SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 2022 For Smart Home

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SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera is a unique cam with three tracking modes- line crossing track, intrusion track, and preset track.

SUNBA was founded in 2014 to manufacture and provide the best-integrated pan, tilt, zoom security cameras to dominate the Security surveillance market.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera relays live stream videos to youtube with the support of RTMP(Real Time Messaging Protocol). It is studded with starlight LEDs that radiate vibrantly at night or in the darkness. With the two-way audio, you are always safe from threats.

The device is exceptionally strong in a high-end PTZ cam that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and at least 90 degrees vertically. The features also encompass 25x optical zoom, audio, PoE, high-speed rotation, upward tilt, outdoor weatherproof, long-range infrared, and p2p cloud communication together.

This high-value device is having a price tag of $479.99 at Amazon.

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SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 7

Buying Guide For A PTZ Camera

If you want to buy a PTZ camera to monitor a wider area then you should look for the following features in the device.

Pan & Tilt

All PTZ cameras can be moved horizontally or vertically. They are made to function that way to cover the maximum coverage area. 

When cameras move horizontally to cover the wider angle of the location then it is called as panning of the camera.

When they move vertically to cover the wider range then it is known as tilting of the camera.

Cameras can rotate horizontally up to 360 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. Though, the degrees of the movement vary from product to product.

Some latest good quality PTZ cameras can also be operated from a remote location with the help of the APP. Because of wider angle coverage, PTZ cameras are highly useful for sensitive locations that are big also.


PTZ cameras are special because they can be zoomed in and out manyfold. By zooming in the image you can trace even the minutest of the activities very clearly. 

You can zoom in on the image from 2x to 40x and even more. The better the resolution and image quality, the clearer the zoomed clip. The quality of the zoomed image depends on the quality of the varifocal lens and the setting of focal length.


People have become accustomed to HD (1280 x 720) and even full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution videos for digital PTZ cameras/recorders and online videos, and with TV quickly moving into the HDTV era, IP camera users have come to expect megapixel resolution images from their cameras. 

Price is also no longer an issue since the difference in cost between megapixels and SD (usually 720 x 480 or 720 x 576) IP cameras is relatively small.


If you have to capture videos at night, then you have to look for strong LEDs in a PTZ camera. Super LEDs illuminate the object better at night. Starlights or Floodlights are the modern-day super solution for darkness.

Motion Sensors & Audio Sensors

The technology is improving day by day, making it much more effective at tracking objects of interest. It keeps the user safe from any kind of threat. 

Sensors are functional in such a way that they relay alarms or switch on floodlights or lights attached to the PTZ camera when they read something fishy. They also send you notifications on your mobile phones when observing suspicious activities.

Easy To Setup

How easy it is to fix the camera. How easy it is to position or mount the camera. If a CCTV camera has a good pan/tilt, it might not require accurate positioning. You might just place them over a heightened table or wardrobe.


Since PTZ cameras are used outdoors, weatherproofing is a must. Check whether your cameras have IP65, IP66, IP67, etc. level waterproofing at least.

Night- Vision

Cameras have an inbuilt IR system. You have to check the quality of the night-vision. If night-vision is weak then it will capture dull images, face recognition would be difficult. The security purpose would be in peril. 

Two-Way Audio

All good PTZ cameras are equipped with speakers and microphones. With the help of the app, you can talk two-way and communicate with the person on the other side. It is a very useful function. With its help, you can alert others or hush away the threat.

Cloud Storage Facility

CCTV cloud storage is a comprehensive program that allows users to store camera-related footage remotely without worrying about storage capacity on-site.

IP Cameras & PoEs

IP Cam is the latest and modern range. Installation is easy, and picture quality is the best. Go for IP appliances only. IP Cameras are network-based security cameras that communicate over a computer network to send a data signal back to the recorder. 

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 3


Advantages Of SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera

  • Smart Tracking 
  • Effective surveillance
  • 25x Optical Zoom
  • RTMP Direct Broadcasting to YouTube
  •  Two-way Audio
  • 2-Yr Warranty
  • PoE+ Technology
  • Smartphone Notification
  • IP 66 Waterproofing
  • Cloud-Based Recording


  • The ceiling mount is not available with the cam
  • PoE adapter is not given
  • Cloud recording is chargeable

Unboxing Of The Device

It includes

  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Camera
  • Wall Bracket without ceiling mount
  • 12V 4Amp power adapter

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 4


It is white- colored semi oval-shaped cam with dimensions 16 x 11 x 10 inches. It weighs around 9.68 pounds. It has a metallic casing that makes the device sturdy.

On the front side of the device, there are 10 LEDs, starlights, microphone spots, and iris fixed. On the rear end of it, a slot for sd card, and a switch for a reset button are given. 

Features Of SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera

Following are the illustrative features of it.

Auto Tracking

This PoE+ wired industrial-grade IP camera can automatically follow moving objects in 3 modes: line cross trackingintrusion tracking, and preset tracking powered by high-speed motors to deliver enhanced smooth tracking experiences.

