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5 best cctv surveillance wifi camera that you should use once

CCTV surveillance market growing fast and everyone need camera to monitor their home and working place. It is quite obvious that so many companies launching their new products day by day and wants to hold customers. Here, we are going to discuss some good quality wireless “CCTV surveillance” camera which is easy to install and affordable.

List of some good wifi CCTV surveillance camera

1. Nest Security Camera

CCTV surveillanceCCTV surveillanceCCTV surveillance

See every detail 24/7.

Look after home 24/7 in crisp 1080p HD, day and night.

With Nest Aware: Add 24/7 continuous recording for 10 or 30 days.

Alerts on your phone.

See who’s there, listen in and speak up to get their attention.

With Nest Aware: Get person alerts. And know when someone’s actually there.

See what you missed.

Review photos of activity from the last three hours in Sightline for free.

With Nest Aware: Speed through days of video in seconds. And quickly find key moments.



2. Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR CCTV surveillance



Free and Secure Cloud Storage

The free Arlo Basic subscription plan lets you add up to 5 Arlo cameras and gives you access to recordings from the past 7 days*.

For more information on 7 days Free Cloud Recordings, please visit the official website.

Arlo Pro 2 | Security Camera System with Siren

2 Camera Kit

  • 100% Wire-Free
  • 1080p HD
  • Rechargeable
  • Wire-Free or Plugged In
  • Weather-Resistant
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Free Cloud Recordings
  • Local Backup Storage
  • Works with Amazon Alexa

Unique Features of Arlo Pro 2

1080p HD Resolution and Advanced Motion Detection

Watch and record crisp HD video in more detail than ever before. Wide-angle PIR motion sensors make sure no movement goes unnoticed.

3-Second Lookback

Capture activity 3 seconds before a triggered event so you’ll always know what happened, from start to finish. Available when plugged in and used indoors.

Activity Zones

Highlight areas in your camera’s view where you want to receive motion and sound alerts. Available when plugged in and used indoors.

Optional 24/7 CVR

Upgrade to keep nonstop recordings in the cloud when the camera is plugged in and used indoors.

3. Samsung SNH-V6410PN SmartCam Pan/Tilt Full HD CCTV surveillance 


4. Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Battery Powered CCTV Surveillance Camera


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Language Translator : Traveling China, Hub of CCTV, without Chinese Language problem- A personal Agent.

Meet Ili. New language translator.

Hi, friends today I come with new language translator based on latest technology gadget, the gadget is language converter. As you all know this website is all about CCTV Camera, As China is one of the major sources of production of CCTV camera and its accessories but it is quite difficult to learn Chinese. This gadget is very helpful to those who visit China regularly. it simply converts your own voice into Chinese, you simply said any word or sentence in English it will convert that word or sentence to Chinese.This language translator work on voice recognition system which converts the input voice into desired voice using a processor.

Language translator

This device is come in many other languages, apart from Chinese it will convert your English voice in Spanish and Japanese also. you can buy this from its online store. Watch video

                                                                                                                                           Third-party video

The cost of this gadget is $ 199 USD.the size of this gadget is 4.8”L X1.3”W X 0.5 “ H and weight of this device  is 42 gm, when you purchase this device you get box as enclosure, In that box device, micro USB cable, manual, ili guidebook and  neck strap. It is a chargeable device with 10 days of backup, the battery will fully charge in 3 hours. The warranty for this device is one year. If you book online company will ship only to US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and Shipping Charge will be extra. It is a one-way communication device. This device is tested, when you visit the website you will see a lot of positive reviews. it is the best device for entrepreneur and traveller who visit lot across the country. It is one-way communication device because it is found that 80% of people prefer one-way communication. The more important thing about this device is that it is not internet dependent website. It is a very special feature of this device that makes it so unique.

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CCTV Camera Technical Terms, You Should Know. WDR, HLC, Mask

CCTV Camera Technical terms

Every and each industry has its own terms and some of them are technical. In similar, CCTV camera has also some technical terms. By knowing these terms, you can better understand the quality of product as well as you can also describe the things to your customers. So we tried to explain some of them below.



Third party image reference

High contrast light always a problem for cctv camera. CCTV camera application against the high contrast light area such as a open window or gate where light is coming through, is always a challenge. Then a new CCTV camera function comes into existence, called WDR. WDR is nothing but the application to adjust the contrast light between high range of contrast. By using this, CCTV camera capture same number of detail for both kind of objects,(Internal or external) and make focus on the nearest one.


BLC (Backlight Compensation)

Third party image reference

Backlight compensation is quite similar to WDR. As its name, the light coming from back it is called backlight and adjusting these lights its called backlight compensation. The object which is in between CCTV camera and backlight, is visible as a shadow and CCTV camera unable to gets all image detail. Those cameras which have BLC, has a electronic shutter basically adjust the light coming from behind.

