Download Free SV3C On PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

We are to explain and understand the procedure to install and set up the SV3C on PC. It is a CMS software designed to help the clients access and manage the CCTV camera through this application without any technical knowledge or qualification.

We will elaborate the information about this app for our readers and the surveillance camera users.

What is the SV3C CMS Application?

Logo of SV3C CMS
Logo of SV3C CMS

This software enables the clients to access and control the surveillance camera on a PC or smartphone. With this application, the users can also get instant alerts of any intruder or visitors. Also, get live video streaming from a remote location.

Get To Know More About The SV3C Software

The article here is to provide information about the application along with the free download links of the CMS for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. Apart from the free download, we have also provided information relating to the features and system requirements of the application for our readers and clients.

We have also described and explained information about the process to set up the CMS software along with the image illustration to help our readers and the surveillance camera user clients for smooth installation and setup. Read the details provided below carefully for setting up the software.

Details of Functions of SV3C Application 

Here we have explored and elaborated the information about the features present in this software to help our readers and the surveillance camera users get better insight into the action and commands provided in this application. The characteristics of the software are listed below as follows:

  • Get remote live video streaming on PC & smartphone.
  • Capture snapshots and record manually video.
  • Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control.
  • Supports video playback of stored videos.
  • Adjust time zone and other synchronization.

SV3C Recommended PC & Smartphone System Requirements

Get to learn more about the system requirement to access the surveillance camera on the application without any difficulty. Learning about this information will help our readers and the CCTV camera users in installing the application on the PC or smartphone. Without an appropriate operating system and device, the app will not function on the devices. The requirement is listed as follows:

  • Supported OS: Windows 7SP1, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10, Windows 11.
  • RAM: 3 GB for PC / 4 GB for Smartphones.
  • Space Requirement: MB for Windows & Mac OS / 20 MB for Android & iOS.
  • Required CPU: Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen R3 / Snapdragon 888 / A14 Bionic of Apple.

Information & Detail About the SV3C Company

SV3C Technology Limited established in 2013 is specialized in intelligent and security devices manufacturing and distribution. The company has clients and customers across the USA, Europe, Japan, and Australia. The company is equipped with a highly trained R&D, manufacturing, and marketing team. The organization is trying to built to explore new markets in Southeast Asia, North America, Middle East, etc.

Download CMS Free For Windows & Mac OS

We are glad that the organization has provided the software for the Windows and macOS user clients to download and set up the application free on their devices. The download of the CMS is free and the link is provided below for the PC users.

Remember to extract the download file of the application before starting the installation wizard with the WinRAR application. Also, read the detailed information about the setup procedure below in the article and guided images to better understand the process.

Install The SV3C Application on Android / iOS

The company has not neglected its smartphone users as well and provided them with an application to access the CCTV camera on their PC without any difficulty or technical knowledge. The links to download and install the application is available for free below. Click on the link to proceed to set up the app on the mobile phone.

With the help of this app, it is easy to access and monitor the premises and family from a remote location without any difficulty and ensuring maximum security and safety. Read the system requirement first before trying to install the CMS on the mobile.

How To Download & Set Up SV3C on PC?

Let us learn more in detail with help of the guided images the process to install the application on the Windows and Mac OS without any difficulty. Just follow the steps provided below with guided images for better learning the steps involved in setting up the CMS software on PC.

First Step – Setting Up The App on PC

The user will get the screen shown below in the image and click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Starting of set up wizard on PC
Starting of setting up wizard on PC

Here now the user must select the drive in which the user wants to install by clicking on the “Change” button or leave and click at the “Next” button to proceed.

Select the local drive to store file.
Select the local drive to store the file.

The application is ready to install on the PC. Click on the “Install” button to start the installation.

The app ready to install
The app ready to install

Second Step – Set Up And Connect Devices To The App

The home screen of the application is open on the PC, click on the “Device Configuration” button to configure the user.

The home screen of the application
The home screen of the application

Here sign in with the default username and password, then click on the “OK” button.

Default Username – “admin”

Default Password – There is no password in default, just enter username and click “OK”.

Sign in with default username and password
Sign in with the default username and password

Then proceed to device manager and click on the “Add Area” first to connect devices.

Device Manager of SV3C App
Device Manager of SV3C App

Here create an area of your choice like office, home, family, etc., and click on the “OK” button.

Create Area name
Create Area name

Then enter the UID of the device and other user credentials. Then click on the “OK” button.

Enter credentials to add cameras
Enter credentials to add cameras

Third Step – Access Live View on SV3C CMS Software

To get the live view on the application, right-click on the added device and then click on the option as shown below in the image.

Access the connected cameras.
Access the connected cameras.

Here is the sample live on the CMS for our readers and surveillance camera users.

SV3C for Windows
Screenshot of live view n SV3C for Windows & Mac OS.


Here the subject Download Free SV3C On PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS is discussed and explained in detail for the clients of SV3C CCTV camera clients to help them in learning with in-depth knowledge about the products and CMS software. The application is available and provided for free to download for PC and smartphone users.

This application has many unique features which are useful for better surveillance and security of the premises, office, staff and family ensuring better security and safety of loved ones. The app is available for free to download and install on the Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS operating systems.

We have also ensured to help the clients in selecting the best operating system and devices for smooth functioning of the software. In addition, we have also provided the detail relating to the installation of the software for PC users and our readers. 

We hope the article helps employ the app on their PC. For any question or issue contact us by commenting in the comment section below of this article.

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  1. Like your software for my s3cv camera. I was wondering if there was a way to view the saved video files without your software, say play them on VLC or another program. Thanks

  2. I was going to down load your software but you wanted my credit card and there is no reason for it. you can just ask where we are, so say you need it to know where we are. I will send these cameras back if that what you want. I just got them today. let me know if you can give me the software with out all this. I will wait one day and if I don’t hear back from you , I will send the cameras back.

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