Superlive Plus Alternative CMS for Windows 8/10/11 & MAC OS

This post guides you to some CMS Apps which are known as Superlive plus alternative Software. These Apps can be used as a substitute for Superlive Plus CMS App. 

The Superlive Plus App is a security surveillance application that connects various CCTV devices installed at remote locations. It allows you to monitor them live from remote places without any problem. 

The Superlive Plus Alternative Apps search will be over here as we are going to mention its alternative apps here in this article. With their help, you can connect your CCTV Cameras and get them on your PCs from far away locations.

The Superlive Plus app is designed to connect TVT NVRs and Cameras. Its alternative apps will also add these devices without any difficulty.

You will find here the 6 Superlive Plus Alternative CMSs. They are researched and checked to function as a substitute for SuperLive Plus.

How to Benefit from Superlive Plus Alternative CMS Apps?

There are a total of 6 Apps mentioned here. This software works as a substitute for SuperLive. Each software is connected with a link to reach the root page of that software.

The Alternative CMS software is completely defined there. The download buttons are given to get these apps for Windows and Mac. 

You have to click the download button to get the CMS File. It is shared in a compressed file format. You have to decompress them for installation. The complete installation to monitoring procedure is illustrated in three steps.

The first step guides you about the installation of the software. The second step demonstrates the sign-in process and the third step directs you to the camera addition process. The complete system is showcased in the post. 

Press their respective links and get these apps.

List of Superlive Plus Alternative for PC CMS Apps

There are a total of 6 alternative apps given here. The list mentions them. These given apps are from trusted sources and their complete analyses are made.
These apps are as below.

  1. Nvms lite
  2. ⁠Hifocus pro/ velocity Hd / Hf velocity
  3. ⁠HMS hd viewer
  4. ⁠AVY mobile CMS
  5. ⁠ozo smart view
  6. ⁠ossia CMS

SuperLive Plus Alternative CMS Apps

There are in total 6 software given here that can be an alternative arrangement to connect TVT Devices.

1. Nvms Lite

NVMS Lite App Logo

This software is designed and developed by TVT. This software is an improved version of its earlier form. It can connect TVT security devices and show them to you in remote locations. 

This app can additionally connect CCTV devices from third parties. However, its connectivity to third-party brands is limited to only reputed brands like Hikvision, Dahua, etc.

It has powerful management in real-time live remote access, remote playback and live operation of devices from remote areas.

The app is given below. You have to click the link and learn the process for further usage.

Get the NVMS Lite CMS here.

2. Hifocus Pro/ Velocity HD / HF Velocity

HF Velocity App Logo

This application is very handy for connecting TVT security devices with it. You can remotely access them and monitor them from anywhere. This software is also used for connecting Hifocus cameras.

This application has advanced network features. It maintains the continuous flow of data in low-network areas. The app connects cameras and NVRs by scanning the QR code and showing them to us from remote locations. 

It doesn’t matter how near or far you are from the site, you are always connected with your place. It gives you mental peace and awareness.

Get the Hifocus Pro/ Velocity HD / HF Velocity CMS here.

3. HMS HD Viewer

HMS HD Viewer App logo

This HMS HD Viewer App is extremely popular for security surveillance. It is designed and offered by Honeywell Company. This software is highly effective because of its top-class features. 

It is applicable for Honeywell devices as well as some prominent third-party cameras like TVT, Hikvision, etc. You can monitor your site from any remote area. You are always connected with your locations. You can communicate, exchange ideas, and monitor at will.

The complete installation and configuration process is defined in the given link. The app features are also mentioned for better and proper usage of the CMS Software.

Get the HMS HD Viewer CMS Link here. 

4. ⁠AVY Mobile CMS

AVY Mobile CMS App Logo

This AVY Mobile CVMS App is the brainchild of AVYCON. It is an American company with a complete range of CCTV cameras. This app connects CCTV devices and shows them to you at any remote place.

