CCTV Tools That You Must Have In Your Tool Box

Here, we are trying to turning your focus towards some important CCTV tools, which can be useful to increase the efficiency of work. These cctv tools are available in the market. Before we start, Just think about those problems which commonly occur at the installation site. These problems are very small but we have to …

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CCTV latest technology

Your CCTV Business: 5 Latest Technology Use To Step It Up

It is your cctv business is growing slowly. In every type of business, there is a need to use some more specific way to upgrade it. Similarly in the CCTV business, we have to use some advanced technology to hike our CCTV cameras business.  For growing our business we also have very good services, presentation, leadership, …

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CCTV BUSINESS: 10 Marketing Tricks To Increase Your CCTV Business:-

10 Marketing Tricks To Increase Your CCTV Business:- In today’s scenario, a modern secured world is incomplete without mentioning the name of CCTV security systems, which have firmly made up space for their capabilities and designs. Safety is considered eminent for all the aspects of our lives to keep the people, employees and property safe. …

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CCTV : 3 Major Problems That You Face In CCTV IP Camera Setup

CCTV IP Camera setup is now in Trend. Everyone has a prominent need for CCTV cameras, people want to surveillance their offices, shops, residential buildings, storerooms, malls etc.  We have so many types of CCTV cameras but here we are going to discuss the IP camera. There are so many benefits in IP Cameras over …

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Connect DVR to Computer

How to Connect Dvr to Computer

Guys, Here i am going to show you that how to connect DVR to computer. Well, it is very easy and basic thing to do in CCTV technical. If you want to learn that how to connect DVR to computer, then first you should learn how to connect two computer each other. CCTV DVR or …

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how to configure hikvision dvr on mobile

How to connect hikvision DVR to mobile

How to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile? Here, I am going to show to you how to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile via P2P(cloud). It is quite easy to connect Hikvision DVR remotely and access it to your mobile. By using this, you can also connect Hikvision DVR to your computer or laptop. so let’s …

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