HLC (Highlight Compensation)

cctv camera
Third party image reference

The idea of HLC is to compensate the spot light coming from the object. It helps to recognize those object which produce lights, such as a vehicle or a flash radiator. HCL just like BLC but its reduce the objects lights into black one and capture a quality image.

Privacy Masking

Third party image reference

Privacy masking is term of CCTV camera which is to allow protect some area for capturing. When it is apply CCTV camera allow all area except some mark of image.

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CCTV tools that you must have in your tool box

Here, We are trying to turning your focus towards some important CCTV tools, which can be useful to increase the efficiency of work.  These cctv tools are available in market. Before we start, Just think about those problems which are commonly occurs at installation site. These problem are very small but we have to spend lots of time. Using these cctv tools, you can do a smooth installation. so lets start from the first.

These are the following CCTV tools

1. CCTV Tester

CCTV tools

CCTV tester is the first name if you talk about CCTV tools. It a very useful device. If you want to have a CCTV tester in your CCTV tools, then one thing keep in mind that you have all the connecting port in it, like HDMI , AVi, VGA and also LAN port for IP camera. So if are going to install CCTV camera at a big premises then CCTV tester can save your precious time .

2. Walky Talky

CCTV tools

Everyone knows about walky talky. It can be a very useful tool for CCTV installation engineer. It can save lots of time.

3. Power Bank

CCTV tools

In completion of CCTV tool box, You must have a power bank in your CCTV tool box. You can use a 12V battery with a DC connector. There are some ready made power bank are also available. The main benefit the power bank is, you can power up your camera everywhere for sometime. No need to find power sockets just put it to camera and make your work complete.

4. LAN Tester

CCTV tools

Now the fourth one is LAN tester . As the name suggest,LAN tester is used to test LAN cable. It is very to use, just put both side of LAN wire into each unit of LAN tester and LAN tester let you know that it is proper punched or not. So i think you should have when you are installing CCTV cameras.

5. Multi Meter

CCTV tools

The most important tool that you must have in your CCTV tools, The multi meter. If you don’t know how that how to use mm then you must learn this. Multi meter tell you every thing about your CCTV wire.


So these are some CCTV tools that you should have in tool box. If you want to add some in the list then comment us in comment box.


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5 Latest Technology that You should use it Supercharge your CCTV Business

1.Hikvision Face detection Technology


Hikvision  already has a artificial intelligence Technology.  this technology is used to face detection of people  at entrance point . this technology more significantly used where the people entering in bulk like airport,  cricket stadium entrance railway station entrance and wherever people coming in huge rush.


The system just capture the face of the people and save it into the system and people can be track by there face or name.  suppose if you want to track someone which is looking suspicious then go to the system and just start tracking of that person other cameras of the system will follow the people where  he is going and what is he is doing.


This system also used  in big factories it safe the face of the employees by their name and you can track where he is so I thought it is a Revolutionary technology in CCTV you should try  it at least once.

2.Face detection technology by Admobilize.


This technology is commonly used in product analysis.  when you see a product your face give some reactions and the system recognise  those reactions and make a report how you feel after watching the product. means you feel happy,surprise,Sad or angry. these data is very helpful for the company who made the product.


3.TVT Intelligent-video-Analysis

TVT providing video analysis system in there  normal NVRs. by using those function you can automatically analyse the live video and also record those analysis

  • A.Smart Alarm Events

You can track an objects. Alarm Will triggered When system detecting Object remove from their places


  • B. People Counting

Count the quantities of the bidirectional people flow in the detected areas by detecting, tracking and counting the head shape of the people. The counting data includes the number of entering people, exiting people and remaining people. See the following picture


  • C. Crowd Density Counting

This function detects the density of the walking people in a specified area (square, supermarket) and evaluates the level as shown below.

4.Connect Wi-Fi standalone camera to your DVR or NVR


everyone knows about Wi-Fi stand alone camera but few people knows it can be connect with your NVR.  if the camera on onvif technology then Wi-Fi camera can be connected to your existing setup in order to do this connect this Wi-Fi camera to your router. then question again arises how we connect Wi-Fi camera to the router. These Wi-Fi cameras have an option to connect it to your Wi-Fi router. Just use this option and connect it to the router. when it is connected to the router then connect your NVR to the same router and search  local IP from the NVR and simply add this IP to your NVR IP system.


5.Gobbler night  coloured vision camera

each and every normal IR Camera  gifts black and white image in night. few people knows some cameras are available who gives you a coloured image in night.  in India Gobbler providing such cameras which give you coloured image in night. these can have flash LED instead of normal IR LED. these LEDs flashed at night  automatically and gives you a better and coloured view.


So this is done.  we hope you like our post if you have any questions regarding those please comment us.  we will try to give you best answer.


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