Download SCS Lite For PC Free On Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

SCS Lite For PC application is used to connect many CCTV devices with the app. It can connect more than 20 devices. Here in this article, we are going to mention the downloading and installation process for Windows and Mac OS. This SCS Lite For PC app is smart and technologically advanced software. It can sense objects and track suspects.

The installation process has been described here in 3 steps. The first step is installing the app. The second step is for logging in and the last step is about adding the device. The CMS app installation process is easy. 

Download For PC Windows OS

Download For Mac OS

You will find here the download links given for Windows OS and Mac OS. It is in the form of download buttons. To get them you have to click the link. The linked file is in a compressed format. To download them, you have to extract them first.

Why Is a CMS So Useful For Security?

A CMS which is developed for CCTV security is very important for surveillance purposes. Suppose you have plenty of locations around and you want to monitor them from one place. 

You have installed CCTV cameras at every location. Now you want to monitor them from your office. Your office is located in a faraway place from your sites.

This can only be made possible with the help of CMS software. It can add many devices to it and show them to you from remote locations. The best benefit of a CMS is that it can be accessed from any location. 

You can record videos, take snaps and watch playbacks. Whether you are at the location or not, you can direct and instruct at any time. The authority and control are always in your hand. It empowers you. 

What Is SCS Lite For PC?

SCS lite is an app that is developed and designed by CCTV Security Pros. The organization deals in CCTV products and accessories. It is an American company with a long-standing successful career. 

scs lite app on the play store 25It has HD products, IP products, doorbells, Access Systems and biometrics. The products are Among the best in the market. It has medium range and high range products. The services of the company are highly appreciable. 

The app makes sure to access various security surveillance devices from different remote locations. This way you are away from your site, but still, you continue your monitoring. You can pass instructions and give the order. You are always in command. 

Features & Functions Of SCS Lite App

There are many top-rated features and functions of this app. We are going to give you some key characteristics here. These are important to know. When you know them, you can use them.

  • SCS Lite For PC 26This app can scan the QR code of the device and add it very smoothly. 
  • The product captures videos in real-time. There is no time lag between video capturing and its relaying. 
  • It can also take snaps, keep recordings, and show you playback. 
  • We can keep recording on SD cards and the cloud server. It supports both kinds of recording. 
  • The latest and advanced technology auto-corrects data in the new low networking areas
  • It releases continuous data so there is no break in a live feed. 
  • It supports two-way audio. You can communicate and converse with a person who is on the side of the device. 
  • This feature is also used to safeguard property and people. 
  • Whenever you feel that someone is trespassing for doing some suspicious activity, you can shout or raise an alarm by using two-way audio technology. 
  • The product supports sensors. With the help of the sensors, you can detect motion and audio. 
  • You can also pre-set suspicious zones by marking them. When anyone sneaks into those areas, the app alerts you through motion and alarm. 
  • It allows you to operate the device from any remote location. 
  • You can watch recordings and see playbacks. You can also take snaps. 
  • The app supports PTZ cameras. You can pan, tilt and zoom on any PTZ camera from foreign places.

Install SCS Lite For Windows OS

Install SCS Lite For Windows app. Click the download button which is given below. The setup file will open. The application setup file is given in a compressed format. We have to decompress the file before installing it.

Here, we are showing you the complete installation process with a full illustration in 3 steps. The first step is about installing the setup file. The second step is for logging in to the app. In the third step, you will see that we will add the device and monitor cameras. It is easy to install and monitor. 

Download For PC Windows OS

Install SCS Lite For Mac OS

Install the app for Mac OS. The link button is given below. Click the link button and get the setup file. The installation process is the same for Macintosh PC as it is for Windows OS. You can get a hint about installing, logging in, and adding the device from there. 

Download For Mac OS

Install SCS Lite App, Log In & Add Devices For Windows OS

You will find here the full illustration of the installation, logging in, and device addition of the SCS on Windows. It is mentioned in 3 steps. Each step will take you to the next level.

Step-1 Install the Setup File

To install the setup file, click it. The following page opens.

homepage of the app 1

The homepage of the file opens. Select the language of the software and accept the agreement. Press the next button. This page opens.

select the features to install 2

There are two features given here. If you have to load them, tick them. After that press the next button.

select the path & folder 3

Here, you have to select the path and the folder. Select them and then press the Install button. Thselectedwill begins to unload its contents in the selected folder. The software gets installed in a jiffy.

app is installing 4

The installation process is simple and easy. It finishes the process in no time.  The downloading process is over, the file sends us a notification that the installation is finished successfully.

app download successfully 5

The downloading and installation process is over. The step-1 is over.

We will go to the next step and log in to the device.

Step-2 Log In to The App

To log in, we open the installed application file. This page surfaces.

create the password 6.

You have to create the password. Create it and press the next button.

login the app 7

This way you log in to the software. Press the logisiteutton. This way the login process is done.

Reach the site-3. In this step, we will add the device and begins monitoring.

Step-3 Add The, Device & Monitor

To open the device, log in to the app. After it, this page will appear. It is the homepage of the software.

homepage of the app 8

This is the homepage. On the left-hand corner on the top, the +Add column is mentioned. Click it to add the device. This page will appear on the screen.

add the device 9

Fill in these points. Give the device name, the IP address, port, username and password. Press the Add button after that. You will add the device.

device connects to the app 10

This way the device appears on the screen. It is easy to connect devices. by following the same process, any number of devices can be added.


SCS Lite For PC  is given here in full detail. It is an app for PCs. you will get it. It is also available for Android OS. We have illustrated here the complete installation, login and device addition process. The link button is given for Windows and Mac.

We have also given the attributes of this software. If you find any difficulty in loading, logging or adding, please share your queries with us. We will provide you with the best possible solutions. Your concern and issues matter to us.

Thank You.

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