Smart PSS Alternative for PC CMS on Windows 11 & MAC

This post is specially dedicated to the Smart PSS Alternative Apps. The Smart PSS Software is designed and marketed by Dahua Technology. It is a security surveillance App for connecting CCTV devices and monitoring them from remote locations.

Here, in this post, we have mentioned Smart PSS Alternative for PC CMS Apps. These apps are alternative arrangements for Smart PSS Software. 

There are 8 alternative apps given here. These apps are explained and their usefulness is defined. Their complete installation procedure is illustrated and device additions are narrated with images. 

These alternative apps are shared with a link. Click the link to get the complete configuration of these CMS Apps

How to Benefit from Smart PSS Alternative for PC CMS Apps

There are 8 alternative apps given here. These apps are compatible with Dahua Devices. They can connect Dahua cameras, NVRs or DVRs and give them access from remote locations.

Every app is completely defined and their download buttons are shared. Click the download button and get the executable files. These files are given in a compressed format. You have to decompress them to install them on PCs. Separate download buttons are given for Windows OS and Mac OS.

To monitor these alternative apps on PCs, you have to install them and then sign in to their respective applications. After that, you have to add devices to these apps. The device connection step is clearly mentioned in the most explicit way.

Click the link of these CMS Apps and get the complete information about them.

List of Smart PSS Alternative Apps

There are 8 alternative apps given here. These CMS Software are tried and tested. They are top-rated and have super surveillance features. You are always live and connected with your locations with their help. 

These CMS Apps are the following.

1. IDMSS plus

2. ⁠Q-See QT view

3. ⁠Montavue Go 2.0

4. ⁠Kbview plus

5. ⁠Honview Touch

6. ⁠IC view

7. ⁠ToughDog Viewer Pro

8. ⁠VMMS Lite

Smart PSS Alternative for PC CMS Apps

There are a total of 8 alternative software CMSs given here for Dahua Devices. Let’s get them one by one.

1. IDMSS Plus

IDMSS Logo image 1

IDMSS Plus is a security surveillance software. It is used to connect Dahua CCTV devices. Dahua Technologies is a Chinese company. It is the second largest manufacturer of CCTV cameras. 

It has an entire range of surveillance products. They are the latest and most durable. This software is smart and easy to use. We have to install it and then connect CCTV Devices with it. This way we can access security cameras from remote areas.

This app is available for Windows and Mac.

Get IDMSS Plus CMS here.

2. ⁠Q-See QT View

Q-See QT logo image 2 Smart PSS Alternative

This application is designed to connect QT series cameras, NVRs and DVRs with the CMS. This way you access these devices from any remote place. 

It is a powerful software which relays live images. You can check playbacks and take snaps of events from anywhere. Even you can operate CCTV Cameras and DVRs from your place. You get alert signals and can communicate two-way. 

You are never out of touch with your sites and locations. It gives you freedom of mind and keeps you connected with your people and work.

Get the Q-See QT View CMS here.

3. ⁠Montavue Go 2.0

Montavue Go logo image 3

Montavue Go 2.0 is a solid security surveillance Software. It is designed and marketed by Montavue Industries. It is a renowned CCTV company manufacturing all kinds of CCTV products and accessories. 

Montavue is an American Company with the latest security products. The App has all the modern security features. You can connect devices and monitor them from all remote locations. This software works as an alternative to the Smart PSS App which is used to add Dahua devices.

Get Montavue Go 2.0 CMS here.

4. ⁠Kbview Plus

Kbview Plus logo image 4

This Kbview Plus software is used in connecting CCTV cameras and other security devices from Kbvision Industries. It is an American company with a range of security products. 

This Kbview Plus software also works with Dahua Devices. You can connect Dahua CCTVs and Recorders with this app. 

The app gives you all the modern technological functions. It can connect devices and alert you to threats. It has a 2-way talk feature which allows you to talk and listen. 

It is a 138MB App that was first released in 2020. Since then, it has been updated many times. 

