution in the installation of cctv camera   1.  Humming  problem/ not clear the view I think every CCTV installation engineer is this problem sometime we install the camera at client side but this is not clear sometime picture is …

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Connect DVR to Computer

How to Connect Dvr to Computer

Guys, Here i am going to show you that how to connect DVR to computer. Well, it is very easy and basic thing to do in CCTV technical. If you want to learn that how to connect DVR to computer, then first you should learn how to connect two computer each other. CCTV DVR or …

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