best cctv surveillance cameras

Top 11 Best CCTV Surveillance Cameras And Their Specification

Best CCTV Surveillance Cameras Hello, friends today we will talk about the Top 11 best CCTV Surveillance Cameras And Their Specifications. There is so many CCTV Surveillance system supplier in the market which provides you with a specific CCTV surveillance system according to your need. Sometimes users do not know what kind of CCTV Surveillance system they …

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Best Ever CCTV integration tools: CCTV Video Tester

Today I am going to describe one of the best cctv integration tools that every CCTV integrator must-have. This cctv integration tool comes with the name CCTV Tester, it has a display unit that allows a camera to display images without DVR. CCTV tester has come to the first name in your mind if you …

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What Is Lux In CCTV Camera.

What Is Lux In CCTV Camera? What is lux in CCTV? Lux is”LUMENS PER SQUARE METER” that Comes under the international system of unit(SI), it is the intensity of light that is falling on the light object. To understand the thing in a more clear way I would like to introduce the word lumens, lumens …

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troubleshoot IP camera

Top10 Ways To Troubleshoot IP Camera Setup

Ways To Troubleshoot IP Camera Setup Welcome friends, You are using an IP camera set up, if yes then you may have facing problems sometimes and there is a need to troubleshoot your IP camera. Then what points we have to check for troubleshoot the camera, means what I have to do. The most common …

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CCTV Industry : history of growth over time

CCTV Cameras have played a vital role in the development and advancement of the security and safety of many individuals and organisations without any extra human effort being applied. The surveillance cameras might reach up to a billion around 2021 according to an estimate which nearly comes around $20 billion USD. According to the report, …

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5 Reasons To Choose IP Camera Over HD Camera

Reasons to choose IP camera over HD camera?   Here, we are going to discuss some reasons to choose an IP camera over an HD camera. Nowadays, everyone knows about CCTV cameras and everyone wants to install them on their premises. Then a question arises that which technology should choose. Some time requirements change according …

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CCTV Camera Technical Terms, You Should Know. WDR, HLC, Mask

CCTV Camera Technical terms   CCTV Camera Technical terms WDR (WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE) BLC (Backlight Compensation) HLC (Highlight Compensation) Privacy Masking Each and Every industry has its own terms or specification and some of them are technical. In similar, the CCTV camera has also some technical terms. By knowing these CCTV camera technical terms, you …

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How To Configure CP Plus DVR Remotely (Mobile View)

Hello, friends here we will talk How to configure cp plus DVR remotely (Mobile View) Presently everyone wants to keep their eyes on their shops, offices, malls, buildings etc, either they are present there or not. The easiest way to make that wish come true is to watch everything on mobile. Then the question is …

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