Get Kbview Plus CMS here.

5. ⁠Honview Touch

Honview touch logo 5

The Honview Touch App is for monitoring sites and locations. It is a security surveillance app from Honeywell Incorporation. It is an American company. This company’s security products are highly durable and advanced. It makes products for industries and homes. 

This Honview Touch App connects Honeywell cameras and makes them accessible from remote areas. It is also compatible with Dahua Products. It can connect Dahua CCTV cameras and Recorders and make them accessible from anywhere. 

The software has the best security features. It pushes messages and rings alarm bells sensing any threat. You are always safe under its surveillance.

Get the Honview Touch CMS here.

6. ⁠IC view

IC View logo image 6

IC View is a security app from IC Realtime Organization. It is an American company which was established in 2006. Its products have a good market reputation. They are technologically advanced and affordable.

The IC View can connect CCTV cameras and devices for remote monitoring. This app works wonderfully well on Dahua devices as well. It can connect these cams and DVRs for live monitoring from any place. 

This software has been in the market since 2014. It has more than 1 Lakh users right now. It gives you live video and audio. It gives you alert messages and alarms you sense suspicious people. You can also operate and adjust devices from remote areas. 

Get IC View CMS here.

7. ⁠ToughDog Viewer Pro

TouchDog Viewer Pro logo 7 Smart PSS Alternative

TouchDog Viewer Pro App is useful in connecting CCTV devices and accessing them live from our place without being at the site itself. This App is the brainchild of Touchdog Security, which is an American security surveillance company.

With an internet connection, you can access your cameras and recorders from any corner of the world. This software adds CCTV devices and makes them accessible to any location. This App supports Dahua cameras and recorders and connects them as well.

The complete CMS app to connect and monitor from PCs with the help of this App is given in the below link. Click the link below and get the complete procedure.

Get Touchdog Viewer Pro CMS here.

8. ⁠VMMS Lite

VMMS Lite image logo 8

VMMS Lite is software for connecting CCTV cameras and allowing remote monitoring. It is offered by Videotrend. It is a subsidiary of Dahua. It is a Chinese enterprise which has specialization in the CCTV industry.

VMMS Lite security app is a high-standard software. It has all the modern security features and functions. It safeguards you from threats and suspicious people. 

This app was introduced in 2016 and it has been updated many times since then. The owners keep on improving it with the latest research and development. It supports all Dahua security products.

Get VMSS Lite CMS here.


The 8 Smart PSS Alternative software are shared here. These alternatives can connect CCTV cameras and show them to you from any remote location. These are the latest and updated CMS Apps.

The complete installation process with the login and camera addition steps are illustrated in the connected links. You will get the guidance for Windows and Mac PCs. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is smart PSS used for?

It stands for a security app that is used to connect CCTV devices for remote monitoring. It is available for both Windows and Mac.

What is a smart professional surveillance system?

The Smart Professional Surveillance System (Smart PSS) is a full-featured video surveillance application. You can access your locations with its help from anywhere.

What are the requirements for smart PSS?

Following is the system requirement for this Smart PSS Software.
System Requirements-
OS: Windows 7 SP1 (Pro/Ultimate), Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
CPU- Intel(R) Core i5-6400 2.4GHz or above
Display Card Independent card that supports direct X 8.0c or higher
Memory Memory: 1Gb or above

Is Smart PSS free?

Yes, it is a free smart security app.

How many devices can you have on Smart PSS?

You can connect up to 256 devices at a time. You can also connect a maximum of 256 channels at a time.

What is smart PSS Lite?

The SmartPSS Lite Client Software is designed to configure and manage Dahua devices such as IP cameras, recorders (NVRs, XVRs), access control devices (ASIs, ASCs, ASRs), and attendance management devices (ASAs). It provides multiple functionalities, including live view, smart search and playback, receiving of multiple events and alarms, unified personnel management, multi-period attendance, first card unlock, multi-card unlock, anti-passback and inter-door lock.

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