Download ACCloud For PC On Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS Free

There are many third-party CMS software for CCTV cameras, to enable the users in accessing their surveillance camera through the respective operating system of PC or smartphones.

We have provided and discussed one such application known as ACCloud for PC to help them learn about the process of connecting the surveillance camera on the PC or a smartphone.

What is ACCloud Software?

ACCloud App Logo
 App Logo

ACCloud is a third-party CCTV camera software to help the clients in connecting and controlling their Onvif supported CCTV camera on CMS software. The application is developed and launched by the 365SECU to help and assist the clients in connecting their CCTV cameras without any difficulty.

The application is equipped with many useful functions and features that are discussed in this article below for explaining to the readers and user clients. The article has covered every vital aspect of the application to help the users in connecting as well as operating the software without any technical knowledge.

Read carefully the whole article as it covers many essential details about the installation as well. We have provided illustrated images for our readers and user clients for connecting and controlling the CMS on PC without any difficulty. The details are provided below in the article.

Features of ACCloud Application

  • HD video quality in real-time surveillance.t
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) control is available for 360-degree view.
  • Multiple users setup is also available.
  • Provides night vision mode with HD quality video.
  • Record and store video manually and capture snapshot.

We have explained and elaborated the details relating to the features and functions of the CMS software to help the clients in connecting and controlling the CCTV camera on the application without any hindrance. The details are described in brief above for our readers and the user clients.

System Requirement of CMS For Installation on PC/Smartphone

ACCloud CMS system requirement details.
ACCloud CMS system requirement details.

Above in the image, we have illustrated the system requirement along with the respective operating system to help the users in selecting the best software for the installation of the software on a PC or smartphone. We ensured that information is helpful for the installation of the CMS software. 

Download & Install for Windows OS Free

Here we have provided the link to download and install the software for accessing the CCTV camera on the CMS software. We have also provided the details related below in the article for installing the CMS clients. The link is provided below for the WordPress user clients.

But we are unable to render any software for the macOS user clients as the developer of the application has not launched an app for the Mac PC users. Therefore, we are unable to help the macOS clients. We have also explained the installation details along with the illustrated images.

ACCloud App For Free To Install Smartphone (Android/iOS)

The software developer has not neglected the android and iOS operating systems. Therefore we are glad to provide the free download and installation link for Android and iPhone and iPad users. The link to download the application is provided below in this section. Get the app for the smartphone now.

With help of this application, we can connect the surveillance cameras on the smartphone and keep surveillance on the premises to keep and ensure maximum safety and security. The link to download is provided above, click on it to proceed to install the CMS.

How To Install For PC (Windows OS)?

Here we have elaborated the procedure with illustrated images to help the user clients in installing and connecting the CCTV camera on the CMS software. Download and extract the file before employing the application with WinRAR. Then follow the steps illustrated below in the image.

1. Install & Setup CMS on PC

Select the language suitable to operate the software and click on the “OK” button.

Select language of CMS
Select language of CMS

The app will open on the screen of the PC, click on the “OK” button to proceed.

Start using the software.
Start using the software.

Go to device manager for linking the app with CCTV cameras.

Proceed to device manager
Proceed to device manager

First of all, add an area by clicking on the “Add Area” to create an area. Then select the created area and click on the “Add Device” button.

Create area and add device.
Create area and add device.

Enter the device details to link them on the application such IP address, port username and password. Then click on the “OK” button.


Live View on The Application From CCTV Camera

Sample video footage screenshot is provided below for our readers and clients as the sample.

ACCloud for Windows
Sample real-time video from the camera on ACCloud for Windows OS.


The article has dealt with the subject Download ACCloud For PC On Windows 7/8/10 OS Free in brief with a detailed explanation regarding the different aspects and features of the software to help the user clients in controlling and accessing the Onvif supported surveillance camera.

The article provides vital information and knowledge about the installation of the CMS clients to help them in connecting and controlling the CCTV camera without any technical issue being encountered. We have also provided the illustrated image for installing and operating the software on Windows OS.

But unfortunately, we are unable to help the macOS as there is the only app for iPhone and iPad users. The macOS user is not provided with the ACCloud CMS software for connecting and accessing the surveillance camera on PC without any difficulty. The developer has also not provided any information or update regarding the future availability of the application for macOS user clients.

We expect and hope that article on the subject of software helps install and connect the surveillance camera setup on PC without any difficulty. For any problem or query contact us below in the comment section provided.

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    1. f you’re experiencing delays or issues with the authorization code for ACCloud, there are a few steps you can take to resolve the problem:

      Check your internet connection: Ensure that your device has a stable and reliable internet connection.

      Verify your email or phone number: Double-check that you have entered the correct email address or phone number associated with your ACCloud account. If there are any errors or typos, you may not receive the authorization code. Update your account information if needed.

      Check your spam or junk folder: Sometimes, automated emails, including authorization codes, can be filtered into the spam or junk folder of your email inbox. Take a look in these folders to see if the email containing the code was redirected there.

      Resend the authorization code: Look for an option within the ACCloud application or website to resend the authorization code. This feature is often available if you haven’t received the code or if it has expired. Click on the appropriate button to request a new code.

      Contact ACCloud support: If you’ve tried the above steps and are still unable to receive the authorization code, it’s best to reach out to ACCloud’s customer support. They can investigate the issue further, provide you with assistance specific to your account, and help resolve the problem.

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