Best Hikvision ANPR Cameras, Features & Functions

CCTV Cameras are immensely useful in maintaining safety and security. There are different types of CCTV Cameras, like indoors, outdoors, PTZ, thermal, network and ANPR cameras.

We are providing here in detail about the Hikvision ANPR Cameras. The full form of the ANPR Camera is the Automatic Number Plate Recognition Camera.  

It is a specialized CCTV camera for reading number plates with accuracy. It reads the number plates and stores data for evidence. We use this device to manage traffic, access control, etc. 

This device is designed in such a way that it can read number plates accurately from different countries and in different languages. They can track vehicle direction, and vehicle type and differentiate two-wheelers.

What is Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)?

The camera recognizes the vehicle

The Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) CCTV Camera is highly useful in tracking Number Plates. This camera is also known as the License Recognition Plate (LRP) Camera. We will discuss here the Hikvision ANPR Camera. 

This technology has revolutionized the CCTV industry. It has controlled traffic jams, vehicle thefts, and other crimes related to vehicles. The Number Plate Cameras are useful in malls, parking areas, toll plazas, hotels, institutions, and other high-footfall areas. 

Basic Functions of ANPR Cameras

The basic functions of these ANPR cameras are to capture and investigate license plates. These devices are used at places like law enforcement, toll collection, parking management, and traffic monitoring areas.

1- Image Capture

This camera captures clear and clean detailed images of vehicles and license plates. It has imaging sensors that capture good images in low light and dark conditions.

2- License Plate Detection

This camera has advanced algorithms to detect the presence of a license plate within the image. It captures the plate for further processing.

3- Character Segmentation

It studies every character and number of the number plate. Every alphabet is crystal clear. It captures the number plates of different countries. The CCTV Camera is smart and efficient.

4- Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

The device captures the optical character recognition technology. It reads every character and converts it into machine-readable text. 

5- Data Processing and Storage

Once the number plate is captured, it stores the data and every character along with the time and location of the event. It can process and classify different vehicles, their colors, and device directions.

The device can pan, tilt and zoom. It has multiple features.

6- Integration with Databases

You can integrate this system with external databases, law enforcement agencies, private companies, and vehicle registration authorities. 

7- Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

There are sensors installed in the device. It detects motion and audio. It also sends you alert signals and ring alarm bells. This way, it alerts users and safeguards their security.

8- Traffic Management and Monitoring

The ANPR Camera helps in traffic management. It analyzes the flow of the traffic and sets the pattern. This way you can understand the traffic patterns and make strategies to manage them.

9- Toll Collection and Access Control

The ANPR vehicles notice the plate and cut the amount on toll plazas. In the access control system parking lots or specified areas, ANPR cameras can give or restrict access based on pre-approved license plate numbers.

10- Parking Management

The ANPR camera automates the entry and exit points. It can count, detect, and differentiate devices.

11- Statistical Analysis and Reporting

Statistical analysis and reporting are used for data collection. You can analyze the traffic pattern, peak time, and vehicle movement pattern. 

ANPR Cameras offered by Hikvision

various types of Hikvision ANPR camera

The ANPR cameras offered by Hikvision are as follows:

All these cameras are the best in performance and usage. These are suitable for different locations.

1- 4MP DeepinView ANPR Moto Varifocal Bullet Camera

This 4 MPANPR Device is excellent for low-light conditions. The Dark Fighter technology makes it highly suitable for dark environments. You can install it on roadsides, parking areas, toll booths or at institutions.

The 140dB WDR technology along with 3D DNR gives great images to view licensed number plates. It is waterproof and vandal-proof. It has an IP67 ingress protection type and an IK10 vandal-proof type.

2- 4MP ANPR Intelligent Entrance Video Unit 4MP strong sensor name plate camera

This 4MP camera is good for dirty nameplate number recognition. It is suitable for entrance areas. It has 2 pieces of strong LEDs studded for clear images. The device has a varied focal length. The varifocal camera can capture between 3.1 to 6 mm motorized lens.

It supports quick passes and nameplates of vehicles. It also supports recognizing the vehicle type, design, and color.