The AVY Mobile software supports TVT devices. It adds them and makes the monitoring easier. We can monitor not only live events but also check playbacks and take snaps from remote locations. 

It has all the modern features and functions. We can even operate CCTV gadgets from remote locations. We can pan, tilt, and zoom. 

Get the AVY Mobile CVMS CMS here.

5. ⁠Ozo Smart View

Ozo Smart View App Logo

This OzoSmartView CMS App is a security surveillance software. It connects various CCTV Devices and makes them accessible from remote areas. We can monitor and instruct people from our places. This way whether we are at locations or away, we are always connected with our people and places.

This application is offered by Ozone Group. It is a 24-year-old company that has digital solutions for all of our security needs. It has surveillance cameras, doorbells, door locks, etc.

This app is like a SuperLive Plus CMS. It connects TVT devices for remote monitoring. It possesses all the latest features and functions of CCTV Apps.

Get the OzoSmartView CMS here.

6. ⁠Ossia CMS

Ossia CMS App Logo

The Ossia CMS App is designed and developed by Provision ISR. It is an Israeli Multinational Company that was instituted in 2007. The main operation of the company is to provide affordable security surveillance products to the world and strengthen the security of the world.   

The Application file has all the latest and modern security surveillance characteristics. You can be at your place and still live monitor venues thousands of kilometers away. You can exchange words, instruct people and maintain surveillance.

The sensor feature alerts you of suspicious people and things. It sends you alert signals and safeguards you from any impending threat. It has all the additional common characteristics of a CCTV surveillance app. 

Get the Ossia CMS App here.


The SuperLive Plus Alternative CMS Apps are demonstrated here. You have found the 6 best alternative apps. These are equally good in characteristics and operation. 

The complete installation to surveillance stages are elaborated separately. Their links are shared and apps are illustrated. The download button is given to get the CMS and their key features are highlighted for making a better use of them.

Kindly share your queries in the comment section. Your opinions and suggestions are valuable to us.

Thank You.

What is a CMS app?

A CMS App is a security surveillance software used to monitor security surveillance cameras from remote areas. It allows you to view live events, remote access to playback, two-way communication, and perimeter protection. These are only a few functions of it.

Why look for alternatives to Superlive Plus?

You can look for SuperLive Plus alternative apps because you prefer the app, different user interface, limited functions or compatibility problems.

Are there any free alternatives to Superlive Plus?

Yes, there are a few CCTV software apps that are free alternatives for Superlive Plus. These are like NVMS Lite, Ossia, OzoSmart, AvyMobile, etc.

Can I integrate third-party devices with alternative CMS apps?

Yes, you can integrate devices with third-party apps. Some apps allow other company’s products to get added to it.

Are alternative CMS apps secure?

Security is the main concern when going for the installation of alternative apps. But mostly alternative apps are trustworthy. Still, you need to check for those apps that offer encryption, secure login methods, and software updates.

Do alternative CMS apps provide technical support?

Yes, most of the CMS Apps offer technical support for maintaining the setup, troubleshooting, and any issues that may arise during use.

What app can I use instead of SuperLive Plus?

You can use its alternatives. Some of its alternative apps are 1. Nvms lite 2. ⁠Hifocus pro/velocity Hd / Hf velocity 3. ⁠HMS HD viewer 4. ⁠AVY mobile CMS 5. ⁠ozo smart view 6. ⁠ossia CMS, etc.

What devices are compatible with SuperLive Plus?

With this app, devices like Android, Apple, Windows, etc. can be connected for remote monitoring.

What is the SuperLive Plus app used for?

This app is used for monitoring security surveillance devices for remote monitoring.

How do I watch SuperLive Plus on my computer?

You can do it with the CMS link given. Then install and configure it for remotely accessing security devices on Windows PC. You can also use Emulator Apps like BlueStacks to monitor on PCs.

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