Hikvision Vs Dahua – Which is the best CCTV Brand “Hikvision or Dahua”

Here we are discussing Hikvision vs Dahua which is the best brand and how to choose between them. Hikvision and Dahua both CCTV brands are very famous and they both have a huge market share in the world of CCTV. So many users confuse to choose Hikvision vs Dahua. So here we are going to compare these two brands and see which is best for you. Basically, they are competitors and both have good quality products. In general, Hikvision has an edge over Dahua but in some products and services, Dahua beat Hikvision.

If you are going to buy a CCTV system then there are so many factors that you should keep in the mind. The most important factor is which company gives you the best service. CCTV market is an inorganic sector and the service of the product is totally depends on your vendor but the brand of the product is good than less service comes and your CCTV runs smoothly. There are so many companies available in the market of CCTV but very few companies available who can provide a quality service to their customers so before making any decision you have to make sure that they can give you a quality service after the sale.

So in this article, we compare Hikvision vs Dahua. There are a few factors we are going to cover in this and listed below.

  1.  Product Quality
  2.  Product Service 
  3.  Brand Value and Market Share
  4.  Fault Rate
  5.  Remote App


Hikvision Vs Dahua


Hikvision has set up a standout amongst the broadest promoting systems in the business, including 33 abroad local backups and 35 branches all through China terrain, guaranteeing brisk reactions to the necessities of clients, clients, and accomplices. Hikvision items serve a different arrangement of vertical markets covering in excess of 100 nations, for example, the Philadelphia Recreation focus in the USA, the protected city venture in Seoul, South Korea, Dun Laoghaire Harbor in Ireland, Milan’s Malpensa Airport, and the Bank of India, to name just a few.

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Dahua Technology was established in 2001. The organization’s deals in security hardware and software from cameras, storage, controllers to monitors. Dahua is the first organization that launches 8 channel DVR in China. This Organization has four research institutes named Advanced Technology Institute, Big Data Institute, Chip Institute, and Video Cloud Institute.  it is the first Chinese corporate in security that established a global technology standard.


Product Quality Hikvision vs Dahua

Hikvsion and Dahua both have very good quality products. They both are using similar sensors. If we talk about the IP products then they are using ONVIF supports. (An Open Network Video Interface Forum). So the quality of the products of both brands are similar and it is quite difficult to give an edge to any of them in the product quality.

Product Service Hikvision vs Dahua

hikvision vs dahua

This is an important part of the comparison Hikvision vs Dahua. If we talk about the support from the company then they both have quality support for their customers. But here Hikvision can take an edge over Dahua. It is because Hikvison provides so many tools for its products and Dahua has few. Hikvision and Dahua both have customer care numbers for quality supports. For Duhua Support you may visit https://www.dahuasecurity.com/support and for the Hikvision support, you may visit https://www.hikvision.com/en/Support/Notice/Technical-Bulletins.

Brand Value Hikvision vs Dahua

hikvision vs dahua

The brand value of Hikvision is higher than Dahua. You can say Hikvision is the king in the industry of Video Surveillance. Hikvision made a revenue of about US$3.72 billion and Dahua made a revenue of about US$1.57 billion in the same year 2015. Hikvsion is the leader in the IP camera and according to IHS Hikvision got 17% market share in 2017 while Dahua got 5.5% at the second position. The product of Hikvision and Dahua for the customers is almost similar. So you can say that the brand value of Hikvision is far better than the Dahua.

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Fault Rate Hikvision vs Dahua

They both have delivered quality tested product and the fault rate of both companies is almost negligible. The fault rate of Hikvision is less than 1% and Dahua also has less than 1% fault rate. While other companies have more than 3 -4 %. So they both have almost similar statistics on the fault rate.

hikvision vs dahua


Remote App Hikvision vs Dahua

Dahua and Hikvision both have a good quality remote app for the remote view for the CCTV camera. Hikvsion has so many good quality Android and IOS APP while Dahua has few. The Hikvision mobile APP is smoother than Dahua mobile App. But Dahua also some additional features in their App so both have good in the remote surveillance.

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So this is all about Hikvision vs Dahua. We hope this information is helpful to yours. If you have any kind of query or suggestions please write to us in the comment box below.

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  1. Sadly, when the comments are taken in the context of existing experience they take on a whole new meaning. When discussing Dahua and the remote applications (Dmss and Smartplayer) I would look for the objective phrases “stunningly incompetent” or “only a passing familiarity with professional programming” or “horrible.”

    The fact that those phrases don’t come up in the review indicates either a bias in the review or more likely that Hikivision is just as bad (or even worse if such a thing is possible) and that we are comparing rate poison to mouse poison and trying to pretend there is any significant difference.


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