Line Cross Tracking

Users can draw a virtual line from the camera view, and the camera will track any objects crossing the line in either direction and return to the original camera view when the set tracking duration time is up.

Intrusion Tracking

Users can draw a virtual polygon from the camera view, and the camera will track any objects trespassing the zone, and return to the original camera view when the set tracking duration time is up.

Preset Tracking

The camera will detect any moving object in a preset (predefined camera view) and track the object until the set tracking duration time is up. After that, the camera returns to the predefined camera view until the next tracking event is triggered.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 12

25x Zooming For Maximum Clarity

The 25x optical zoom lens will leverage the zoom status of the camera according to the distance of a moving object, day and night. The camera is equipped with a 1/2.8″ Sony Starvis Sensor and delivers 1080p@30fps in H.264/H.265.

RTMP Direct Broadcasting to YouTube

Make broadcasting PC-free. Different from other IP cameras with only RTSP stream, Sunba Illuminati supports RTMP stream as well and can push live stream events directly to YouTube (H.264/AAC only) without 3rd party software/server. 

Two-way Audio

This model is two-way speaking with the capacity of talking to the person at the camera’s end through Guarding Vision app.

The camera has dual audio solutions: it came with a built-in microphone to pick up ordinary audio activity and users seeking optimized sound quality can choose to hook external microphone simply by switching a wire in the camera body.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 1


You are covered! 30 days return & 60 days US advanced replacements & 2-yr US Manufacturer’s warranty on parts.

Power over Ethernet Plus

Attention: PoE+ injector/switch must meet 802.3at standard;

Conventional PoE (802.3af) only delivers 15.4W and will cause underpower!

The camera comes with a UL-listed DC12V4A adapter. A PoE+ adapter is NOT included.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 2Waterproofing

-4-140° F Operating Range. TVS4000 Lightning Protection. Anti-vandalism Aluminum Casing. IP66 Waterproof Rated.

Smartphone Notification

Remotely watch live view & playback and control PTZ/Preset through Guarding Vision app (iOS & Android) with motion detection snapshot stored in a cloud server.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 10

SD Card Recording

The device comes with a micro SD card slot that can store videos and snapshots. It can save up to 512 GB of data.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 6

Cloud Recording

The company and the cam have this facility available that you can keep your records saved at the cloud server. Though it’s chargeable, it is important for security reasons.

Night- Vision 

Your property will be covered by the superior night vision of Sunba Illuminati with 10 pieces of IR LED. The infrared illumination distance can reach up to 1000ft depending on the scene. The 25X PTZ has a right array of low beam IR LED (for 1~12x) and a left array of high beam LED illuminating further objects at 13x~25x zoom level.SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 11

How To Install?

To install the cam you have to pick the location and mark that area. Then you have to mount it and screw it up with the help of screws and anchors. Then supply the power in the cam to make it functional. 

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera 13After that download the App “iSUNBA Pro PTZ” from the play store and install it. Add the cam by scanning the QR Code and enjoy the system.

Users’ Response And Feedback  

Dr Wallace From The USA says that

  • The Sunba Illuminati cameras are the best cameras that we have tried for auto tracking and detailed imaging. We have evaluated and installed cameras from multiple manufacturers over the last few decades for security, surveillance, and monitoring systems. 
  • We have had several Sunba 601-d20x cameras installed since 2017. They have performed as expected. Recently we purchased and installed four of the new Sunba Illuminati cameras. Their design, features, user interface, and manufacturing process have resulted in a superior product that functions well in extreme weather conditions.

Duke praises the device as

  • I am no Virgin when it comes to security cameras because In my working days I was Jail Maintenance supervisor for 25 years and was responsible for a multi-million dollar security system with 225 cameras. 
  • I had a break in my garage and it was on! I have installed 10 Rabb Lights, Along with a 25 Camera Geovision System that consists of (21) GeoVision cameras and (4) Sunba PTZ Cameras recently the last one being a Sunba Illuminati. 
  • In the resolution of the Illuminati, I have included two Infrared of night shots up the street 700 ft. And two just across the street This Camera Is Awesome it compares to cameras costing thousands. Sunbeds make great cameras. 
  • Take it from someone who knows, One word of advice, If possible add a Rabb Motion sensor Light at each camera location when the sensor on the movement of the light senses the light comes on turning the camera’s picture to full color. 

Should I Buy It?

This cam makes you more secure. The 25x zooming, 360 degrees panning, and 90 degrees tilting make the device extremely useful. Live streaming on youtube is a salient feature of the cam, that many cams in the market don’t have yet.  

The auto-tracking part makes it dead sure not to miss anything suspicious. Metallic sturdy body and IP66 waterproof rated instrument fall in super quality.

Reviews and feedbacks also make the cam special.


It is a heavy cam that is more suited to a sensitive outdoor location. It can vertically tilt 90 degrees downward, and 15 degrees upward. So the coverage around the cam, upward, and downward are all covered.

It is a very sophisticated cam with all the surveillance features in it. You can’t ignore it.

SUNBA PoE+ Illuminati PTZ Camera review is for you. How did you rate it? Please let us know through your comments in the comment section. 

Thank You

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