Provision Cam 2 For PC Download For Windows & MAC Free

Here we offer you to download Provision cam 2 for PC for your Windows 7/8/10 and MAC. This is the product to watch your security cameras on your PC and it is the substitute for the Provision Cam 2 mobile application that permits you to interface your CCTV cameras on your computer it is possible that it is Windows 7/8/10/11 or it is MAC.

 It is an awesome arrangement given by the Provision in addition to the organization which is outstanding amongst other CCTV camera marks everywhere throughout the world.

So if you need to arrange your CCTV cameras on your PC, at that point, this is the product that can permit you to do this.

This is the application that not only permits you to run security cameras on your computer yet in addition has some great highlights for dealing with your cameras on your PC.

So this product is for individuals who have independent cameras running on their cell phones and they need to run their cameras on their laptops. You can monitor them on Windows 7/8/10/11 or MAC.

Provision Cam 2 for PC Free Download For Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC

This CMS is accessible for Windows clients however in the event that you have a MAC-based framework, at that point you can likewise see your security cameras.

For Windows clients, there is a download interface that is accessible for downloading the setup file of the CMS and on the off chance that you are searching for MAC, at that point we will likewise talk about how might you associate your cameras with MAC.

For Windows clients, there are two strategies for having their Provision security cameras on the PC. So download the CMS software and see the means for acquiring your CCTV framework on your computer.

Download for Windows

Here is the download interface accessible for Windows 7/8/10 clients. Snap-on the link underneath to start the downloading. The downloaded document will be in the packed(compressed) configuration and before utilizing the product CMS you have to separate the CMS setup. You may utilize Winrar or some other software for extricating the file.

Download for MAC

Here is a connection for the free download of the CMS software. Download the setup file from the given connection and spare it on your computer. The CMS software will be in a compressed configuration. Before utilizing this, you have to extract the file.

What is the Provision Cam 2 App?

This is a product that is equipped for associating your CCTV cameras with your computer. So if you have CCTV devices and you need to interface your security cameras on your PC then this is the software that permits you to do so.

This product is likewise utilized for dealing with the designing of the cameras. The CMS is decent software for having your CCTV cameras on your computer and has bunches of alternatives for keeping up the framework on your Windows or MAC.

Main Features of this CMS

There are such a large number of good highlights accessible in the CMS. This is an excellent answer for viewing your CCTV camera, there are such huge numbers of highlights that are accessible like remote observing, PTZ controlling, remote playback, sound spilling, and so on. Here is the rundown of some featured highlights.

  • Live View checking.
  • You can likewise observe the account in a remote area.
  • Occasion Management framework like movement, sensors, and so forth.
  • You can see the security cameras recording.
  • Client Management for the software.
  • You can likewise include your entrance Control and Video entryway telephones.
  • You can see the movement logs.
  • Modify the camera picture hues and other related alternatives.
  • Network configuration.
  • You can control your PTZ cameras by utilizing the application.

Benefits of uses of this application

As talked about before the primary utilization of the software is observing the CCTV on the PC. In the event that you have your cameras on your cell phone and need to interface on your laptop then this is the application for you.

In the wake of associating your CCTV cameras, you can likewise oversee them by utilizing the alternatives accessible in the product like camera pictures of the executives, camera bunch the board, redid perspective on your security cameras, PTZ control, and so forth. You can likewise interface the other’s organization cameras like Hikvision, and so on.

Configuration of the CMS

Here are two strategies accessible to interface your cameras on the PC. In the primary technique, you need to download the CMS setup file from the above-given connection.

This is the official program given by the Provision organization. In the subsequent strategy, we are going to utilize an emulator program that permits you to run the mobile application on your computer.

On the off chance that you are looking for MAC, at that point you ought to follow the first technique and you can get your CCTV  on your MAC.

1. Method # Using the Software for PC

So we should begin the strategy. Before going any further download the CMS setup on your computer from the given connection above and spare it. The downloaded file will be in the compacted position. You have to separate the software from the downloaded document. To do this, you can utilize the Winrar or some other software. Subsequent to extricating the installation file spare it and follow the means given beneath.

1. Step # Installation of the CMS

So as to get your CCTV on your PC, the initial step you have made is to introduce the stride CMS setup on your computer. Go to the setup file and spared setup and right-click on the CMS file, click on “Run as administrator“. Presently the framework will approach you for authorization for introducing the CMS. Snap on the “Yes” button. Presently the installation procedure will begin.

Choose a language for the software
Choose a language for the software

Here you have to pick the language for the CMS. In the wake of picking your ideal language for the establishment, Snap the “Select” fasten and pick a language that you need to introduce the application. Presently simply click on the “OK”.

Preparation for the installation of this CMS
Preparation for the installation of this CMS

Now setup will be ready. Wait some time for the next window.

Select installation directory of the software
Select the installation directory of the software

The new screen shows the installation directory. As a matter of course, it is set for the C drive. In the event that you need that product to be introduced in the distinctive directory, at that point you may transform it by clicking on the “Browse” button as appeared in the image above or you may leave it for what it’s worth. Presently click on the “Next” button.

Installation of the CMS
Installation of the CMS

Now the installation process of the CMS for Windows begins. Wait for some time until the next screen comes

Finish the installation of this app
Finish the installation of this app

Presently the installation procedure is finished. Simply click on the “Finish” button and your product is prepared for running your CCTV on your laptop.

2. Step # Run and log in to the Software for Windows

On the Window, the username must be “admin” and the secret password is “123456”. Presently click on the “login” button. At that point go to the subsequent stage.

