MEye For PC Download Free For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Here we are going to learn more and get the MEye for PC download free link. MEye for Windows OS is a software for keeping surveillance through CCTV cameras by PC.

This is the computer version software of the mobile application of MEye for those who want to connect their CCTV cameras on the computer.

This allows users not only to monitor the CCTV cameras on the PC but also users can manage and maintain their cameras on the PC. 

The MEye is a Chinese CCTV company that is known for manufacturing the DVRs/NVRs and mobile applications for surveillance. MEye for PC is the complete solution for Windows as well as Mac OS user clients and also known as CMS software.

What is MEye for PC?

MEye for PC is a CCTV camera software developed by the Meye Company to help the CCTV camera operator control as well as connect the CCTV camera with PC. The MEye for PC is rendered for Windows OS user clients only by the MEye Company.

MEye for PC download free For Windows 10 & Mac

Here you can get the download file of MEye for Windows OS free. The CMS MEye for PC is only available for Windows OS. Under this article, we have also resolved the problem of Mac OS user by providing the method to download MEye for Mac OS. The CMS download link is available below, get it now to connect the CCTV camera on PC.

MEye For PC Download Free
MEye For PC Download Free

The installation process is always important to understand when installing as well as connecting the CCTV camera on MEye for Windows OS. We have elaborated in detail about the MEye for PC installation method in this article below. Read the instruction to install thoroughly to connect the CCTV camera on MEye for PC.

Download MEye for Windows OS

Here we provided the link to download MEye for Windows OS below. Download MEye for Windows OS to connect the CCTV camera, we have provided the download file of MEye for Windows OS in the compressed format. Follow our instruction carefully given below to install the MEye for Windows OS user clients.

Free Download MEye for Mac OS

The MEye Company is no providing MEye for Mac OS user clients to help them connect CCTV cameras on Mac OS. But we have found the solution to connect the CCTV camera on MEye for Mac OS. The unavailability of MEye for Mac OS is not a concern for Mac OS user clients anymore. The installation’s second method discusses the procedure to download and install the MEye for Mac OS.

Features of This Application

By using this CMS you are not only able to connect cameras but you can also connect the other’s companies CCTV cameras like Hikvision, Dahua, XMEye, etc. This software has some very good features like multi-language options, camera group management, customized live view, IP cameras connections, cloud supported, etc. Here some highlighting features of the software are given.

  • Customized real-time view.
  • It has multi-language options.
  • Full controlling for the record playback.
  • Allow users to take back-up.
  • It can record the video on the screen.
  • Users can take the screenshots.
  • PTZ controlling.
  • Also, connect the joystick for PTZ.
  • Talk and listen to the voice of cameras.
  • Device area management.
  • Device group management.
  • Multi-channel View.
  • IP Device management.

1. Method – MEye for Windows OS Without Emulator

Get immediately the download of the MEye for Windows OS then use file compression software to extract the download file of MEye for PC. After extracting, open the file and then double-click on the software application installation file to begin the installation.

1. Step – Installation process of CMS

When the installation of MEye for PC begins the following window will appear on the screen. Select the language, installation path where you want to install the software by clicking on the “Select” button. Then click on the “Install” button to start the installation.

MEye For PC
Installation of MEye For PC

Now the installation progress will begin just wait for the process to get over.

MEye For PC
Installation progress of MEye For PC

After the installation process is over the new window will appear just click on the “Yes” button.

MEye For PC
Start the MEye For PC

When the window opens the firewall blockade window will also appear just allow the firewall to provide access to software then click on the “Allow access” button.

MEye For PC
Provide Firewall access to MEye For PC

The login panel window will appear here enter the username as “admin” and for password leave it blank then click on the “OK” button.

MEye For Windows
Logging in to the MEye For Windows

2. Step – Connect devices on the MEye for Windows OS

On the home screen click on the device manager icon as shown below in the image then click on the “Manual” now a panel will open here enter the device details then click on the “OK” button.

MEye For Windows
Add device on MEye For Windows

Device Manager screen will show the listed devices. Now click on the double arrowed button as shown below. Then click on the “Refresh” button.

MEye For Windows
Device list of the MEye For Windows

All devices are ready to start on the software and now click on the “Exit” button.

MEye For Mac
Devices are ready on MEye For Mac

Now the home screen will open go to the device panel and right-click on the listed device and then click on the “Connect device” option.

MEye for Mac
Connect device for live view on MEye for Mac

3. Step # Live view of the cameras on MEye for Mac and Windows OS

Here is the live view of CCTV cameras on the CMS MEye for Mac and Windows OS.

MEye for Mac
Live view on MEye for Mac and Windows OS

2. Method – Installation of MEye For Mac OS Using Emulator

With the use of emulators, we will help to resolve the problem of unavailability of  MEye for Mac OS. We will use an emulator known as Bluestacks, which is an Android emulator for Mac and Windows OS user clients to run an Android operating system on their respective operating system. Bluestacks emulator is available for free to download. Learn in detail regarding it by visiting the article of the Bluestacks.

Below is the listed detailed guidelines to download and install the MEye for Mac OS user clients:

  • First, download the Bluestacks emulator on Mac OS.
  • After downloading, install the Bluestacks for Mac OS user clients by completing the installation procedure.
  • Start the Bluestacks emulator and choose the language of for the software.
  • Now enter email credentials to log in to the software.
  • Now visit the Google Playstore and download MEye app on Bluestacks.
  • After installing the MEye app open it.
  • Then enter the device details on the app to add as well as connect the IP camera.
  • After connecting successfully the IP cameras will render a live view on MEye for Mac OS user clients.


The MEye for PC is provided by the MEye Company for free. The MEye for Windows and Mac OS is the best software to connect the CCTV cameras on Windows and Mac PC. This article has elaborated the details about the CMS software, its features and also the installation procedure.

Unfortunately, there is no software of MEye for Mac OS user clients to connect the MEye CCTV camera on Mac OS. But as we have discussed above, we have provided a solution to the problem which works well. The software is easy-to-use. For any suggestion or question related to the article comment us below.

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