Lift Camera –Typical part of CCTV Camera Setup

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Lift Camera is very mandatory part of any project but the installation of lift camera is typical also. Lift camera is typical installation because of the following reason

lift camera
  1. Area of lift is very small-In many cases of lift camera installation you find the very little small area to cover, means it is not possible to cover such a small area.
  2. Too much wire required.-In any kind of lift camera installation, you definitely need more cable because you need the wire from the top of the roof to basement means height for which life is used. So in some cases installation is not possible because height is too much. For example more than 20 storied building.
  3. Frequently changing of wire- In lift camera installation you need to change wire very frequent because the wire is moving as lift start, so in lift camera installation movement of wire is too much. Even after too much precaution, some time wire will break.

So to get rid of these problems mentioned above you need to install that camera which covers the small area, for this you need to find fisheye panoramic IP POE camera of any brand which has following specification as see in the image.

lift camera

access device, You need to connect pair of wireless device by placing one end of the pair at roof and the second end of pair at above lift cabin, Now configure these two end and from the second end which is placed on above lift cabin you simply connect it with your camera which in installed inside the lift by help of cat6 cable. I will send show this by the help of image that will help to understand better.

lift camera

Hope that this article helps you much that I how you installed the camera in lift or elevator, As an expert I will attach datasheet of one of the best panoramic IP camera.

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