Login to the CMS
Login to the CMS

3. Step # Add Cameras or devices to this application

After login to the software, you can see the control pane of the software. Here you can find an option named “Home” Click on that option. Under this, you will see the “Resource Management” section. Under this click on the “Add” button.

Control Panel of the software
Control Panel of the software

Now you can see some buttons here. Click on the “Add” button.

Add device into the software
Add the device to the software

Fill in all the information related to your device and click on the “Test” button. If the test succeeds then press ok. Now your cameras are added to your software.

Making the connection of cameras into CMS
Making the connection of cameras into CMS

4. STEP # Monitoring the Camera on the PC

After effective login into your CMS, you can see the live view of all the associated cameras on the left sideboard. Simply double-tap on the camera name and now you can see your cameras.

2. Method # This CMS for MAC or Windows by using an Emulator

The emulator is a product program that permits running a working framework into another. For instance, if you have an application perfect with Android OS and you need to run it on your Windows then the emulator is the product or program that can permit doing this.

So for this situation, we can run the application on Windows or MAC. There are such a significant number of emulators accessible and liberated from cost however we suggest the Bluestacks.

By utilizing Bluestacks we are going to run this application. Follow the straightforward strides beneath and you can get your cameras on your desktop.

  • For interfacing, the mobile application on the PC Download the Blustacks from this given connection.
  • When the download is finished, Install the Bluestacks on your computer.
  • Subsequent to finishing the establishment procedure of the emulator run the Bluestacks on your PC by clicking its alternate way.
  • You can see that now Bluestacks is running on your PC.
  • Presently emulator requesting the ideal language for the arrangement pick your language according to your need and press the following catch.
  • When Bluestacks requests the Email account, Fill it out effectively and press the Next catch.
  • When effectively login the arrangement, it will take some effort for setup so don’t become upset.
  • After all the procedures are finished, discover the Playstore symbol and open it.
  • Presently scan for your ideal application.
  • Introduce the application on your emulator.
  • Presently run for MAC or Windows on the Bluestacks.
  • At that point include your cameras equivalent to on your cell phone.
  • From that point forward, You can watch your CCTV cameras on your Windows or MAC.


This is an extraordinary App compared to another CMS for checking your CCTV cameras on your PC in remote areas. This product has awesome alternatives for dealing with your cameras on your computer. The best piece of this, you can utilize it on your Windows 7/8/10 or on your MAC.

Here we talked about the two strategies for having your security cameras on your computer. The two strategies are tried and functioning admirably yet the principal technique is increasingly dependable in light of the fact that in this strategy we utilized the official programming given by CP Plus.

So this is about Provision cam 2 CMS App. We trust this data will support you. In the event that you have any questions or recommendations please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us in the comment box. Much obliged to you for visiting us. Have a pleasant day.

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  1. Hello Mr. Arsh,
    I mast emphasize that your website is very interesting and professional.
    I refer to your article: “PROVISION CAM 2 FOR PC”. At your disposal, I have three questions on the subject:
    a) In paragraph 1. “Method # Using the Software for PC” there is a link to download the “CMS setup”. Clicking on this link refers to “A content management system (CMS) in Wikipedia”. What do you mean by this reference, what should I understand or do? Please, I need a brief explanation. Thank you
    b) Is the software (PROVISION CAM 2 FOR PC – CMS) that can be downloaded from your site is updated to the latest version? If not, is it possible to get a suitable link?
    c) Can one get some written instructions like a “User Manual” for the installation, use and adjustments of the CMS ?
    Thank you,
    Lior Dor

  2. Dear Sir/Lady,
    I got your email regarding my question I send you few hours ago. Since I did not find any way to contact you I am using this option again. Following is my response:

    Please inform:
    1. Is the subscription for CCTV DESK a paid one ? if yes, what is the cost ?
    I will confirm my subscription for CCTV DESK after I’ll get the answer to this question.
    Till then I cannot approve it. Please hold !
    2. Where can I find the answers to my previous questions ?
    Thank you,
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  3. how to do a remote viewing for my provision sir camera using my MacBook Air? I was thinking as the family will be out of the country and I would like to check/monitor our home while we are away. hope we can get an answer asap. Thank you

    1. To remotely view your Provision ISR camera on your MacBook Air, follow these steps:

      Camera Setup:

      Connect your Provision ISR camera to your home network using an Ethernet cable.
      Access the camera’s settings via a web browser. Configure network settings, create a username, and set a strong password.
      Find IP Address:

      Locate the camera’s IP address in your router settings.
      Remote Viewing Software:

      Download and install the software provided by Provision ISR for remote viewing on your MacBook Air.
      Add Camera:

      Open the software, add your camera using its IP address, and enter login credentials.
      Port Forwarding (if needed):

      Configure port forwarding in your router settings to allow external access to the camera. Refer to the camera’s documentation for port numbers.
      Dynamic DNS (if needed):

      If your home’s IP address changes, set up Dynamic DNS (DDNS) to maintain a consistent domain name for remote access.

      Use strong passwords for camera and software access.
      Ensure firewall and antivirus settings are secure.
      For detailed guidance, watch the provided video tutorials:

      Provision ISR Remote Viewing Tutorial:
      MacOS Remote Viewing Tutorial :
      These videos should provide step-by-step instructions for setting up remote viewing with your Provision ISR camera on your MacBook Air. Always prioritize security practices to safeguard your camera and network.

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