Install Imilab Home For PC App on Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

The Imilab Home For PC CMS App is detailed here. The download button for the Imilab Home For PC App is shared here. 

You have to click to get the executable file. The file is given in a compressed state. You have to decompress it to download on Windows or Mac PCs.

The Imilab App is a security surveillance CMS Application. It is used for remote monitoring. You can access your locations and sites from any place.

The complete procedure from installation to monitoring is demonstrated here in this post in three steps.

The First step guides us to install the CMS. The second step illustrates the login to the app system. The third and last step is about the device addition and monitoring procedure. 

These all steps are thoroughly explained and depicted in the next section. It is done for the Windows PC.

Why Do We Require Any Surveillance CMS APP? 

CCTV Surveillance Application is a super software which keeps us protected from threats and dangers. It adds different CCTV cameras installed at different locations and shows them to you at your place.

In this modern moving world, owners can’t sit at a location a whole day long and grow their business. They have to move around and for their work. 

The problem arises when they are not at their workstations, then how to monitor their work and people. 

This problem is mainly solved by CCTV Apps. These apps keep you connected with your work and employees. Similarly, you are connected with your family members with the security app. 

Along with these characteristics, there are many more dominating features of this application which we will discuss in detail later on.

The Imilab Home For PC Software Significance

The Imilab Software is the brainchild of IMILAB. It is a global CCTV Company that was instituted in 2014. It has sold more than 55 million security cameras since then.

The CMS App was launched in 2020. It has been updated many times in these 3 years. There are more than 1 Lakh subscribers of this app in the world. It is a 77 MB APP with a 2.3 star rating out of 5. 

It has all the best security features for monitoring. You can talk to the person on the other side of the device. You can pass any message and listen to them. 

You get alert signals and messages through the app. The software detects motion and audio. 

Important Features and Functions of the Imilab Home For Windows CMS 

The Imilab App has important features. We are mentioning here the best functions of this software. When you know these features, you can use them in your day-to-day monitoring.

  • It relays live views. There is no time lag between the events and their relaying. 
  • You can access all the monitoring from remote locations. You don’t have to be at the site to watch. 
  • You can communicate and pass instructions to the person on the device side. You are away but still connected with them. 
  • You can also alert people of any impending threat with this feature.
  • This App supports sensors. The doubtful movement and sound are tracked. Sensing any threat, it sends alert signals and messages. 
  • You can set alert zones and monitor them. Whenever any transgressor enters those areas, you get alert messages and alarm signals. 
  • You can operate CCTV Devices and PTZ Cameras from your place. You can pan, tilt or zoom the cam.
  • You can check recordings, take snaps, and preserve them on cloud servers. 
  • The advanced network feature gives seamless live images and videos. The data don’t trip even in low network areas.

Download Imilab Home For Windows CMS for Watching on a Windows PC

The download button for the Imilab Home For Windows CMS is given below. You have to click the button to get the executable application file.

It is given in a compressed form. Decompress the file to get this application. The complete installation, login, and device addition process is illustrated in the below sections.

Read the three steps thoroughly to get the proper comprehension of the installation to monitoring.
Each step is supported with images and narrations.

Download the Imilab Home For Mac CMS for Macintosh PC Monitoring

This Imilab Home For Mac Application is available for Macintosh PCs. The link button is given below. Press the button and get the application file for Mac.

It is given in a squeezed format. You have to decompress the file to download and install on the PC.
The installation process, log-in to the software process and the device addition process are similar to that of Windows procedures.

You can easily understand them by looking at the system given for a Windows OS.

Install Imilab CMS, Login, and Add Devices to Monitor on a Windows OS

The complete demonstration is illustrated in the below 3 steps. These steps are for the installation, login, and device connection. Get them below.

Step 1- Install Imilab CMS on a Windows OS

When you download the application file and double-click it to open, the following page surfaces.

It is the file destination location mapping page. Here, we have to select the location of the folder and give a proper path to it. Give the location of the folder and the path as per your preference.

After that, press the next button. A new window will appear for you.

It is for selecting the additional tasks.

Set the additional tasks according to your preferences. If you want to create desktop icons, tick the box and then press the next button.

This page shows up. It is to inform us that all the preferences have been set. The device is ready for the installation.

If you have to make any changes, go for it. But if you are fully satisfied with your options and choices, press the Install button.

This page shows the app files are getting downloaded in the folder. The installation is in progress. When this process finishes, we get another window that declares that the installation process is finished.

This page announces that the installation setup is complete now.

Step one is over. Now we move to the next step. It is for the login to the software.

Step 2- Login to the CMS

The app icon is there on the desktop screen. Press it to open. This page surfaces.

It is the sign-in page. If we have created an account, we can directly log in. If we have not created the account, then we can create it.

We have to register an email ID and then create the password.

You have to verify the email address, then you get a new page to create the password. When the password is generated, go back to the login page.

Sign in to the CMS now with the registered mail ID and the password.

This way you will sign in. The second step is finished.

Now we move to the third step. This step is for the device addition and monitoring.

Step 3- Device Addition for Viewing

We get this homepage.

The homepage has a menu bar. We have to add the devices first. So we click the add devices button for connecting the cameras.

we can manually search cameras and add them or we can connect them with their IP addresses or serial numbers.

Cameras do connect one by one.

They all appear on the screen. This way we add and view them from remote locations.


The Imilab Home For PC App is thoroughly described here. The download button for IMILAB CMS is given for Windows and MAC OS separately.

The installation procedure is demonstrated with a full illustration. Mention your queries and suggestions in the comment section. We respond to every question and suggestion.

Thank you.

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