3- 4Mp DeepinView multi-sensor bullet camera ANPR Camera for front doors

It is a special 4MP deep sensor camera. It supports the Dark Fighter X and Color Vu technology. Its sharp sensors recognize every motion and audio. It has a 140dB WDR technology for clear images. Even license plates can be read and recognized in dark conditions.

The vandal-proof and weather-proof devices can be installed at locations like front doors, parking areas, etc. It gives a panoramic view.

4- 9 MP IR ANPR Checkpoint Capture Unit 9MP strong ANPR device for toll booths

This camera has a resolution of 9 MP. This device serves very clean images. It supports license plate recognition (LPR), number plate character recognition, vehicle classification, vehicle drive direction, and color recognition.

These are some of the best CCTV Cameras provided by Hikvision. 

Applications of ANPR Cameras

We are providing ANPR Camera features on the list below. The application of these cameras helps in better security and traffic management. These are the best applications of the device. They accurately detect the number and track the vehicle in real time.

1- Vehicle control

It controls the vehicle system to regulate and manage access control. At places, only authorised cars can pass through. These are controlled and regulated by ANPR cameras. They send signals to unlicensed plates and make security stronger. 

2- Traffic monitoring

These devices control and manage traffic. They indicate traffic patterns at places and send you notifications. You get to know about traffic positions at peak hours, rush time and in jams. You save your precious time and avoid traffic congestion.

3- Toll collection

The device automatically collects charges from toll plazas. They deduct the amount by sheer capturing the vehicle number plates. The process is so smooth that it saves valuable time and maintains the smooth flow of traffic. 

4- Security

The ANPR Network Camera has smart sensors. It detects motion and audio. Any movement and sound sends alert signals and keeps users secure. The device captures clean images in the darkness and low light. You can clearly view things and recognize faces. The number plates and their characters are visible without any issue.

These are the Scenarios Where You can Use the ANPR Camera

These ANPR cameras are highly useful in the following places.

1- Tunnel- In tunnel areas, there is complete darkness. There are chances of theft, robbery, accident, etc in the murkiness. The number plate recognition cameras click the plate cleanly in the darkness. They keep the data and use them as evidence against any untoward incidents.

2- Toll station- Toll stations are busy places. Vehicles pass at high speeds and in great numbers. These CCTV devices are so efficient that they click the number plate in a jiffy. They store the data and recognize the vehicle and the owner. They can share this information if the need arises. 

3- Urban road- Busy roads and squares are always thronged with vehicles and people. These ANPR Hikvision Cameras are useful in tracking them. You can install these devices on urban roads and get complete information about passing motorcars. It is also efficient in traffic management. 

4- Parking Entrance- These devices are extremely useful and helpful in parking areas. They can easily capture every vehicle entering and exiting and keep their record. This way it avoids stealing and theft. It covers the vehicle movement and keeps you and your motorcars safe.

Features of Hikvision’s ANPR Cameras

The Hikvision ANPR Camera

The Hikvision is a very renowned company. It is considered the best company in the CCTV world. Its head office is based in China. Its products are sold in more than 100 countries. 

We are giving here the best features of the Hikvision ANPR Cameras. These functions of the product are mentioned here for a better understanding of the product.

  • This device has the strongest feature that you can use to identify number plates and read them easily. 
  • It supports vehicle type classification. You can easily identify the vehicle type. It is important to segregate vehicles for security and evident purposes.
  • The device identifies and differentiates the color of the motor and detects the driving direction.
  • It picks motorcycles and classifies them into a different category. 
  • This ANPR Camera from Hikvision reads the number plate and identifies and highlights every character of the alphabet and number.
  • The vehicle has IRs and spotlights to capture numbers in darkness and low light. It captures the vehicle from a 100-meter distance. 
  • The 3D DNR and 120dB WDR features give clean and detailed images. It reflects detailed and crystal-clear images against a dark background and in low light.
  • The 9 MP high-resolution ANPR device sees things extremely clearly.  
  • It has a motorized lens ranging between 8mm and 32mm. It can automatically click the number plate in dark light, low light and bright day.
  • The Dark Fighter technology helps in giving pellucid images in the murkiness.    
  • The number plate camera can read the number on vehicles even when these vehicles are speeding at 120km/hour speed.
  • The device records activities and stores data in the SD Card. It can store data up to 120GB. 
  • The camera is PTZ. It can be panned across, tilted up and down and zoomed many times. The Field of View is a horizontal FOV is 39.7 degrees to 15.9 degrees, a vertical FOV is 22.3 to 9.1 degrees, diagonal FOV is 45.8 to 18.1 degrees.
  • The device is suitable for outdoors. It is strongly built with an IP67 ingress protection type. It is vandal-proof with IK10 certification.
  • It has sensors which detect motion and sound. It alerts users of any threatful situations.

