Download Wiseview For PC Free For Windows 7/8/10 & MAC

Here we are going to discuss how to download the Wiseview App free for Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC OS. This is a CCTV monitoring software designed for PCs by Hanwha Techwin Company.

This CMS is designed to provide the best CCTV camera monitoring software designed by one of the best CCTV solutions providers in the market. Get this for Windows and MAC right now. Get the WiseView for PC CMS here.

Wiseview CMS App (Windows 7/8/10/11 & MAC)

Here as we have discussed above about the Wiseview CMS. We are providing you to get this CMS for PC free for Windows and MAC operating systems.

Now we are about to discuss how to download this application for Windows and MAC and we provide you this software free of cost. This one is security surveillance software for monitoring the CCTV cameras and other security devices.

WiseView CMS Application

App logo
App logo

It is designed by the Hanwha Techwin company. This CMS is one of the best software for remote surveillance. It is used to connect CCTV Devices. It supports the manufacturer’s CCTV cameras and some third-party cameras.

Now it is easier to connect CCTV cameras to PCs. Here we are going to provide how to set up this CMS.

Get the WiseView App Here

Get to download this CMS free on Windows and MAC operating systems. Here, we have provided you with the download link of this CMS for Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC. To connect CCTV cameras you will need this application.

Main Features of this Application

This application is considered to be the best CCTV camera monitoring software for CCTV cameras. Let us explore some of the features of this software. The features of Windows & MAC are as follows:

  • Live video monitoring of CCTV cameras.
  • Playback of the recorded data.
  • Dual Screen assistance.
  • Camera combination management by preference.
  • Log administration.
  • Recording export.
  • User management.
  • Automatic upgrade.

Configuration of this CMS

Here, we are going to elaborate on the two methods to download this application for MAC and Windows 7/8/10/11. This is official software provided by Hanwha Techwin Company.

We recommend you use the first method to download the setup file because it is more safe and secure. In the second method, we provide how to download and set up using emulator programs.

1. Method # Using the CMS for Windows 7/8/10/11

Here we will provide you with detailed steps to download and set up the application. We are about to utilize the official Wiseview software. Download the file for Windows and MAC which is a compressed file.

After downloading the file you must extract the file using any kind of file extraction software.

1. Step # Installation of this CMS

Now download this application free for the operating system you use on your PC. We have provided the download link for Windows 7/8/10 as well as MAC separately.

After downloading the setup file, extract the file of the application. Open the file and click the software application to start the installation.

Start Setup of this CMS
Start Setup of this CMS

After clicking on the software application an installation setup wizard will open, then click on the “Next” button.

After clicking on the “Next” button a new window will open for the installation directory.

Installation Directory of the app
Installation Directory of the app

When the installation directory window opens, select the folder from the installation directory by clicking on the “Change” button. After selecting the folder click the “Next” button on the screen.

Installation of this application
Installation of this application

Now we are ready to start the installation of this app by clicking on the “Install” button on the screen and the process of installation will start.

Installing progress of the software
Installing progress of the software

Now installation is in progress. The start screen will appear and wait for the installation to complete.

Installation Complete
Installation Complete

A new window appears informing you about the completion of installation and click on the “Finish” button to complete the installation process.

2. Step # Login to the CMS 

After completing the installation process of this CMS a shortcut will be created on the desktop. Now open the software and a panel for login will open.

Login to the app
Log in to the app

A login window will open for the CMS for Windows and MAC users. Enter the ID and password and also the default ID and password will be “ADMIN”.

After logging into the software a new window to set up a new password will appear.

Set new password for this application
Set a new password for this application

Set up the new password in alphanumeric and special characters with at least 10 digits and click on the “Yes” button.

3. Step # Add Wisenet Camera on this CMS

After logging into the software for MAC and Windows users you are required now to add the cameras.

Device section on windows of this app
Device section on Windows of this app

Now you will notice a section on top of the screen by the name “Device” as pointed out in the screenshot above. Click on the option to add your CCTV device to the application.

Add cameras to the PC
Add cameras to the PC

Now click on the icon which is highlighted above in the picture to “Add cameras” in the software.

Now you will see a pop-up screen for filling in your device details. The second option for adding your device to the software is to click on the “Auto Icon“.

This option is only for local devices. It means that your DVR/NVR is operating on the identical network as your PC operating.

Add device detail on the software
Add device details on the software

Now fill device detail into the window highlighted above. Choose your device model in the “Model Name” section.

In the address type, you have chosen the same as your device is running on. In my case, I prefer the “IP Address“.

Fill in the IP address and the Device port the same as your PC is operating on the network.

You can locate the port number of your device in the network option on your DVR/NVR. ID and password must be the same as your device ID and password.

After fulfilling all the detail, click on the “Connection Test” button first. If the connection works then click on the “Register” button. If the Connection Test has not succeeded you have to verify the address and the Device port number and fill it again correctly again.

Address Type selection on the CMS
Address Type selection on the CMS

You may select another “Address Type” if your device is not running on the IP address. You can select it as per your DVR/NVR address type. Now your CCTV camera has been added to the software. It is time to see your CCTV cameras on your computer.

4. Step # Live Monitoring and View on this application

After the above process’s successful completion, you can see your device listed in the upper-left corner. Choose the device and click on the connect button as shown in the screenshot below.

Connecting devices on the software
Connecting devices to the software

After clicking on the “Connect” button, the connection process will begin and your camera will appear on the screen of your PC.

Wiseview App
Live View on Wiseview App

Here you can see in the above screenshot a live view and monitoring of the CMS software.

2. Method # Using Emulator for this App

Under this method, we are going to employ an emulator program.

The emulator program is software that helps you to run Android OS on your Windows as well as the MAC operating system.

There are enormous amounts of emulators available for free. You can employ any of them. Here we are going to use the Bluestacks.

Simply follow some straightforward tips to watch your CCTV cameras on your PC from the app.

  • Download the Bluestacks from the official site.
  • Introduce the emulator on your MAC or Windows PC.
  • Following to introduction of the product, Run the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • From that point forward, go to the “My App” option.
  • It will approach you for the sign-in or join.
  • Sign in with your current email account.
  • Search for the app and download it.
  • Start the application.
  • Run the Smart Viewer in the emulator.
  • Presently include your device in the application equivalent to your cell phone.
  • Also, presently you can watch your Wisenet cameras on your PC with this app.


In this article, we talked about the two procedures. Both approaches are examined and operating the aftereffect of the two procedures is acceptable.

In any case, we suggested the first procedure for viewing your CCTV cameras on your PC. In case, you are unable to employ the first procedure at that point go to the second one generally employ the first procedure to download and set up.

The application is worthy and the best element is you can screen your premises in a remote area whenever.

So this is about the WiseView CMS. We trust this data will convenience you. In the case that you encounter any difficulty, at that point, you are supported to keep in contact with us in the comment box.

You may likewise compose any recommendations from your side we will exceptionally welcome that.

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