Download Wave2Cloud On Windows 7/8/10 & MAC OS Free

We have provided the details about the installation of the Wave2Cloud on Windows OS. The application is available for user clients to provide access to their CCTV camera system set up on the PC without any difficulty.

The details are discussed below with details relating to the software’s installation and we have also provided other essential details for the operation of the app.

There is much useful application in the market but the Wave2Cloud CMS is unique in many features and functions as it provides multiple detection and surveillance functions to provide maximum security as well as an alert in many different situations.

Information On The CMS

The article covers every vital information of the application of the software. We have provided the details about the software’s installation on the PC. The users can learn more apart from the installation such as features and system requirements. Read the article carefully to run and control the CMS on Windows OS.

Logo of Wave2Cloud App
Logo of Wave2Cloud App

Along with other details please read the set-up process and method to connect and control the software on the Windows OS. The steps are elaborated along with the image illustrations for the users to learn. Therefore read the process carefully to understand it.

What is Wave2Cloud?

It is a CMS software for connecting and live to view third-party CCTV cameras on the PC and smartphone. The application has many essential functions along with advanced AI detections for different scenarios. This is one of the best CMS software available in the CCTV camera market.

Features & Functions of the Application

We have described and explained the functions of the software to help the readers and clients in learning about the task and command that can be performed and what output is provided by this software. We have elaborated the characteristics and functions as follows below:

  • Different Types of detection alerts.
  • Live video streaming along with facial recognition.
  • Emotion and Sound detection.
  • Baby Care function to monitor baby.
  • Cloud and local video as well as image storage.

Requirement Of Installing Software on PC & Smartphone

We have provided the information relating to the software installation of the CMS to help the clients in selecting and employing the best and most suitable device along with the operating system for better and smooth functioning of the software. Below we have provided the list of suitable devices and operating systems for our readers and clients.

Requirement To Install The Application.
Requirement To Install The Application.
  • CPU Requirement: Intel Core i3 / Snapdragon 888
  • RAM Requirement: 4 GB.
  • Space: 100 MB of Free Space on Hard drive.
  • Support OS: Windows 7/8/10 OS & Android 5.5.
  • Graphics: Intel HD graphics / Adreno.

Install And Run Wave2Cloud For PC Free

We have provided the free download link to install and connect the CCTV camera on the PC without any technical issues. The software’s file is provided in compressed format, extract the file before employing the CMS. The link is provided below for Windows OS.

Apart from the download, we have also provided the details related to the set-up and installation on the Windows PC. The details are related to the software. The details are provided below with detailed descriptions and image illustrations.

Install & Setup App For Android

The company has also provided the installation of the app for Android smartphone users. The CMS is free to download and connect the CCTV camera on the mobile phone without any technical issue. The details are provided below. Get the app now to access the live video streaming of CCTV cameras.

Unfortunately, there is no app available for iOS operating system users. Therefore we are unable to render any help in this regard for connecting the surveillance camera on their iPhone or iPad. The user either opts for the android smartphone or Windows OS to access the live video surveillance.

Wave2Cloud For Mac OS And iOS Available or Not?

The company has not developed an application for macOS and iPhone user clients. Also, there are no updates of future development of software for MacBook users. But the clients try an alternative by using Windows or android simulators such as Bluestacks. Each method has its benefits and the user can select the best suitable method for accessing their surveillance system.

Unfortunately, we are unable to help the iOS operating system users completely due to no CMS available for them. Therefore we advise selecting either Windows compatible devices or Android smartphones for accessing their CCTV camera setup on the software.

How To Install The Wave2Cloud on Windows?

As mentioned earlier, we have described and explained the CMS software on the Windows OS. The details are described with images to help our readers and the app users connect their CCTV camera to their PC. Read the steps carefully before employing the CMS for installation.

The company has not neglected the user and developed the application for the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphone user to help them keep surveillance on their premises, family, and loved ones from a remote location. With baby care function track the condition of the baby as well.

1.Installation of CMS Client on Computer

The License agreement window will appear on the screen, click on the “I Agree” button to proceed.

License with terms agreement.
License with terms agreement.

The installer will begin to install and store the file in the drive for software. Wait for the process to complete successfully.

Progress of CMS installation
Progress of CMS installation

2.Register & Sign Up With Email ID

The software will start automatically, now enter the email ID and password for secure sign-up and login. Click on the “Close” button after successful installation.

Enter email ID and create a password
Enter email ID and create a password

Then select the country, mobile carrier, and phone. After that select the option below of the features and functions. Then click on the “Finish” button.

Select the option and feature required for app.
Select the option and feature required for the app.

3.Live view of Surveillance Camera

Here is a sample screenshot of the live view from the CCTV camera.

Wave2Cloud for PC
Live video footage from CCTV camera on Wave2Cloud for PC users.


We have discussed the subject of Download Wave2Cloud On Windows 7/8/10 OS Free to help and connect the CCTV camera on the application without any technical issues. It is a CMS software that enables the users to connect and control the third-party CCTV camera on the PC. 

We explained and elaborated the installation process and connected the CMS client along with details about the system requirements and features of the app. We ensured to render our readers the process of installing and setting up the camera on the software with images illustration.

Unfortunately, the organization has not rendered any software for the macOS and iOS users to enable them to connect their surveillance system. However, the Mac and iOS users can employ the Bluestack i.e, an android simulator on their MacBook to download the android application on their PC.

The article is beneficial for CMS users to help them learn more about it. For any questions and doubts reach us with the help of the comment box to help you by providing solutions. Thank you.

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