How Should We Install the ANPR Camera for Proper View

The camera installation process

The ANPR cameras are mainly used on roadsides, parking areas, hotels, institutions, etc. 

The installation of these devices is easy. You can mount the camera or screw it up on a bracket at any place. These devices are network devices. They can be connected with wires and without them. 

Easy Deployment with More Flexibility– Since these devices are outdoors and vandal-proof, they can be installed in any weather conditions. These cameras can pan, tilt, and zoom for exact capturing.

Road Side Installation– The camera can be mounted on a bracket. Any technician can fix the ANPR camera and adjust its angles for the number plate recognition.

Connect the Wall Mounting Bracket with a Steel Hoop– A Steel Hoop Bracket can be used for installing the camera. 

Installation Height 6 Meters– You can install this device at any height. Even 6 meters or 20 feet height is acceptable for mounting this CCTV Device.

Adjust Camera Angle– After the installation, you can adjust the camera angle for better viewing. When the camera is fixed and becomes functional, you have to add it with a Security Surveillance App for remote monitoring.


The Hikvision ANPR Device is detailed here. The ANPR features and functions are given to understand the device better. The way you can install and use it has been illustrated.

Its applications and basic functions are categorically mentioned for a proper understanding of the nameplate device. How to use this camera at different locations is defined and described.

Please suggest your opinions and queries in the comment section. We appreciate your responses and respond to them. You are valuable to us.
Thank You.

What is an ANPR camera?

It is a license number plate camera. It reads number plates and stores the data. The device functions with optical character recognition (OCR) technology.

How do Hikvision ANPR cameras work?

These cameras read number plates. The technology used is built-in algorithms to read and convert the license plate information into digital data.

Are there any privacy concerns with using ANPR cameras?

Privacy concerns can be reduced by following legal guidelines, ensuring data security, and being transparent about data collection and usage practices.

What support is available for Hikvision ANPR cameras?

Hikvision camera has a proper support system. It has customer care support, firmware, catalogues, official websites and authorized dealers.

Is the Hikvision CCTV Camera Compatible with Third Party Products?

Yes, it is compatible with third-party products. However, its compatibility is limited to a few products.

How Accurate is the ANPR Device in Reading Number Plates?

It can read number plates with 98.99% accuracy. The margin of error is very low.

What are the Supported Vehicles which are Recognized by the APNR Camera?

It captures every single vehicle. It can recognize and differentiate between four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

How much distance does the IR cover in the darkness?

The IR covers almost 100 feet in the darkness. Some special cameras even cover more than 150 feet.

What is the maximum speed of the vehicle the ANPR camera captures for nameplate reading?

The ANPR camera captures images easily up to 120 km/Hour. The camera is smart and has strong sensors.

What are the main features of Hikvision ANPR cameras?

The main features are high-definition imaging, infrared lights, sharp sensors, fast and accurate license plate recognition, and integration with various security systems.

Can Hikvision ANPR cameras operate in low-light conditions?

Yes, this camera is designed in such a way that it operates in low-light and dark environments.

How is the data from ANPR cameras stored and accessed?

The data is stored on the SD Card or in the Cloud. You can even store it on the HDD in the NVR/DVR.

Can Hikvision ANPR cameras recognize plates from different countries?

Yes, they can recognize plates from various countries. The performance may vary depending on the specific algorithm and camera model used.

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