CCTV Advertisement Ideas – Increase sale 5X times

Here we are discussing some CCTV ideas which are instrumental in CCTV advertising. These ideas can give you a quick and responsive result. We try to put some

Advertisement Pattern

CCTV advertisement Ideas which are easy to implement at a very low cost. If you do not have a huge amount to invest in the advertisement then this is the article made for you.

Please try to read each line carefully and we are very sure that you can get good CCTV ideas according to modes of business.

The advertisement is a very necessary step for any business growth. The funda is so simple that shows your product to the public and increases sales.

So find some of those places where some gathering comes and advertise your product. So just keep in mind that we need someplace where people come and look for something related to your product.

CCTV advertisements are a little bit different from general marketing ideas. It is just because this industry is different from other industries.

For example, a Shoe company like Nike or others makes only footwear, and people search for Nike if they need shoes.

But in CCTV the scenario is completely different. A consumer who wants a CCTV camera setup has to look for Cameras, DVRs, wires, connectors, Hard disks, and network components.

The list is endless. So many times it is beneficial from a marketing point of view.

Before doing print any CCTV advertisement remember some rules

CCTV Advertisement Basic Points

1. Know the audience for Advertisement 

The first rule of any advertisement for any product is to find out your target audience. Try to do some research that who can be the viewers of your advertisement and set your target audience. For example, you can not influence the viewer until you do not know everything about your audience.

2. Calculate the budget and also target the profit

Give some time and do research to calculate the advertising budget for your CCTV advertisement.

Also, analyze what profit it could give you. If you want to make a profit in a short duration of time then the analysis of budget and target profit can play a big role in that.

3. Always research the new way for advertisement

There is no fixed rule for the success of the advertisement idea. Sometimes your idea works and sometimes it does not work.

So do not stick to only one idea for your advertisement even if it works. Always, seeking a new idea that could work. Sometimes an idea works for only a short duration of time and then fails so always prepare for a new one.

4. Try to print some helpful information

Always try to influence your audience with your new CCTV ideas. No one is interested in watching your Ad until they find some valuable information.

For example, In your Ad, all information is only about a new feature that gives an instant notification when an object missing from its place in the CCTV camera.

So very few people show interest in your Ad, but if you put information on how this instant notification can help them then more people can buy your product.

5. Always use of testimonials

Testimonials always work to influence people. You always see in medical or toothpaste Ad they show doctors as a testimony and people assume they are real doctors.

So try to get some positive feedback from your satisfied customers and print those feedback in your Ad.

Now come to the best ideas for the CCTV Advertisement.

1. Video Ad

Nowadays videos can be easily viral if video have some social information like trending information, cultural information, crime information political information, etc.

So get a topic from the internet that is something related to your product and make a good video by using your mobile camera and video editing software and upload it on YouTube and try to make it viral.

You can also choose some topics like “Best CCTV brand in India” or “CCTV dealer in Kanpur” and mention your product in 2nd or 3rd position.

But in this kind of idea, you have to upload videos regularly on YouTube and wait some days for people to come and see your video. You may run your ad on the best movie streaming sites.

2. Facebook Ad

Facebook has a wide reach

More than 1 billion people are active on Facebook. So Facebook can be a powerful tool to place your ad. On Facebook, you can promote your product for free or can place a paid ad.

If your Ad has some good information and you could be able to get sharing from some Facebook users then your Ad will be viral.

3. Your Business Website

Most people have their own business websites and mostly they only put information about their products. The website can play a powerful role in promoting your product or service.

Put some good articles on your website related to your product or industry and try to up on the Google search.

If you are able to rank your content on the Google search then you do not need to print any kind of Ad people automatically come to your website and contact you.

It is only a myth that it is not easy to come on the google but the fact is, it is easy. You must choose some good keywords which have low competition and high volume.

If you give time to keyword research, then you can get thousands of keywords related to your business of low competition and high volume.

Now right 25-30 articles according to Google with 500 words. It automatically ranked in Google in 2-3 months and you start some customers. One more thing keep in mind is that in your articles try to influence the reader to buy your product wisely.

planning is a part of growth

4. Make a professional partner

This is my favorite CCTV advertisement idea and this trick 101% works. You can see that all big companies like BMW use this.

BMW has a professional partner Louis Vuitton. If you buy a new BMW car then they offer Louis bags. The customer benefit is that Louis bags perfectly fit in the BMW car. So they are promoting each other without affecting their existing customers.

You can also use this trick in any kind of business. You have to just find the right partner which has the same kind of customers but not the same kind of product.

For example, In your CCTV business, you can find a partner who sells monitor screens. So when a customer comes to buy a monitor screen for CCTV then he suggests you for CCTV setup. S

o try to find some good professional partners and your business can get sharp growth.

Items require niche marketing for more sales

5. Google Ad

Google is the world’s best search engine. When people need something then they always come to Google. Google also offers paid Ads.

Just go to Google AdWords and sign up with your account. Make an Ad, select the criteria of customers and submit your Ad on Google.

When people search for related to your product then Google will show your website at the top position and you get a new customer.

Your business must be on Google

Bonus Tip for CCTV Advertisement Idea

You can also submit your local business on the Google business page. After filling out the page Google verifies your business and gives a PIN code to you and you have to submit this PIN at your Google business account.

Now when someone searches for your product like a CCTV dealer in Kanpur in the local area then Google will show your information and you will get more customers.

Circulate your location and address


This is all about various scintillating ideas about CCTV Advertisement. We hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any kind of query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box. Your queries and suggestions are valuable to us. We will respond to them.

Thank You.

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