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CCTV latest technology

5 Latest Technology use it Supercharge your CCTV Business

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1.Hikvision Face detection Technology   Hikvision  already has a artificial intelligence Technology.  this technology is used to face detection of people  at entrance point . this technology more significantly used…

5 marketing tricks to increase your CCTV business

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Here,  I tried to cover some points,  it is very tiny but really helpful implementation of these things not very big deal but it matters 1.Buyback Just motivate your old…

CCTV : 3 Major Problem That You Face In IP Camera Setup

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CCTV IP Camera setup is now in Trend.   there are so many benefits in IP Cameras  over HD setup. but it is quite difficult to set a  Local Network for…

CCTV : Indian video surveillance market will be boomed up to us$2.4 Billion by 2020

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Video surveillance growth of Indian market Video surveillance Indian market will grow  up to US$2.4 Billion. Indian government turning its focus towards making 100 smart cities. Cities will be fully…

Connect DVR to Computer

How to Connect Dvr to Computer

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Guys, Here i am going to show you that how to connect DVR to computer. Well, it is very easy and basic thing to do in CCTV technical. If you…

how to configure hikvision dvr on mobile

How to connect hikvision DVR to mobile

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How to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile? Here, I am going to show to you how to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile via P2P(cloud). It is quite easy to connect…